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Buying a new wetsuit can be a challenging affair.

What thickness of the neoprene would help you more? Do you need a short-front wetsuit, or can you get away with its full-length counterpart? What about the temperatures – as you have to make sure that the suit you choose is capable of handling the temperatures to which you’re going to expose it.

Don’t have answers to all these questions?

Then you have arrived at the right place. In addition to answering all your queries, we’re going to recommend you the 11 best wetsuits on the market. Owing to their wide variety, chances are that you’d come across one which would fulfill all your needs.

Best Wetsuits – Comparison Table

  • Material: Thick Neoprene
  • Offers: Ease of Movement and Better Insulation
  • Price: $$$
Check Price
  • Material: Nylon II Neoprene
  • Offers: Comfort, Secure Grip
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Material: Ultra Stretch Neoprene
  • Great For: Surfing, Diving, Paddle Sports
  • Price: $$$
Check Price
  • Material: Standard Wetsuit Material
  • Offers: Great Flexibility and Durability
  • Price: $$$
Check Price
  • Material: Lycra Spandex
  • Great For: Swimming, Scuba Diving, Wake Boarding
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Material: Premium Neoprene
  • Great For: Scuba Diving, Surfing, Kayaking
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Material: 3mm Neoprene
  • Great For: Swimming, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling
  • Price: $
Check Price
  • Material: Neoprene (SCR)
  • Great For: Surfing, snailing Canoeing
  • Price: $$$
Check Price
  • Material: 3/2mm neoprene
  • Great For: Smooth and fast swimming
  • Price: $$$
Check Price
  • Material: Premium CR Neoprene
  • Great For: Swimming and Diving
  • Price: $$
Check Price

Now, let’s take a detailed look at the features of the best wetsuits of 2019.

1. O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

The O’Neill Men’s Reactor is a full-length wetsuit whose thick neoprene material of construction and seamless stitching makes it a must-have for colder water temperatures.


First things first, the flatlock construction of the O’Neill Men’s Reactor provides it with two highly specific benefits – the most important of which is that it would protect you from temperatures ranging between 68*F and 79*F.

Secondly, since the stitching is on the outside, you don’t have to worry about it coming into direct contact with your skin to irritate it. It also gives you the freedom to store your car keys as this wetsuit has a well-disguised, internal key pouch.

Furthermore, while the neoprene material in this wetsuit is thick – it measures 3.2mm – it won’t impede ease of movement. Instead, its thickness comes to your rescue by doubling as an insulator. Then comes the knee pads which protect your lower body from any unwanted impact.

Lastly, it has a single superseal neck which keeps moisture from getting into the wetsuit as you jump headlong into the water. The presence of long sleeves, meanwhile, further add to the utility of this wetsuit in colder temperatures.

Final Verdict

The O’Neill Men’s Reactor is one of those best wetsuits which provide a rare combination of ease of movement and better insulation against colder temperatures.


Internal key pouch

Designed for colder temperatures

Neoprene allows easy movement

Has a back zip


Not for summer outdoors

2. Phantom Aquatics Men’s Marine Shorty

Despite being available in more sizes than the O’Neill Men’s Reactor, the Phantom Aquatics Men’s Marine Shorty wetsuit doesn’t cost as much. Therefore, if you’re looking for an option which provides great value for money, it might suit you.


Stylish and comfortable, the Men’s Marine Shorty is made of 2.5mm thick neoprene coating so it should keep you warm. It has an anatomical design which is designed to complement your body shape and provide the best fit.

Also, while we’re looking at its Men’s version, the Marine Shorty is available for women as well. It has flattering stitching around its midsection which keeps the wetsuit from stretching, whereas its flatlock stitching provides a secure fit with less chaffing.

To make sure that you don’t slide and slip around when sitting, its rear-seat provides a large amount of friction to make your grip secure. Then there’s the combination of a neck tab closure and secure Velcro fastener which serves a dual purpose.

On one hand, this combo makes sure that the area around your neck remains comfortable to wear. On the other, it forms a watertight seal around the same area to prevent water flushing. You also get a zipper with a long leash to let you easily enter and exit this wetsuit.

Final Verdict

Unless you’re an extra-tall person with broad shoulders and chest, the wide-range of the Phantom Aquatics Marine Men’s Shorty would make sure that you get a matching size.


Wide range of sizes

Flexible and comfortable

Prevents water flushing

Keeps chaffing at a minimal


Restrictive for extra-tall persons

3. O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Provided you can afford to break the bank for a high-end wetsuit, the O’Neill Men’s Epic with its plethora of color patterns and premium features would serve you well.


Starting with a glance at its design, three features differentiate the O’Neill Men’s Epic from other wetsuits that come from the same manufacturer. First, it has ditched traditional neoprene in favor of ultra-stretch neoprene – one which provides a better feel is more flexible and allows easy movement.

Second, the blind stitching of this model has been secured with a triple glue – thereby increasing not only the shelf life of this wetsuit but also its ability to keep water out. And thirdly, it contains a wind-resistant panel to give you extra insulation and better protection against the cold.

Even though its back zip system has a watertight seal, it won’t block your entry and exit from this wetsuit. You also get knee pads which won’t only protect your lower body from the impact but will also increase the shelf life of the suit by reducing abrasion.

On top of everything else, the combination of long sleeves and 4/3mm neoprene suggests that you only wear this suit during your outings in cold temperatures. Though you cannot machine wash it as O’Neill states that it could only withstand hand-washing.

Final Verdict

As they say that you get what you pay for, this adage appears to be true once you look at the features of the O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3mm.


Knee pads reduce abrasion

Blind stitched seams

Wind-resistant insulation



4. Henderson 3mm THERMOPRENE Men’s Wetsuit

As a mere glance over the thickness of its neoprene would make clear, the Henderson 3mm is one of those wetsuits which are designed to be worn in warmer temperatures. However, as its lofty price tag suggests, there’s nothing average in this wetsuit.


What’s it that makes this model so astronomically priced? For starters, its high-quality blend of nylon and neoprene – one which allows you to stretch it 75% more than your average wetsuit. That feature, in turn, guarantees excellent mobility and makes it a cinch for you to get in/out of this suit.

Making sure that it can withstand the coolest of temperatures is its GBS construction whose double-layer design ensures that your body stays warm. You also get an adjustable collar which not only keeps water from seeping in but also helps provide a good fit.

To give it better support on areas that are more susceptible to quick-wear, this wetsuit has Double-Freedom flex knee pads which also protect your range of movement. It also has a spine pad to stabilize your back and its high compression resistant ensures a correct body shape at all times.

Lastly, one thing which sets this wetsuit apart from its competitors in this review is its 3mm coating. It gives you the freedom to wear this suit in local waters and relatively warm locations. Also, since the rubber of this suit relies on a limestone-based substance, you won’t have to coat your body with lubricant to wear it.

Final Verdict

If you’re one of those divers who want the best in construction, design, and materials, you cannot go wrong with the Henderson 3mm THERMOPRENE Men’s wetsuit.


Provides better stretch

Prevents water seepage

Easy to get in and out



5. COPOZZ Rash Guard, Full Body Thin Wetsuit

If you’re a budget-minded diver who doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of their next wetsuit, the COPOZZ Rash Guard might have something to offer to you.


In contrast to most other wetsuits in this review, the Rash Guard doesn’t have a back zipper in its list of features. Instead, it has a long front zipper plus a one-piece design which makes the whole process of wearing this wetsuit hassle-free.

Additionally, to keep the wetsuit from moving around in the face of water pressure, this wetsuit has placed stretchy wraps on both the wrists as well as your feet. The bright color patterns of this wetsuit, meanwhile, are more than just a style statement as they let your partners easily keep track of your location.

Furthermore, since this wetsuit is designed to be worn in summer conditions, it has a UV protection coating layer to make sure you remain safe. Then there is its Lycra spandex which provides excellent ventilation to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level.

Lastly, since this model relies on a combo of nylon and spandex, it is extremely stretchable. At the same thin, its thinness means that it won’t take long to dry after a quick hand-wash. It also has a built-in rash guard to protect you from being stung by insects.

Final Verdict

With its one-piece design, a long front zipper and anti-UV coating – not to mention its rash guard and a couple of breast pads – the COPOZZ Rash Guard provides great value for money.


Spandex is extremely stretchy

Wraps on foot and wrist

Anti-UV coating and rash guard

Comes with breast pads


Question marks on the quality of the zipper

6. Realon Wetsuit Men Full 3mm Surfing Suit Shorty

Available at a fair price, the Realon Wetsuit hasn’t cut any corners to keep attract budget-minded persons. Throw into the mix its almost watertight fabric, and this wetsuit provides great value for money.


Not that we’re taking anything away from other wetsuits in this review, but the buoyancy which the Realon provides in water sets it apart. It doesn’t get heavy even under immense water pressure forms a tight grip around your legs to keep itself from moving around.

However, the fact that it provides a tight grip doesn’t mean that this model makes movement difficult. Its chest panels on the belly area, chest and back allow your body full range of movements. You also get an ultra-soft stretch fabric on the ankles, knees, and underarms to feel more unrestrained.

Equally useful is the 10V heavy-duty zipper of this wetsuit. Featuring a neoprene gusset which prevents water flushing, the sturdiness of the zipper keeps it from slipping. The zipper also has a double-tap which makes sure that it stays securely closed.

You also get an extra-long leash on the back which makes donning & doffing this suit a cinch. To keep scrapping at a minimum, it provides knee pads in its package. Oh, and Realon says that you should only wear this wetsuit at temperatures between 45*F and 55*F.

Final Verdict

The Realon 3mm Full Men Wetsuit offers a great combo of stretchiness, comfort, and durability. Add to the equation its dirt-cheap price, and you won’t find much wrong with this wetsuit.


Heavy-duty zipper

Has knee pads

Extra-long leash

Features a neoprene gusset


Might not last that long

7. Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit

As far as the prices of wetsuits go, the Seavenger Odyssey 3mm comes at a fairly economical price. Though as its features would tell, no corners were cut to keep its price well-beyond reasonable.


First things first, the Seavenger Odyssey isn’t designed for very high-activity physical activities. Its stretch panels do not stretch far enough for its user to easily and comfortably partake in expert diving and long swimming sessions.

That said, if you don’t plan to swim a marathon, the Odyssey will work just fine. With flexible panels lining the armpits and knees – as well as in the crotch area – you won’t feel the tightness of the Odyssey impeding your movement.

In an effort to punch above its weight, the Odyssey features a sharkskin stomach panel to supplement the one which you can also find in other wetsuits. Its addition allows this wetsuit to withstand more abuse and last longer.

What’s more, while it also offers knee pads in its package, the Odyssey also has built-in shoulder pads to increase its utility. And while it offers both the men’s as well as women’s sizes, both of them offer the same construction quality and are available in the same color patterns.

Final Verdict

Unless you’re planning to swim a marathon or discover the depths of the ocean, the Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit would serve you well.


Incredibly stylish

Anti-abrasion shoulder pads

Provides a secure fit


Not for long diving sessions

8. DEHAI Men Women’s Full Wetsuits

Talk about a blessing in disguise, the fact that the Dehai full wetsuits do not belong to a famous brand allows you to get an above-average product at a below-average price.


Compare it with other wetsuits in this review, and one area where you’d find the Dehai standing tall is its durability. The entire neoprene material, as well as the accompanying stretch panels, are secured by flatlock binding with tapering over it, thereby ensuring a long shelf-life for these wetsuits.

Also, even if you’re exceptionally tall, you won’t face any problems while fitting into this wetsuit. That’s because it has super stretch panels in the knee area and armpit. These panels allow you to stretch the fabric beyond any reasonable measure while retaining their elasticity in the meantime.

Assuming that you’re going to use these wetsuits in winter conditions – as their temperature rating rules out their effectiveness in hot weathers – Dehai has provided them with Firewall panels which give extra insulation and provide better protection to your body against the cold.

On top of all that, it offers UPF 50+ protection to keep your skin protected from harmful sun rays. And to let you know that Dehai believes in the veracity of its claims, you get a 30-day moneyback guarantee and 1-year free warranty on these wetsuits.

Final Verdict

While it is mostly true that you get what you can pay for, the Dehai Full Wetsuits turn this argument on its head with their paltry price, exceptional features and confident warranty period.


UPF 50+ protection

Flatlock stitching

Stretch panels in knee and armpits

1-year warranty


No knee pads

9. Xterra Wetsuits – Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit

Approved by the likes of USAT and Ironman, the Xterra Wetsuit is one of those heavy-duty products which are capable of handling any sort of abuse that you may heap on them – and still come out with their initial shape intact.


Even though it is marketed as an entry level wetsuit, the Xterra Volt raises the bar as far as its flexibility is concerned. This wetsuit uses what Xterra calls its X-slice coating, which makes you extremely fast in water by reducing drag.

In addition, you may also note that the volt triathlon wetsuit is lined by the X-flex overcoating. It is a specially designed liner which is known for its ability to stretch in all four directions. On top of that, it keeps a tight fit and helps prevent chafing, too.

Design-wise, Xterra has gone for the tried and tested method of lining the front of its suit with a 3mm thick neoprene material. It helps push your body weight out of the water, thereby reducing drag and allowing you to move quickly.

Furthermore, since it has a low-profile collar and a sleeveless design, you won’t experience any restrictions on your movements. It features GBS seems to keep everything in place whereas the presence of a top-down zipper closure means you can easily get in/out of this wetsuit.

Final Verdict

Provided you’re looking for a wetsuit which would help you in swimming a full marathon – but are also on a budget – the Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon wetsuit ticks all the right boxes.


Sleeveless design for easy movement

Reduces drag and increases buoyancy

GBS seems to keep everything in place

Has a top-down zipper closure


Might feel tight around legs

10. Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit

Although the Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit has been a recent addition to the market, so useful are its features that it’s become one of the best-selling wetsuits out there. Is its fame justified? Let’s find out.


Giving you a hint as to why it’s so famous, the CR Neoprene is available in two sizes to serve a wide range of its user base. If you want to swim in hot temperatures, you can get its 3/2mm design rated at 59*F+. Conversely, if you’re heading to freezing waters of 46*F to 55*F, its 5/4m design might suit you.

Putting this wetsuit on is a seamless experience thanks to its heavy-duty back zipper. You also get an impressive flatlock stitching with zero line threads. Don’t know what it means? It means that you’d have zero irritation and maximum comfort.

Additionally, since the likes of lycra and neoprene have been used in its making, you can expect this wetsuit to improve your buoyancy in the water while also keeping your body warm. It also provides UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays and is available for both genders as well.

To make sure that abrasion is kept at a minimum, this wetsuit includes Ecto flex knee pads in its package. And there’s a 30day money back guarantee too if the product fails to meet your expectations.

Final Verdict

As you might have guessed by now, there are plenty of reasons why the market is absolutely infatuated with the Dark Lightning Premium CR Neoprene Wetsuit. Go for it if you believe that the majority is always right.


Ecto flex knee pads

Available in different types

Zero line-thread


Is tight

11. Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit 5/3mm

Winner of the Triathlete Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, the Synergy Triathlon has the backing of celebrities to make it case. Will it suit commoners like us? Let’s find out.


Like most wetsuits on the market, you may have to apply a bit of lubricant to put it on. However, thanks to the plethora of features in its arsenal, you won’t be too keen to take it off. Take, for instance, its non-corrosive YKK zipper which reduces drag and increases the shelf life.

Or the smooth skin neck whose interesting design doesn’t prevent it from being resistant to chafing. Or the fact that in addition to being approved by Ironman, this wetsuit offers a huge six-hundred and eighty percent flexibility.

To help you stay afloat, it has a 5mm thick core buoyancy panel which lets you swim and stay afloat with less effort. You also get 3mm lower leg and back panels – and 2mm shoulder and arm panels – which make sure that you don’t feel too restricted in the wetsuit.

That said, there’s one problem that we noted about the Synergy: it feels a little tight around the neck. Though it isn’t a problem which would be addressed once you’ve worn this wetsuit a few times – as it will then loosen up a bit, but it would require some break-in time for you to get used to it.

Final Verdict

Provided you’re able to get its sizing right – and can afford to be patient as the neck area loosens up a little – we see no reason why the Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit won’t remain with you for years to come.


Full range of motion

Provides excellent buoyancy

Comfortable fit


A little tight around the neck area

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Wetsuit?


As is the case with any other product that you go to the market to purchase, you’ve to be aware of what you’re looking for when you’re buying a wetsuit. Here are some of the things which you should keep in mind while choosing your dress.

Type of Wetsuit

As stated earlier, wetsuits come in two types:

-Short-front wetsuits

As their name implies, such wetsuits have a material which stops above your knees and elbows. They are a great option if you’re going to a warm-weather area or just want to relax on the summer beach.

-Full-length wetsuits

Like a full-sized bodysuit, they feature long legs and arms and cover your entire body. We recommend that you use them when heading into cooler water temperatures.

Thickness of Wetsuit

When it comes to their thickness, the following types are available on the market:

-Thick wetsuits

In case you are wondering, thick wetsuits are those whose thickness is either equal to or exceed 3mm of neoprene. It goes without saying that they are to be used in cooler temperatures.

-Thin wetsuits

Suitable for high energy activities, tropical environments, and summer activities, these wetsuits don’t contain a copious amount of neoprene. Their thickness ranges between 3/2mm and 3mm.

Material of Wetsuit

As you might already know by now, neoprene is the material most preferred in the construction of wetsuits. That’s because of the property of this rubber polymer to trap water between the suit and your skin and maintain warmth on the inside. Neoprene comes in the following types:

-Closed-cell neoprene

A most common type of neoprene, it is an inexpensive option mostly preferred by beginners. It tends to be durable, stiffer and has a rubbery texture to guard your skin against any foreign elements.

As for their usage, we recommend that you use it only for short dives since the material’s abrasiveness might make it comfortable in a long-wearing session.

-Open-cell neoprene

Thanks to its porous interior, an open-cell neoprene performs better when it comes to complementing your body shape. However, since it fits tightly, you might have to apply a lubricant before putting it on.

Though it doesn’t resist water as much as its closed-cell counterpart, open-cell neoprene is softer, more insulating and less abrasive. Hence the reason why the majority of advanced divers prefer it.


Once you have decided on the material of the wetsuit, the next thing you should consider is the seams. While some of the seams are made for warm waters, others perform better in cold better. Choosing the best one, therefore, depends on the water’s temperature.

-Overlock stitching

If you want to judge its ability by looking at how effectively it keeps out water, then overlock stitching performs poorly. So if you have no choice but to use it, we recommend that you limit it to warm waters.

-Flatlock stitching

In contrast to the overlock stitching – which rests on the inside of the suit – flatlock stitching rests on its outside. As a result, it’s super effective at keeping water from seeping inside.

-Blind stitching

Provided you’re going for scuba diving, it is blind stitching that you must look for on your wetsuit. That’s because it’s a waterproof option and might include additional features too to increase its utility.

Wetsuits FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to clean a wetsuit?
A: Once you’re done using it, rinse both the sides rigorously with liberal amounts of freshwater. Then, away from the watchful eyes of the sun, hang it to drip dry.
Q: How to dry a wetsuit?

A: To dry your wetsuit, the best thing you can do is to spread it under a running ceiling fan. Otherwise, you have no choice but to fold one side and hang it – before repeating the same process with the other side.

Q: How to store a wetsuit?

A: The best option to store your wetsuit is inside a professional wetsuit storage bag. In this way, you will neither stretch it nor will you end up creasing the neoprene.


It doesn’t matter whether you intend to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, plan on snorkeling in Molokini or are just going to scour the depths of the ocean, a good wetsuit will make sure that your journey becomes more effortless and enjoyable.

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