Zipline Hawaii – The Ultimate Adventure for High Flyers

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Zipline Hawaii – The Ultimate Adventure for High Flyers

From the Big Island and beyond, Hawaii is the poster child for adrenaline fueled sports. Nothing captures the thrill of adventure and delivers amazing skyline views quite like a zipline tour or zipline adventure.

From the verdant canopies of Kauai to the mesmerizing climbing mountains of The Big Island, the rickety suspension bridges crossing the chasms of Maui and beyond – a zipline tour offers the ultimate challenge for you to enjoy. Zipline Hawaii can show you the world and her wonderful views from up high.

Zipline adventures and zip line tours are a great way of seeing the rainforest in all her splendor without stepping on the ground. From a bird’s eye height when soaring across the canopies of Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island you get a completely new vantage point.

For those keen to push their limits, soar above the ground, and enjoy jaw dropping views from above the tree canopy then there are tons of zipline tours and zipline adventures in Hawaii to take you above the Big Island and beyond your dreams.

What is a Zip Line Tour in Hawaii?

You may be mistaken into thinking that zip lines are simply a thin wire line running from one spot to the next, many hundreds of gut wrenching feet above the ground. However, a zip line is a much more complicated piece of kit – in fact a zip line is a feat of modern engineering.

The art of zip lines is not just a newfangled adrenaline adventure dreamt up by those seeking a fast thrill and incredible Instagram worthy views to enjoy. Zipline adventures have been around since ancient times.

South America were one of the first places to utilize the power of the zip line ride to travel across rough terrain and make their way to remote villages. Yet even in England, zip lines were used back in the 17th century for fun and amusement, before being used by hardworking steeplejacks to slide down the spires of churches after a long day.

Fast forward to the sixties and beyond and zip lines were one of the best ways for scientists to discover wild and remote jungle zones without negatively leaving an impact on the forest floor. Today, zipline adventures, especially zipline Hawaii across the virginal forest canopy of Oaho, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island can be used to enjoy eco-tourism.

In short, a zip line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable or the line. The zip liner is then attached to the pulley and can travel hundreds of feet above the ground via an inclined cable. Zip lines vary in both height and inclination which makes a change to how challenging the zipline adventure is.

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Why Should I Zip Line Hawaii?

There are so many reasons to take a zipline adventure or ziplining tour in Hawaii whether you choose the Oahu, the Big Island, Maui or even Kauai. Not only will this bucket list adventure show you incredible views of the forest canopy and the skyline, but it is also a great way to experience the thrill of flight in a safe manner as you soar across the line.

Ziplining tours and zipline adventures are also very respectful to the environment as you get to admire the views without causing damage to nature and its flora and fauna as you stay in the air rather than trampling the ground. Hawaii also has many great amazing places to zip line; no matter what island you use as your jumping off point – from the Oahu, the Big Island to Maui or Kauai, it’s the ultimate adventure.

Where to Zipline Hawaii

The Big Island Zipline Adventures

The Big Island of Hawaii offers plenty of awesome places to take a zipline tour or zipline adventure. One of the best choices for those seeking a wet and wild adventure on the Big Island is the Kohala Zipline. On this Big Island zip line adventure, you can cross an amazing suspension bridge, walk atop tree canopy platforms and make the leap to soar above the canopy hundreds of feet in the air – giving you incredible skyline views across the Big Island.

With the Kohala Zipline Tour of the Big Island you can also combine packages to swim in foaming wild waterfalls to cool down after your incredible zip line ride and suspension bridge walk.

Kauai Zipline Adventures

On the island of Kauai, you can enjoy a Kauai zipline tour from Princeville Ranch that spans for no less than 9 incredible zips with a suspension bridge and waterfall thrown in for good measure. Kauai ziplines and zipline adventures at Princeville Ranch will show you why this island is hailed the garden island. There are many Kauai tours but this one is designed to show you the forest canopy from a first-row seat.

From hundreds of feet high at Princeville Ranch, 1200 to be exact, you can gaze out across the luminous green skyline whether from the zip or the suspension bridge – as the tree canopy stretches for as far as the eye can see.

The Kauai zipline tour of Princeville Ranch includes hiking, waterfall dips, hidden swimming holes, and even floating in inner tubes as part of its all adventure tour. The Princeville Ranch is one of the most awesome Kauai tours and zipline adventures.

Maui Zipline Adventures

The Piiholo Ranch of Maui is one of the best spots for zipline adventures and zipline tours. The Piilholo Ranch of Maui offer zipline tours covering either 5, 6, or 7 zip lines. You can also combine your Maui tour with a hiking and waterfall plunge adventure to truly make the most of Maui.

The Piiholo Ranch is also celebrated as being the ultimate top zip lining tour in the whole of Maui and kids between the ages of 8-12 get to take their pristine ziplining ride hundreds of feet above the skyline for free. The Piiholo Ranch is one of the best skyline tours to enjoy in Maui.

Another awesome zip line spot in Maui is with Haleakala Eco Adventures ranch. The Haleakala zipline adventure offers four nail biting zip lines that take you on a ride above massive ravines, sheer cliff like drops of Maui, the rich treetop canopy and zooming hundreds of feet above the incredible views of the ranch and magical Maui.

What If I Have Never Zip Lined Before?

If you have never taken a zipline Hawaii tour before, then you are in for a real treat as you take in the views of the Big Island, Maui or Kauai – or even all three if you feel like you have found your adventure calling with zipline tours Hawaii!

As soon as you commit to the zip lines tour experience you will find out whether you have a real fear of heights. One of the most important things to remember about zip line tours and zipline adventures is that with the right company they are completely safe!

Zip line tours tick a lot of boxes – from incredible views to enjoy, to feeding your need for adrenaline. They are also great for everyone – from families with active older kids to pensioners looking to kick it in style. Each zip line tour will have a maximum weight limit so make sure you fall into that category before booking.

You may feel a little hesitant before you zip down the line, but that is totally normal and a little fear is even part of the fun! All zip line tours and zip line adventures will also include a full safety briefing prior to taking flight. Whether you choose a Oahu, Big Island, Maui or Kauai tour, you will still get a full safety briefing.

What Can I Expect from Taking a Zip Line Tour?

One thing you can be sure of when you book zip lines tours on Oahu, the Big Island, Kauai or Maui is that your vacation will be made so much better – even if you were having a blast to begin with.

Zip lining is the ultimate bucket list ride to enjoy, it shows you the views from new dizzying heights, it makes you feel brave enough to fight a thousand lions, and it offers memories that you can enjoy forever.

You can expect to fly at heightened speeds, to feel the wind in your face, and to hear the screech of exotic birds from the branches below your feet. For those who get the hang of zip lining fast you can also try out new and exhilarating tricks – such as zip lining upside down or hands free. Nailing the tricks can really amp up your ziplining adventure.

Those who want to enjoy a more laid back zip lines tour experience will love the treetop canopy tours and suspension bridge adventures, where you get the chance to admire the sweeping rainforest views beneath your feet.

When is the Best Time to Zip Line?

You can zipline any time of day if the weather is right. It is not advisable to zipline when the winds are high, you don’t want to be blowing all over the Big Island. You will also get better views when the sun is shining, although for a Jurassic park feel it can be nice to enjoy the views clouded in mist.


Zipline adventures and zip lines can truly be an amazing way of discovering the views of the Hawaiian Islands like the Big Island and Maui. This ancient art form of traveling across wild and untamed lands is perfectly suited to a world of smoking volcanoes, dense green jungles and hidden lagoons.

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Vincent Elliott
[/column_item] [/columns]

Nothing better on a zipline course than some suspension bridges and tandem zip lines. Definitely a must do and made me want to see the zipines on the other islands too!! The views were incredible – lookout guys – we’re doing this one again.

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[/column_item] [/columns]

The 7 zipline tour was excellent. Our guides Crystal and Wendt were wonderful. They made the entire experience very fun. We were all a bit nervous since it was our first time ziplining but they made us feel safe and secure. I would highly recommend this a exciting, family activity.

[columns count=’2′] [column_item][/column_item] [column_item]
Meggan Stiegert
[/column_item] [/columns]

We did the Zipline tour at the Kualoa Ranch on Oahu and we had a blast!! Our guides were awesome and they shared all kinds of info about the ranch as well as Hawaiian people in general. Our daughter and granddaughter both did the zipline. Our granddaughter barley hits 90 lbs and on one of the ziplines she didn’t have enough weight to get all the way to the end. The guides were awesome and worked to get her to the end. She had a blast. I would highly recommend the tour.


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