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Looking for ways to make your kid fall in love with water sports? Planning a family trip to the beach in the coming months? Hoping to take your boys and girls to the beautiful lake you once visited as a bachelor?

All of these are reasons why you should include kids water shoes and sandals in your itinerary. Apart from protecting their feet against the sharp objects that typically litter public spaces, the kids water shoes prevent the ingress of sand.

Best Toddler Water Shoes – Comparison Table

  • Comes with: Breathable Mesh Lining
  • Great for: Hiking, Walking, and Beach Sports
  • Price: $$
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  • Comes with: Rubber Sole
  • HighLight: Odor-resistant
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Comes with: Slip Resistant Sole
  • Great For: Swimming and Beach Sports
  • Price: $$
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  • Offers: Great Comfort and Fit
  • Comes with: 100% EVA upper
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Material: 92% Polyester + 8% Spandex
  • Offers: Great Comfort
  • Price: $$
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  • Highlight: Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Comes With: Synthetic Sole
  • Price: $$
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  • Material: Polyester
  • Comes with: Rubber Sole
  • Price: $$
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  • Comes with: Breathable Knit Upper
  • Highlight: Quick adjusting Elastic Bungee
  • Price: $$$
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  • Material: 100% Waterproof Neoprene
  • Highlight: Weighs Only 0.07 lbs
  • Price: $$
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  • Material: Polyester
  • Great For: Rubber Sole
  • Price: $$
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Also, since almost all water-friendly shoes are breathable, they will keep your kid’s feet comfortable. Your boys and girls won’t face any discomfort when swimming in the summer, even after wearing them for hours.

Ready to get them for your little one? Let’s get started.

1. KEEN Unisex Kid Newport H2 Sandal

The brand KEEN will come up whenever you search for kids water shoes. It is one of the best water shoes and for a good reason.

This sandal has proven its worth time and time again with the reliable performance and incredible durability of its products.

This particular sandal has almost everything good about the brand. The soles are built like athletic boots or shoes, which is excellent for outstanding traction.

The synthetic insole offers maximum comfort and protection to the delicate feet of your child. Plus, they are available in a wide plethora of colors, which will make the selection process much more comfortable.


The shoes come with odor-controlling technology.

Remarkably durable

Come with thick soles to keep up with your kid’s desire to get wet

They are adjustable like sandals and offer a snug fit.


A little on the pricier end of the spectrum.

2. Native Unisex Kid’s Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

Astonishingly shock-absorbent and odor-resistant, these closed toe shoes are one of the popular water shoes for toddlers. One of the best things about this shoe is that it is effortless to put on and take off.

It has a rubber outsole to offer the best grip in slippery conditions and boasts a very lightweight design. Another plus of these shoes is that they are waterproof and quick drying.

Native has wear-tested the kids swim shoes over 15,000 times, so you have the guarantee of its durability. The design is very stylish and is available in all colors of the rainbow and more.


Easy to wash and handle.

Available in a wide range of colors.

Really good for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Relatively affordable


Might start looking dirty after multiple wears.

3. Bigib Toddler Kids Swim Water Shoes

These are high-quality kids water shoes with fabric top and rubber outsoles. Designed to be comfortable, wearable, and stylish, these closed toe shoes offer outstanding support to your toddler as they run around and have fun. They come with vibrant color designs making them ideal girls water shoes.

The sole of the shoe is slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler slipping or sliding on the pool deck. It wraps around kids feet like a sock.

These closed toe unisex shoes are perfect for a day swimming at the beach or for any outdoor activity for that matter. It is easy to put on and take off, which is a plus for parents who have a squirmy toddler.

Another good thing about these shoes is that they are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes.


Comes with an exchange policy.

Fabric is thick and durable.

The outsole is slip-resistant and resilient.

Available in many cute designs.


Color may fade after some time.

4. Stride Rite Made 2 Play Water Shoes

If you are looking for affordable water shoes for toddlers, but you don’t want to compromise on the quality, you will love these shoes. These kids water swim shoes are perfect for your active little boy who loves to run around the beach or a water park.

This water friendly kids shoe with an anti-microbial lining to keep the inside soles of the shoe odorless and bacteria-free. They offer proper arch and ankle support to your kid’s feet.

The outsole of the shoe is made from rubber so that you don’t have to worry about your child slipping and falling down while they play around the pool.


On the more affordable side of the spectrum.

Can be cleaned by simply hosing them off.

Don’t have any smell when they are wet.

Very versatile and can be worn every day.


Not the most comfortable to wear on the beach.

5. JIASUQI Baby Boys and Girls Shoes

These are affordable yet stylish water shoes for boys and girls that love to run around the beach in the summer and get messy with the sand.

The boots are made from 8 percent spandex and 92 percent polyester, which make them incredibly comfortable and flexible like socks.

These shoes fit like kids socks and are amazingly easy to put on and off. They stay put around the foot, no matter how much your child wiggles around.

Plus, these water sandals are incredibly versatile and look good with any kind of outfit. The rubber outsole offers safety while making sure your child doesn’t slip.


Available in multiple colors, patterns and styles.

Stretchy fabric makes it breathable and flexible.

Available in a wide range of sizes.

Price is very affordable


The fabric can become a little dirty after a few wears.

6. Teva Tidepool Sport Sandal

Teva is a high-quality brand of aqua sandals that always delivers on what it promises. These best water shoes for kids are comfortable to wear, thanks to their sandal style that also offers best toe protection.

Thanks to these shoes, your toddler will look stylish while avoiding any pain induced by stubbed toes. The sandal is made from synthetic, quick-drying waterproof material.

Its best feature is its Velcro closure, which makes it much easier to fit the shoe around the toddler’s feet. The thick rubber outsole of the water sandals makes them safe and very easy to wear.


Come with Velcro closure for easy adjustment.

Made from a quick drying water-resistant material.

Has a protective outer sole.

Stylish and look good with every outfit.


Toe is not covered.

7. L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes

L-RUN is one of the best water shoe brands in the market. They are known for designing some of the most well-known athletic swim shoes with sizes for all ages and genders (including baby). They are famous for developing the much-coveted anti-slip outsole and for the lightest kids water shoes.

Lauded to be one of the best water shoes for toddlers by mothers, these shoes come in a wide range of sizes. The shoes are made from a very resilient polyester material that will not retain any water and make it easier for your toddler to run around.

It dries very quickly, is durable and comes with a sticky rubber outsole that makes walking around in these shoes very easy. Plus, these shoes are available in multiple designs for both boys and girls and its price is not going to break your bank.


Very durable and well-made.

The upper of the shoe is made from high quality, stretchy fabric.

Perfect for any kind of outdoors and aqua activity.

Very flexible and breathable.


The inner rubber sole can wear off quickly if not taken care of properly.

8. ALEADER Kid’s Slip-on Water Shoes

Adequately ventilated and designed to offer a lot more, these are some of the unique shoes for toddlers with a keen sense of style. These shoes have a breathable and durable air mesh upper that allows the shoe to dry incredibly fast.

They fit snugly without causing any rubbing or chaffing on foot. These kids water shoes are easy to slip on and have a synthetic outsole that drains out water very quickly.

No debris will enter the outsole, so you will not have to worry about your toddler’s feet becoming irritated. They stay on your child’s feet, are comfortable to wear, and offer an overall great experience.


Comes with a quickly adjustable elastic strap closure.

Has superior breathability and flexibility.

It will drain water quickly and dry your child’s feet out in a blink of an eye.

Has no odor and doesn’t retain any smells as well.


Not available in multiple colors.

9. SUIEK Baby Boys Girls Water Shoes

Perfect for toddlers and the baby who is just learning to walk, these are thinner swimming shoes will look super cute around the foot of any kid. These swim shoes have very thin outsole that are great for offering protection against wet surfaces and hot sand.

They are very easy to walk in and allow the little ones to feel free as they learn to walk. The shoes are made from high quality, some of the best waterproof material that will stretch out and become snug to your little one’s feet.

Even if your children take them off, the shoes will not sink in the pool. They will float around, and you will be able to get them back quickly.


Extra comfortable for young ones who are just learning to walk.

They offer protection from hot sand and slippery floors.

The fabric is waterproof.

They float and not sink, which makes them hard to lose.


The outsole can be a little too thin for rocky surfaces.

10. Norocos Boys Lightweight Water Shoes

One of the best companions for your new walkers, these lightweight shoes will protect their little feet and offer them plenty of support.

They have light and thin rubber outsole, whereas the upper of these shoes is made from 8 percent spandex and 92 percent polyester.

The design of these shoes helps the toddlers keep their balance as they walk around. Thanks to its flexible material, the shoes will fit snuggly to your child’s feet and not get off. Plus, these cute shoes are available in a variety of colors to make them attractive to your toddler.


Putting the shoes on and taking them off is very easy.

The rubber soles offers ample protection.

They dry quickly and are easy to store.


It has no adjustable closure, so sizing needs to be precise.

11. Speedo Surfwalker Pro 2.0

These are all-rounder water shoes for a very active kid who is not afraid of anything. These shoes have been created to offer comprehensive support to your toddler without any fear of falling or slipping during play.

The robust four-way stretch upper of these shoes comes with an adjustable strap closure that makes them very easy to put on and take off.

The soles are made from thermoplastic rubber with special grooves inside that repels water and gives your toddler an excellent grip.

The front of the shoes doesn’t become soggy, thanks to the air mesh insert panel that helps the water shoe and foot dry quickly. These keen looking kids shoes are very comfortable and never irritate the skin of your toddler.


The thermoplastic rubber outsole offers a firm grip in slippery conditions.

Good to wear in any condition.

They dry out very quickly.

These shoes are very easy to style.


Sizing can be a cause for concern.

12. Aquakiks Water Shoes for Kids and Toddlers

If you are looking for versatile water shoes that will offer plenty of protection for the kid who loves to play a lot, yet look exceptionally stylish with any kind of outfit, then these shoes are for you.

They are lightweight enough to be worn on the beach and strong enough to make sure your kids has enough protection to avoid injury.

The outsole of these shoes is made from rubber that makes running around and walking in them much more comfortable.

They come with an adjustable closure that helps with making the shoe fit perfectly. The shoes are made from odorless and quick dry material, which makes them even more attractive.


These shoes are incredibly lightweight and have good traction.

They are very quick to dry.

The adjustable velcro closure of the shoe ensures a snug fit.


They can be a little tight around the ankles.

13. OshKosh B’Gosh Kids Aquatic Water Shoe

These water shoes for toddlers are made from exceedingly soft and lightweight material that makes the this water sandal exceptionally comfortable to wear. They have slip-resistant soles and protect the little toes of your toddler from rocks and debris of the beach.

These shoes are machine washable, which makes them a favorite of mothers. The rubber sole is very flexible and durable.

The shoes are perfect for wearing around tad pools, pool decks, and water parks. These best water shoes come with adjustable hook and loop strap that makes it very easy to put on.


Comes in a wide range of kids sizes.

Its adjustable velcro strap keeps the shoe from slipping off.

Anti-slip outsole makes it a good choice.


These shoes can be a little too tight.

14. I Play. By Green Sprouts Water Shoes

Made from a very resistant material called neoprene that gives the shoes the best quick-drying properties. The upper of the shoes feature a mesh that allows air to circular on the inside of the shoe to dry it out quickly.

The outsole is made of rubber which offers incredible traction and makes sure your toddler doesn’t slip on wet surfaces during play.

The kids shoes are available in an array of colors so that your toddler can be stylish and safe at the same time. Also, the shoes are easy to wear, like socks, but not too easy to take off so that your toddler can take it off and throw it away.


Come with a loop on the heel, which makes them easy to put on.

Available in a lot of colors.

Have an anti-slip protective outsole.

Dry off quickly


Come without any adjustable closure.

15. Minnow Designs Toddler Water Shoes

Minnow is a brand that is well-known for making water shoes for toddlers (and baby). These best kids shoes are made from 100 percent neoprene and offer fantastic comfort to the feet of your toddlers.

They offer protection from wet surfaces and hot sand so that your child can have fun on the beach. They have a snug fit which makes them very comfortable and easy to wear.

The fabric dries out quickly, keep the sand out and prevent any kind of chaffing on your kid foot. The outsole are like soft socks and come with anti-slip properties.


The shoes have a very snug fit.

They keep the sand and water out of the shoes.

These shoes are very soft and comfortable on little feet.


The outsole does not have rubber.

Things to Look Out for in Water Shoes

Buying water shoes is very straightforward. You need to look for all the necessary things that you usually want in a shoe. Children are very particular when it comes to foot and swim wear, especially the needy baby with a keen sense of style, and you can expect them to be picky about their water shoes or sandals as well.

The fact that these walking / swim shoes have a lot of features that makes the job of finding the beach shoes kids a little tricky.

However, we have compiled all the essential features of water shoes you need to consider so that when you go out to purchase one for your toddler, you can get the job done in a single visit.

Type of Shoes

The best water shoes or water sandal for kids come in various types:


– Pros: Eliminate rubbing; offer incredible slip-resistance; keep the feet warm

– Cons: Won’t protect against elements underfoot; shouldn’t be worn on rough terrains

As the name implies, aqua socks are a neoprene foot covering. These water socks are the best at providing warmth to the foot, offer incredible slip-resistance, and keep the sand out.

You can also count on the aqua socks to eliminate rubbing between your little one’s sensitive skin and their shoe.

At the same time, since their sole is almost non-existent, even the best water socks won’t provide much protection against elements underfoot. That’s why we don’t recommend water socks to kids who are going to wear them while traversing on rough terrains.


– Pros: Have a thick sole; boast quick-drying properties

– Cons: Not waterproof; might dirty your car’s footrest if worn without drying

Made of plastic, mesh, or other material with quick-drying properties, water shoes have a thick sole that protects against the elements underfoot.

They also have a reinforced plastic or rubber toe that saves your child from hurting themselves on underwater obstacles.

Not everything is hunky-dory about water shoes. While they do keep sand from the shoe, they aren’t waterproof.

That means that if your kids have recently returned from the beach or pool after a swim, they’d have to take off these shoes and wrap them in a bag. Or else, they might sully your car’s footrest.


– Pros: Breathable; keep feet cooler

– Cons: Won’t prevent the ingress of sand; Aren’t able to keep the dirt away

Subtract the reinforce toe from water shoes, and what you end up with is a water sandal. Their open-design helps the sandal keep the feet comfortable during the hot summer months. But it also makes feet dirty by not doing anything to keep sand and dirt at bay.

Having said that, most quality water sandals that are available on the market are made from breathable and waterproof materials. That allows the sandal to boast a longer life and keep the feet of your little kids healthy in the process.


Your kids water shoes should have a snug fit, so make sure your child’s shoes aren’t loose. Having a snug fit means that the shoe will not be slipping or sliding off when your kids are splashing around the beach or the poolside. Plus, the shoe will not chafe if it fits perfectly.

Bigger brands carry a wider range of shoe sizes. The fastening system of the shoe is another thing that you consider. Although you won’t find many water shoes with a fastening system, some brands of shoes and sandals carry them in their designs.


Here is the thing, water shoes aren’t waterproof. These shoes are supposed to soak up water and push it out to give maximum comfort and grip in slimier conditions.

The insoles of water shoes aren’t the most comfortable things in the world, so the comfort of your kid or baby might be compromised a bit.

The insoles are supposed to offer breathability, cushioning, and quick dry time to the wearer. However, some kid shoes have more flexible insoles that can lead to slow drying time but are much more comfortable.

That’s why you should go for a product which offers the best of both worlds – adequate insole flexibility as well as medium drying time.


The remarkable thing about water shoes and some sandals is that they can fit you like a sock but still have a robust and thick outsole that will protect the feet of your toddler from sharp rocks.

However, if you are thinking about a more breathable material, you will also have the option of shoes with thinner and flexible outsoles.

Both types of soles offer durable traction and grip to the wearer. The outsoles will drain out water quickly so that your toddler’s feet don’t get wet even if they spend the whole day in the pool or the beach.


Know what the one thing that is common among most shoes and sandals in this review is? Almost all come with a mechanism that allows them to drain the water from the shoe. Aside from that, the majority is made of fabric, usually rubber, that helps in keeping water at bay.

That’s mainly because whether it is chlorinated or full of salt, having water inside the shoe is a recipe for disaster. So you must make sure that the model you’re looking for is waterproof.

Why Should You Consider Water Shoes?

There is a common misconception that water shoes are just for athletes. Nothing can be further from the truth as the purpose of water shoes is to offer maximum protection to the feet of the wearer, without any precondition.

Also, since your little one will need protection from sharp rocks, seashells, and overall slippery conditions, they need these shoes to stay safe from any injury.

These shoes have a keen lightweight design, they are built from flexible material and have rugged outsoles, which makes them ideal for extra protection and comfort.

Why Are Water Shoes Important for Your Child?

Kids enjoy summer-time activities, especially those that include water. From pool days to water parks, your toddler will be running towards the water at every given opportunity. Here are more reasons why water shoes are a good investment:

• Have rubber bottoms that will prevent your child from slipping on any surface.

• Come in handy whether your kid is trekking through creeks, checking out tide pools, or even paddling down a river.

• Minimize the chance encounter of soggy sneakers on your clean tiles.

• Have the cute design which makes them wearable in everyday life

• Keep the feet of the wearer comfortable by allowing ingress of air


There you have them; ten of the top-rated toddler water shoes and sandals on the market. While none of them are without any negative points, the same is true for almost every product that you use in life.

What separates them from the riffraff is that the benefits of these products far outweigh their negative points. Also, since most of them aren’t pricey, the majority can afford to purchase them.


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