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Why Parasailing Hawaii is a Breeze

Imagine grinning and whooping like a maniac next to your best friend, lover, or child as you soar through the air high above the famous turquoise waters of Oahu’s Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean behind the back of a boat.

Parasailing is one of the only water and flight tours that allows you to go in tandem.

Some of the best moments in life are shared, but adrenaline tours often leave us to face our fears alone as they are split into participants and observers. Not with parasailing and taking a ride from the back of a boat. Did we mention you go parasailing in tandem???

Sure, Hawaii is brimming with brilliant and fun fueled things to do that all promise the ride of your life. Yet, Parasailing is one of the best and most cost-effective rides for giddy participants in Oahu. This tour is great for those looking for a fabulously fun tour that doesn’t take hours of commitment, lavish costs, and endless training to complete.

What is Parasailing Anyway?

Parasailing novices will say that you simply hop on a boat, strap on a shoot, and then hit the air in minutes as your boat whizzes along the open water, pulling you through the breathless blue sky in flight.

Well, there is a little more to a parasailing tour than that, but really it can take just minutes to get the hang of the sport.
In a nutshell, a parasailing tour is being towed behind a boat while attached to a pretty parasail (kind of like a parachute). Its flying and soaring in the air with canopy wings as high as 20-50 stories (that’s high in feet) above the waters of Oahu.

While it may sound terrifying to be in flight, on a ride hundreds of feet above the waters of Oahu with only a rope keeping you attached to the boat. Parasailing is really safe and participants are sure to experience the ride of their life as they fly over the waters of the South Shore.

Choosing to parasail in Hawaii is also not just about the thrills and chills you will experience from being able to soar tens of feet high, it’s about lapping up the wonderful views of Waikiki and the haze of honey colored Oahu and her deep blue waters. You can even see all the way to Diamond Head. It definitely beats a boring bus tour.

Find out more about Diamond Head here.

Why go Parasailing Hawaii?

There are so many reasons to choose a tour for parasailing in Hawaii, and especially on the island of Oahu. The very first reason is that it is a hugely enjoyable experience no matter the ages of the participants. Your friends and family can also be observers from down on the ground, which is sure to add to your enjoyment of flying through the sweet seabreeze.

Parasailing doesn’t require any special physical skills, other than being a minimum weight of 60 pounds to ensure you don’t drift away and the boat can pull you. Also, unlike paragliding, sky diving, or similar airborne and flight rides you don’t need hours of in-depth training to fly when it comes to parasailing.

Parasailing tours are also a much more cost effective option compared to other adrenaline flight and watersport tours around Oahu. This is because you aren’t paying for scores of overheads, endless minutes of someone’s time, or complex tour equipment.

It is even recommended to take to the sky wearing only your bikini or shorts when parasailing. With the waters of the Pacific Ocean below, you are sure to get a little wet when parasailing, even if you are hundreds of feet in the air.

The feeling of free flying is also more attainable when it comes to parasailing as you are floating with the seabreeze against your skin. You can lift your eyes and see the wonders of Waikiki and Oahu. Cast your eyes over to Diamond Head, admire the blue and gold tapestry of the South Shore, and wave at the observers awe-struck from the sands below as they watch you ride.
When you choose to parasail in Hawaii, you can tailor the experience to suit your dreams. If you are looking for a fun tour of the sky, then opt to fly tandem and share those precious minutes with someone you love.

If you are looking for a more meditative approach and a new perspective when parasailing, then a solo flight behind the boat can be peaceful. Whether you want to drift away or have a deliriously fun flight punctuated with refreshing plunges in the Pacific Ocean – parasailing is the perfect way to soar.

Check out even more reasons to go parasailing Hawaii.

What if I Have Never Used a Parasail Before?

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of parasailing before there are sure to be a million questions rummaging around your mind. You may be wondering how you get up in the air in the first place, how strong the ropes are, and how to land from hundreds of feet in the air without plummeting into the blue gauze of Oahu’s Waikiki.

Relax. Those worries are going to soar away as soon as you feel the weightless lift from the back of the boat. Anticipation can always be the most debilitating part of basking in the fun of a new ride or experience and parasailing is no different.

For the first moments of the tour you may clutch and scream, but in seconds you will enjoy every bright and breezy feeling of flight above the water.

The instructors and team who will be leading you through the art of a parasailing ride are bonafide experts and won’t let you fly away behind the boat before you feel confident. As they will also be onboard the boat you can relax.

You can expect a full safety briefing complete with videos as part of the paragliding boat tour experience.

Also remember, if you are feeling like you need a nudge to go from an observer to a participant – just convince someone to go tandem with you and share the ride, parasailing above Oahu.

What Can I Expect When Parasailing in Hawaii?

Shrieks of delight, the seabreeze spray, impeccable views of Waikiki and the South Shore of Oahu, and the pure thrill of being pulled behind a boat – these are just a few things to expect from your parasailing tour.

After a short yet highly concise safety briefing all about parasailing, you can board a boat to kickstart your ride over the open water.

Parasailing flights and tours tend to last 10 minutes or longer. The style of the tour or the ride truly depends on what you want from your air borne journey. You can expect to reach staggering heights hundreds of feet above sea level when parasailing, and to see Diamond Head and Waikiki from a completely new vantage point.

You can also expect to feel safe when parasailing as the ropes used to soar behind the boat can withstand incredible levels of pressure. Unconfident swimmers need not despair on this ride, as life vests are usually provided so if you land in the warm blue waters of Oahu’s Waikiki you can float.

What is the Best Time of Day to go Parasailing?

Like any fun flight and tour activity that depends on boats and air, you will be best parasailing when the skies are blue and the sun is warm. If the winds are whipping and the bruised clouds suggest a storm overhead, then it may not be the best time of day to go out on a boat or to fly high. Your parasailing tour guide will be able to let you know if the conditions are in your favor before you soar.

Want to find out the best time to visit Hawaii? Check it out here.


There is nothing sweeter than the freedom of flight, and parasailing makes that a safe reality for all the family who choose to be participants. For those who want to climb above the breaking waves of Waikiki and admire the tapestry of Oahu’s rugged and pristine landscape from dizzying heights, this once in a lifetime experience could be just the ticket to ride.
Paragliding is the best choice for those who want to fly hundreds of feet in the air without the fuss.

Verified Customer Reviews
Aaron MacDonald

I took my girlfriend parasailing for a date and it was so much fun! We literally felt like we were flying!! I would suggest kissing your girl midflight and buying a photo package. Well worth it 😉 The boat captains were cool and we even got to spot breaching whales. Thanks funlocity for the hook up!


I have parasailed in several places and this was one with some of the most beautiful views. The weather was great. The boat crew were amazing and creative with the pictures. Definitely memorable for my girlfriend and I.

Klea Vella

What a great experience parasailing over hawaiian waters! Even better as it’s whale season and we spotted a few from up high in the sky. The view overlooking Diamond Head and Waikiki shoreline is just beautiful!


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