Top Rated Ventless Portable Air Conditioners For Any Space

When searching for the best ventless portable air conditioners, there are some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind. First, it doesn’t matter how big the portable ac units you’re looking at might look like, not many ventless portable air conditioners generate more than 12,000 BTUs.

That means that, at most, they are suitable for medium-size rooms. Secondly, once you’ve made sure that the model you’re looking at will effectively cool your space, next lookup its BTU output, operating noise level, cooling capacity, and of course price.

Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners – Comparison Table

  • Air Flow: 300-412CFM
  • Working Time: 7-8 hours
  • Price: $$$
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  • Air Flow: 525-729CFM
  • Working Time: 7.5 hours
  • Price: $$$
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  • Water Tank Capacity: 400ml
  • Working Time: 3-5 hours
  • Price: $$
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  • Air Flow: 1,300CFM
  • Water Reservoir: 4.8 Gallons
  • Price: $$$
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  • Air Flow: 1,300CFM
  • Cooling Area: 500 Sqft
  • Price: $$$
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  • Air Flow: 500CFM
  • Cooling Area: 250 SQft
  • Price: $$$
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  • Air Flow: 206CFM
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.19 Gallons
  • Price: $$$
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  • Air Flow: 470-659CFM
  • Power Consumption: 230W
  • Price: $$$
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  • Power Consumption: 7.5W
  • Working Time: 9 hours
  • Price: $$
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Remember, since these air conditioners don’t have compressors, they cost less than traditional air conditioners – both at the front in the shape of reduced asking price and in the long-run by weighing less heavily on your electricity bills. Read on to find the best evaporative air cooler for your needs.

1. Honeywell 300-412CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler

The Honeywell 300-412CFM Evaporative cooler is designed to work in the Southwest and Midwest regions of the US, or in other areas where the humidity (moisture) levels are less than 50%. Provided you live in such an area, read on to know more about the features of this portable ac unit.


Starting with a glance at its design, this ventless portable air conditioner from Honeywell has a fairly stylish exterior which won’t make it look out of place in most modern homes. The combo of a white front with black grille and gray rear casing gives it a stylish outlook that can complement most interior décor patterns.

On towards more pressing matters, and you’d find it good to know that this model has super-low power consumption. That’s mainly because the fan of this model which draws air from the outside, passes it over the built-in ice compartment before aerating your indoor and consumes only 102 watts in the process.

Did we just say ‘ice bucket’? That’s one part of this portable ac unit where it stands out from the crowd. Your average evaporative cooler has a cold water bucket whose evaporation cannot compete with the cooling effect that is being produced by this best portable unit as it passes the fresh air over its ice bucket.

That this portable ac unit has an ice compartment doesn’t mean it lacks a separate water compartment. This ventless portable air conditioner also has a remote-control using which lets you perform various functions from the comfort of your sofa. They include setting a timer, increasing/decreasing the cold air throw, and diverting the direction of its airflow.

Aside from that, this evaporative air cooler contains a built-in carbon dust air filter that traps dust, pollutants, and even odors. Also on offer is a built-in low water alarm to let you know when to refill the water tank, plus there’s the energy efficient timer which lets you pre-program this ventless portable cool air conditioner for up to 7.5hrs.

What its users don’t like about this model?
There’s one complaint that multiple users have voiced about this ventless portable air conditioner. They claim that when you set the speed at its highest point – there are three-speed settings – this model tends to get loud. Apart from that, we didn’t find any other questionable aspect about this ventless air conditioner.

Sleek and contemporary design

Detachable water tank

Remote-control and digital display

Programmable timer and 3 cold air settings


Loud at the highest speed setting

2. Honeywell 525 CFM -729CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler

What is it that differentiates this Honeywell unit from the one mentioned above? For starters, it has a bigger cooling capacity (729 CFM) than that of its counterpart (412CFM). Secondly, and this difference stems from the first, if you have a relatively large area to cool, it’s this model that might come handy.


In contrast to most evaporative coolers you see on the market, the Honeywell 525 CFM has a pleasing design. This portable ac unit alternates between a dark gray top and a light gray bottom with a sliver of white in the midst. Throw into the mix its pitch-black grille, and it won’t look odd in most indoors.

To give you the option of deciding the most optimal humidity level for your room, this model provides three humidity settings. Those of you living in mild-to-moderate humid areas might find the first two settings enough, whereas the others who live in dry climates might find the last setting useful.

Its usage of a separate ice-compartment allows this portable ac unit to quickly generate a cooling effect. It’s strategically placed right next to the detachable water tank to let the cooler quickly bring down the temperature in its surrounding areas. So you won’t have to wait for things to get comfortable.

Apart from being huge, the 7.9-gallon tank of this portable ac unit is also detachable. It’s secured to the top compartment via push-buttons on both sides, which you can easily press to detach the tank. Also, since it has four wheels beneath it, you won’t have to lift the tank all the way to the water filling area.

On top of everything else, you can use this portable ac unit on the outdoors. That’s primarily because of its weather-resistant coating which empowers this model to withstand the harsh elements of nature. You also get a timer that lets you pre-program this model for up to 7.5hrs as well as a remot- control.

What its users don’t like about this model?

Having gone through the reviews left behind by its users, and we regularly found comments pointing at the loudness of this device. Its users complain that even at the low-speed setting, the noise level is considerable. That means that you might not be able to leave it running beside your bedroom.


Adjustable humidification dial

7.9-gallon detachable water tank

Weather-resistant for outdoors

Low water alarm and easy to install


Loud at all speed settings

3. GREATSSLY Humidifier Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Whether you’re a gamer looking to decorate (and cool down) the space in your basement where you store all your gear, or an elderly hoping to get your hands on something which will rid your indoors of the irritating dryness, this portable air conditioner has got something to offer.


What is it that makes this best ventless portable ac unit a must-have for gamers? Its 7 warm led colors. You can either make them glow one after the other or they can also keep emitting the same light for hours. Gamers undoubtedly would want to try out the second option as it would make this model look like a part of their gear.

While the rest of us can also benefit from having some colors in our life, this ventless portable air conditioner also offers some a/c-specific features if that’s what you want first and foremost. It offers three wind speed settings and has a working time of up to 5 hours on the lowest speed setting.

Perhaps the best thing that we say about the water tank of this model is its location right next to the ice tank. The transfer of cool breeze from the latter to the former makes it easy for the fan to generate a cooling effect in your indoors, and that too within a matter of minutes.

To make matters more interesting, you also get a timer alongside this portable ventless ac. The absence of any remote control means you’d have to rely on the buttons on the unit’s body to adjust the timer. Though that isn’t going to be difficult as the buttons are clearly marked and the instruction manual is also helpful.

Having discussed what this ventless air conditioner is capable of doing for the gamers and the elderly, it’s time we turn our attention to its utility for the babies. Your little one would like the fact that apart from being quiet, this ventless ac produces a cool ambient light which would help them sleep easily at night.

What its users don’t like about this model?
Sometimes, it’s the small things which do the big damage to your reputation. The same is true with this portable a/c as having done all the right things, its manufacturer failed to include a remote control in the package. So you have no choice but to leave the comfort of your sitting space every time you want to tinker with its settings.

7 color LED lights

Ultra-quiet operation

Pre-programmable timer

Three wind settings


No remote control

4. Hessaire Products MC18M Ventless Portable Air Cooler

Resembling a water-cooler that might have suffered malnutrition in its formative years, the Hessaire Products MC18M is an epitome of compactness. At the same time, it is capable of producing a powerful blast of cold air and contains some heavy-duty parts to last years with proper maintenance.


In case you’re wondering, the fact that this model weighs 16 pounds doesn’t mean it’s going to evoke pain in your lower back. True, you might have to rely on its built-in handle when carrying it above or down stairs, but for all flat surface movements, this model’s four circular wheels will come to your rescue.

Where has all that weight come from? A mere glance at this model’s design will be enough to get an answer. It contains a high-density grid media pad that not only ensures longer working life (by keeping pollutants from entering its interior) but also offers more cooling ( cool air flow of up to 1,300CFM).

Such a huge airflow, which can cool areas of up to 500 square feet, would mean that this unit’s energy consumption is huge, right? Wrong. This model only requires 82W of power to function, which, to put things in perspective, is slightly more than that of an average ceiling fan.

While it doesn’t come with remote control, you get a user-intuitive dial in its place. The dial has five settings including low fan only, high fan only, low fan with pump on, high fan with pump on, and pump on only. Apart from the final one, all four will come handy depending on your requirements.

Aside from that, the display has an easy-to-read water level to make sure that you know in advance when the unit needs refilling. Also, the heavy-duty wheels beneath the ventless air conditioner are safe for hardwood floors since they roll without leaving any marking treads in their wake.

What its users don’t like about this model?
Similar to the first two models in this review, both of whom had the same shortcoming (loudness), the this one and the one before it also has the same problem. That is, just like the Greatssly portable air conditioner, the Hessaire MCM18 also fails to provide a remote control in its package.

1,300 CFM cooling capacity

Low power consumption

Huge coverage area of up to 500 sq ft

Heavy-duty and non-marked wheels


Doesn’t have a remote control

5. Hessaire Products MC37M Ventless Portable Air Cooler

Aside from the fact that both of them have the same manufacturer, there is nothing common between the Hessaire Products M37M and the MC18M you saw above. If anything, this model has a bigger cooling capacity which allows it to cool a bigger area in less time.


As far as its design is concerned, the M37M resembles an age-old room cooler. It has the same grille, the same buttons on the top as well as the wheels at the bottom. Does that mean that this unit is ugly? We aren’t going that far but keep in mind that it would be hard to ignore it when placed in the room.

Anyways, to let you ignore its bulky exterior, this portable air cooler offers plenty of worth-having features. Take, for instance, its two fan speeds. They are capable of providing the huge 3,100 CFM of flowrate, which is enough to cool up to 950 sq ft.

To put that in perspective, the maximum CFM of the M37M is more than double than that of MC18M from the same manufacturer. The main reason why this model can offer such a gigantic flow rate is its high-velocity axial fan blade which excels at moving air at high speeds.

You might find it good to know that this model combines power with precision. It does the same by offering oscillating louvers whose direction you can change to help this unit cover a wide expanse of area. Also, since it has a rugged polypropylene housing, this product boasts a long shelf life.

On top of the entire unit, you get four rotary switches. The one on the extreme left lets you change the airspeed. You then have a pump switch, which is followed by a middle rocker switch which gives you full control over the fan oscillation, and finally there’s the power switch.

What its users don’t like about this model?
As massive as this powerhouse of a portable air conditioner is, it will weigh heavily on your power bills. Its energy consumption of 250W, though 3times less than a traditional air conditioner, is still 4x more than most other models that you see in this review.

Has a rugged polypropylene housing

Massive cool air flow rate of 3,100 CFM

Huge 950 sq ft coverage area

Supported by heavy-duty casters


Considerable power consumption

6. Luma Comfort EC110S

Most people who haven’t seen them before but have heard their advantages imagine ventless portable air conditioners to be the epitome of compactness. If you count yourself among that crowd, your search might end with the sleek and good-looking Luma Comfort EC110S.


The Luma Comfort EC110S relies on cyclonic cooling technology to aerate your indoors. Without going into technicalities as to how it does what it does, this technology emits air in the form of cyclones. Hence the reason why you can rely on this unit to effectively maintain a cooling range of up to 250. square feet.

Some of you might be disappointed at the cooling range, mostly because we have already seen portable ac units like Hessaire MC37M which can aerate areas four times bigger. What you need to understand is that the size of this unit is also probably 4x smaller, so it offers great output for the space.

Does that mean we’re asking you to compromise? Not at all. People who live in small-size rooms or need something to cool their office space might find this unit more than adequate. Also, with its runtime of up to 8 hours, this ventless product competes with the other models you see in this review.

Furthermore, the compact shape of this unit has provided it with several benefits. The fact that it weighs a meager 16 pounds means you won’t have to do the heavy lifting to carry it up and down the stairs. It also offers 3 different fan speeds and 3 wind modes.

Lastly, we’d be doing this product a disservice if we finish its review without talking about its whisper-quiet design. Its manufacturer has engineered the movement of the fan in such a way that even at maximum speed, you won’t hear this product making too much noise.

What its users don’t like about this model?
While it isn’t a ‘shortcoming’ in the true sense of the word – as its size already lets you guess how much air output you can possibly expect from this product, some of you might not like the fact that this product’s coverage area is a mere 250 square feet.

Comes with a remote control

Has a detachable water tank

Includes a 1-year warranty

Boosts energy efficient operation


Small coverage area

7. DeLonghi America Portable Evaporative Cooler

With its best quality products whose energy efficiency attracts their users, DeLonghi has made a reputation as a brand for the middle-class over the years. The Portable Evaporative Air Cooler justifies that reputation of its manufacturer by not cutting corners despite its low asking price.


As is the case with all evaporative air coolers, this one from DeLonghi lacks an air compressor. Unlike most of them, it doesn’t let its small size constrict its air output. In other words, get a good mix between low power consumption on one end and considerable flowrate on the other.

The 206 CFM flowrate of this device is able to cool small rooms of up to 200 square feet. It is equipped with a motorized internal swing system that you can use to create an oscillation effect and increase its air circulation range, thereby achieving even coolness distribution throughout the room.

Apart from controlling the air circulation range, you also have the option to control the direction of air circulation. You also get a remote control to control all its features from the comfort of your sitting place. Then there’s the programmable timer which lets you program this device 24 hours in advance.

More customization options are also available. You get three wind modes and three fan speeds to choose from, both of which are different. While the wind modes help you decide how cool the air should be, the function of the fan speed options is betrayed by their name.

To further sweeten the deal, this portable a/c churns out clean and dirt-free air. It has a built-in ionizer that removes most airborne pollutants from the outgoing air. These pollutants are then deposited on its unique filter system which doesn’t let them get back into the room.

What its users don’t like about this model?
There are two concerns that users have highlighted about this model. First, while it might look lightweight, this unit weighs a considerable 16lbs. Despite this, the absence of any handle makes it difficult to carry up and down the stairs for the elderly. Second, its water tank capacity of 1.19 gallons means you’ll have to add water more frequently.

Easy-to-see LED display

Comes with a remote control

Has a 24-hr programmable timer

Incredibly quiet


Doesn’t have a carrying handle

Small water tank capacity

8. Honeywell 470-659 CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler (best green option)

We are pretty sure that by the time you scroll down to this ventless portable air conditioner, you’d have already made your choice. However, if you’re still looking for more options before making the final decision, the Honeywell 470-659 CFM cooler might sway your opinion in its favor.


Its activated-carbon filter is one of the major reasons why this device has a low carbon footprint. It works by trapping dust, odor, pollen, and other indoor pollutants to purify your air. That’s a pretty handy feature to have once you consider the fact that this unit doesn’t charge extra for its filter.

As for its performance, the 5.3-gallon water tank helps this model keep your room chilled for up to 8 hours on the lowest speed setting. There are three speed settings on offer, with the highest among them having a runtime of 6hrs. So you won’t have to refill the water tank too soon.

There are two ways using which you can control every feature of this air conditioner. The first, and the less helpful is the onboard LED panel. It is unhelpful because we know that once the cooler has started working and you’re all cozy inside the blanket, you won’t want to come out.

To help you tinker with its settings at your leisure, the second option, that of a remote control, will be more helpful. It lets you choose between the four fan speeds, use the programmable timer (up to 8 hours), change the direction of the wind and turn off the unit once you feel you have achieved your desired room temperature.

Lastly, as it boasts a maximum flowrate of 470CFM, this device is capable of cooling rooms up to 300 sq ft in size. One of the better features of this device is its humidity regulator, so you can control how moisty the air output will be.

What its users don’t like about this model?
The most prominent grip of its customers about this unit is that it needs a lot of circulation to function at its most optimum level. You have to place it right next to the window, or fairly close to it if you want to get the best value for the money that you’re going to spend on it. Otherwise, its performance might suffer.

Sleek and modern design

Front-facing water indicator

8-hour programmable timer


Might have to place it close to the window to get better results

9. Evapolar evaCHILL Ventless Personal Air Cooler

One glance at the exterior of this model, and you can be sure that it isn’t a room but a spot-cooler. The best you can expect from it is to sit on your desk and keep you (and only you) cool as you’re working. Perhaps that’s why this cooler is one of the most inexpensive on the market.


The minimalists among you might find it good to know that the evaCHILL is designed to look attractive on a bedroom table or a desk. Its square body is encapsulated by rounder corners and contains black vents on the front. The air intake vents on the rear side have the same color as that of the body.

Despite its fairly compact dimensions (6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches), or perhaps chiefly because of them, the working time of this pocket-sized air cooler is an impressive nine hours. That’s almost half a day of air which will keep an area of 45 square feet at a comfortable temperature.

Its small size hasn’t deterred the evaCHILL from throwing a couple of sweeteners in its package. Aside from performing its main job of a cooler, it also performs the function of a mini air purifier. That’s a pretty handy extra to have if you’re looking for above-average humidity levels in your living space.

To help you gauge how much water is left in the tank, it has strategically placed frosted water reservoir tanks on both sides. The top compartment contains the water full and is protected by a cover that easily pops up when you feel it’s time to refill the water tank.

Yet another impressive extra is the handle which is located on the top of the body. The water reservoir fill, which is located under the handle, is strategically placed to allow for ease of refilling. Though you’ve to be cautious when adding water otherwise spillage might ensue.

What its users don’t like about this model?
Evapolar has certainly done well in the design and the features of this model. Where it could have done better is the asking price of this ventless portable air conditioner. Users who have the experience of using other spot-air-conditioners state that when compared with other models who provide the same coverage area, this unit seems to be a bit pricey.

Sleek and modern design

Environmentally friendly

Ultra-quiet operation

Four fan speeds



Difference between Ventless and Regular Portable Air Conditioner

Apart from their operating mechanism, there are many differences that set apart the ventless and regular portable air conditioners. Knowing them won’t help you in your search for the former, but it will make you an informed buyer if you’re switching from the latter.

Regular Portable Air Conditioner

Regular portable air conditioners are made for those rooms which need a standalone cooling device. They have an exhaust hose that takes hot air from the outside, passes it through the compressor, and delivers the cool air inside while exhausting the hot air outdoors.

These portable ac units most attract those users who are constantly on the move. One example of such users is hostel-living students whose stay at the premises is brief.

You can just place them close to the window, plug them in, and they’d start working. They don’t require you to undertake any special installation precautions.

On the flip side, regular portable air conditioners weigh more than their ventless counterparts due to the presence of a built-in air compressor.

Also, since they rely on a hose to suck hot air from the outdoors before delivering cool air inside, you’ve little choice but to place them close to the window.

Relatively easy to install

Low up-front cost

Won’t impede natural light


More running cost than ventless portable ac units

Weigh more due to air compressor

Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

Also known as evaporative coolers, ventless portable air conditioners don’t use compressors to cool your indoors. They only have a fan that draws in existing hot air from inside your room, passes it over a tank of water and air conditions your room.

In case you’re wondering, this process works because science tells us that evaporation cools down the things in its vicinity. You feel this process in real life whenever after playing for some time, you come under the running ceiling fan. The resulting coolness that you feel is because of this phenomenon.

Unfortunately, not everything is hunky-dory with ventless portable air conditioners. Since they add humidity to your air (whereas your traditional AC removes humidity), with the passage of time you might start to get uncomfortable because of the clamminess. So keep your window open when using them.


Low running cost

Won’t damage the environment

Can be placed virtually anywhere


Add humidity to the indoors

Regular or Ventless – Which Portable Air Conditioner Should You Buy?

As you have seen in the previous paragraphs, the answer to this question depends on what you want – and don’t want – your model to do.

Buy a Regular Portable Air Conditioner If …

– You live in an area where there’s too much humidity in the summer.

– You have no problem drilling an exhaust hose through your window.

– You or anyone in your house have pollen allergies that force you to keep the window shut.

– You’re thinking of installing an inexpensive dehumidifying-cum-cooling unit in your home

Buy a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner If …

– You live in a weather where humidity (moisture) doesn’t pose a problem.

– You want to enjoy savings on your power bills in the summer.

– You want a system with a low carbon footprint.

– Your outdoor air isn’t toxic and doesn’t force you to keep your windows shut.

Ventless A/C Buying Guide

Some of you might scroll down to this buying guide having already selected their model from the abovementioned reviews. Others might start from here to make an informed decision. Regardless of which of the two approaches you’ve adopted, this buying guide will come handy for you.

Cooling Capacity

Measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), the cooling capacity of a ventless AC determines the expanse of space (in square feet) whose temperature it can bring down with relative ease. There are two factors that play a crucial part in determining the ventless AC’s cooling rating. They include:

– Capacity of water tank

Go through the previously mentioned reviews, and you’d see that while some units have a small capacity (less than 3 gallons), others offer as much as 8-gallon water storage rating.

Units whose water capacity falls in the former range provide coverage of up to 250 sq ft. Others, which can hold more water due to the bigger size of their tank, can cool double that space.

Operating time

As you might already have guessed, the capacity of a water tank determines how long you won’t have to refill it. Try to look for models that provide more operating time if you don’t like waking up in the middle of the night.

It goes without saying that if your unit’s tank holds more water, you can count on it to deliver better operating time. Hence the reason why we recommend that if you want to clean a mid-size room, units with 5gallon+ tanks should be your choice.


Since they don’t have a built-in compressor, ventless portable air conditioners are extremely quiet. That’s especially true if you compare them with their regular counterparts, those who make extreme noise because of their reliance on a compressor.

But how much noise is too much noise? And what noise level is acceptable? Fortunately, experts have already answered this question for us. Units which produce less noise than 70dB pose negligible harmful effect on your hearing, even after extended exposure for years.

Most units you see in this review won’t breach this limit in normal mode. When we say ‘normal’ mode, we mean the lowest speed setting. Some units which offer three or more speed settings touch the 75dB mark on the highest speed setting.

Even if that’s the case, you don’t need to worry. The harmful noise levels kick-off at 85dB, and that too after you have an exposure of over 8 hours in a 24-hour period. That means that as long as you haven’t ended up purchasing an excessively loud model, your ears will remain safe.


In contrast to what the heading might convey to you, we aren’t talking about the size of the portable ventless a/c here – since all of them are roughly the same size. What we are talking about here is the size of your room whose temperature a portable a/c can effectively bring down to a comfortable level.

Rooms up to 250 sq ft in size

Units that have an hourly output of 5,000 BTUs per hour can comfortably cool spaces 150 to 250 square feet in size. Any bigger size room, and similarly-powered models might see a drop in their performance.

Rooms up to 500 sq ft in size

Provided you want to cool a large room, make sure your portable ventless a/c is capable of generating 12,000 or higher BTUs per hour. Only then you can be sure of bringing down the inner temperature to a comfortable level.


Ventless portable a/c unit, as their name implies, are designed to be easy to carry. However, as much as their compact size might try to convince you of their portability, you should check the weight of your model, especially if you intend to carry it up and down stairs.

In addition to weight, also take into account the height of the unit. You might want to choose a model which one or two people can carry with ease. Also, make sure that the unit isn’t extremely tall, as there might come a time when you’d like to transport it in your car.

Aside from both these factors, some high-end portable air conditioners provide handles on both sides using which one person can carry them with ease. While lifting your model, make sure its cable is nicely tucked away to reduce the likelihood of tripping hazard.


There are two types of costs you should consider when selecting a ventless portable air conditioner. The first of them is the initial running cost. You should remember that the absence of a compressor makes these units less pricey, so don’t end up paying more.

The second cost is the running cost which you’ll have to repeatedly pay in the form of power bills. Just like the former, you don’t have to worry about this one as well – as the absence of a compressor means that these ACs consume as much power as your ceiling fan, or perhaps even less depending on the cooling rating and fan speed of your unit.

Live Your Aloha Portable Air Conditioner Review

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