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Most people don’t know that having damaged hair after swimming isn’t something that is inevitable. That you don’t necessarily have to deal with dried out, brittle, and smelly hair after a few laps in the pool. That the chlorine which is present in public (and private) pools is the main culprit behind all this.

Provided you can find something that will save your hair from the ill-effects of chlorine, the condition of your pre- and post-swimming hair won’t be much different, though you’d still have to wash your hair after burning calories in the pool.

Best Swimmers Shampoo – Comparison Table

  • Important Ingredient: Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Great for: Blonde Hair
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Protection against: Chlorine Damage
  • Size: 5.3 ounces
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Removes: Chlorine and salt water
  • Important Ingredients: Chamomile and Watercress
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Rejuvenates: Dry and Brittle Hair
  • Removes: Chemicals and Salt
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Removes: Chlorine, Sea Salt and Minerals
  • Great For: Pool, lake and Ocean Swimmers
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Balances: Moisture
  • Great For: All types of Hair
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Kills: Chlorine, Bromine, and Salt
  • Ingredients: Organic Aloe and Vegetable Oils
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Prevents: Dry and Brittle Hair
  • Restores: Softness
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Removes: Chlorine and Copper Deposits
  • Promotes: Healthy Hair
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Great for: Color-treated Hair
  • Free From: Silicones and Conditioning Agents
  • Price: $$
Check Price

To achieve this dreamlike scenario, all you have to do is to apply the best swimmers shampoo to your hair. Apart from removing chlorine, these products also provide the benefits of your traditional shampoo and they mostly have natural ingredients. So you can use them at all hours, and not only before/after you go out for a swim.

Best Swimming Shampoo in 2020 – FAQs and Buying Guide

Q: What to look for in the swimmer shampoo?

A: Regardless of their brand name, the best swimmers shampoos have these three things in common:

They moisturize your hair: Nothing reverses the damage caused to swimmers hair by chlorine as well as moisture, especially if is deep-rooted in your scalp. That’s why the best swimmer shampoos have the ability to make your hair retain moisture for long.
They target specific areas: Ends of your hair and their outer layer, to be precise. These are the areas where chlorine mostly attacks, as they are the most exposed. If a shampoo could keep them healthy and hearty, the entire hair will remain free from chlorine damage.
They are gentle on the hair: Swimmers hair are already at their weakest point post-swimming. Any shampoo claiming to have a strong formula will only exacerbate the damage caused by swimming.

Q: How to protect your hair while swimming?

A: First things first, give your hair a thorough rinse in the shower before you enter the pool. Hair, which are already wet, absorb less chlorine and salt from pool water. Since they are already soaked with water, there will be little room left for chlorine to penetrate into your hair.

Second, wear a protective hairstyle. There are many of them including Bantu knots, braids, buns, and flat twists. The key thing when choosing between these hairstyles is exposure. Hair which are tightly knit will be less exposed to chlorine.

Thirdly, DO NOT use a narrow-tooth comb to iron-out your hair the moment you exit the pool. Hair are at their most brittle at that time, and the usage of a narrow-tooth comb might pull them out of their edges. You can use a wide-tooth comb if you must.

Fourthly, put a swim cap on your head. Apart from keeping hair from getting in front of your eyes, swim cap keeps wetness in and chlorine out. Make sure the swim cap doesn’t fit too snugly or else it might end up doing more harm than good (by pulling your hair from their roots).

Finally, use one of the best swimming shampoos recommended in this review. Apply them as early as you can after you’ve left the pool. Use a combo of chlorine removal shampoo and conditioner if you want to achieve better results. This way you can be sure that your hair won’t get prone to breakage.

Q: Why swimmers should wash and shampoo your hair after every swimming session?

A: Washing and shampooing your hair after every swimming session will prevent the build-up of chemicals, metals, and chlorine. Consequently, if you don’t give your hair a rinse after a dip, they might end up losing their color and luster.

Q: Should you shampoo your hair before swimming?

A: You should never shampoo your hair before swimming. Chlorine removal Shampoo, obviously, acts as a magnet for chlorine water, and their resulting combination can be deadly for your hair. So the key thing that you need to remember is that you only have to rinse before you enter the pool water.

Q: Which hairstyle is best for swimming?

A: As stated earlier, there are many hairstyles which different people adopt and are best for swimming. Some of them include French Braid, Braid Bun, Topknot, flat twist, and bun. Their exotic names might tell you otherwise but these hairstyles can be made in less than five minutes after practice. So all of them are best shampoo for swimmers.

Q: Does swimming cause hair loss?

A: According to a study whose results were published in the Journal of Dermatology, swimming has no correlation to hair loss. The researchers examined 67 professional swimmers during the course of their study and found no signs that could prove that swimming contributes to hair loss.

Q: How to treat chlorine damaged hair?

A: Provided swimmers shampoos aren’t a part of your daily routine, your hair might get damaged in the long run. As long as the damage isn’t permanent, you can act on the following tips to reverse it:

Apply protein treatment: Hair which are damaged are mostly because their built-in protein concentration has gone south. The reapplication of protein, therefore, will help them regain and rebuild their original strength.
Try out deep conditioning treatment: Talk to your hairstylist and see if they could deeply condition your hair on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Deep conditioning treatments iron-out the split ends of your hair and allow the wetness to seal in.
Clarify your hair: If the damage caused by chlorine to your hair is still in its early stages, clarifying your hair might help. Ask your hairstylist about the clarifying shampoo they recommend to their other clients who also happen to have chlorine-damaged hair.

Q: Can swimming in chlorine water turn my hair green?

A: In contrast to the widely-accepted belief, chlorine cannot turn hair green on its own, though it plays a part. Some swimming pools contain copper which, if it reacts with chlorine, would get oxidized. Now, an oxidized copper will attach itself to the protein in the hair strands. That might produce a shade of green in your hair.

1. UltraSwim Dynamic Duo Repair Shampoo

Do you come here looking for a swimmers shampoo that won’t only remove chlorine from your hair but would also repair them? Then you might find it good to know that the UltraSwim Dynamic Duo Repair Shampoo offers both these benefits.


Let’s start with a glance at how this shampoo will rid your hair of chlorine. Of the two bottles that its package consists of, the blue one would do the chlorine-removal job. It has a moisturizing formula that will hydrate the loose ends as well as the roots of your hair, leaving little room for chlorine to exploit.

Since the same bottle contains Vitamin E and Aloe in its list of ingredients, you can expect it to return shine to your hair. The presence of humectants, meanwhile, will empower it to rid your hair off that pesky chlorine odor which is how most people identify that they have swimming hair.

Then comes the white bottle. This shampoo contains a conditioner that is meant to treat that hair which are reversibly damaged by chlorine. Its soft and hydrating properties help the formula take rid your hair of split ends and restore their optimum wetness level.

Furthermore, since the shampoo is gentle on your hair, you won’t have to worry even if you have treated or colored your hair beforehand. It also removes copper and other oxidized metals from lighter hair to make sure that they never turn green.


Remove chlorine smell from hair

Has a nice smell of its own

Make colorless and colored hair frizz-free


Won’t restore green hair to their original hair color

2. AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense 5.3 oz

Most swimmer shampoos you see on the market are reactive. This means that they would only repair chlorine damage once it has set in. The AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense, on the contrary, has a proactive nature that empowers it to prevent chlorine damage to your hair in the first place.


The AquaGuard Pre-Swim shampoo works in a three-step process to save your hair from damage. That doesn’t mean that you’d have to apply it to your hair in a special way. Rather, once you have lubricated your hair with this shampoo as you have done with others, only then the steps will come into play.

In the first of the three steps, it will moisturize your hair. Experts tell us that moisture is the best barrier to stop chlorine’s entry into the hair. AquaGuard erects that impediment by nourishing both the root as well as the outer layer of your hair with copious amounts of water.

The second step, meanwhile, is one of settling in. This swimmers shampoo will take three-to-five minutes to deposit into your hair. It is crucial for the success of this step, and the one that comes after, that you don’t wash your hair immediately after shampooing them.

Provided you have given the AquaGuard the time to settle, the third-step will kick in. It would involve this chlorine removal shampoo closing off your hair cuticles, thereby making sure that all the mineral deposits and natural oils which it donated to your hair won’t be washed off.


Repairs chlorine damaged hair

Best for colored hair

Has a nice scent

Takes care of your hair’s natural oils


Small tube for the price

3. TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo

Do you suspect that besides containing chlorine, your hair also have salt water after swimming? Most of us don’t pay attention but salt water can rival chlorine in damaging our hair. To reverse those damages, lubricating your hair with the Tri-Swim Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo is recommended.


Apart from repairing the damage caused to your hair by chlorine and salt water, this swimmers shampoo also boasts anti-dandruff properties. The reason why it can do all that, and more, is because of the ingredients used in its formulation.

Take, for instance, Aloe Vera. Skin specialists around the world know that this substance has moisturizing and soothing effects. Both these features of Aloe Vera make it a perfect weapon in the fight against chlorine, as nothing removes chlorine better that the constant presence of moisture.

Next in the list are Vitamin A and Pro-Vitamin B5. While Aloe Vera would impregnate your hair with moisture, both these vitamins will make sure your hair keep looking hydrated. At the same time, they would take care that the hair doesn’t look flat.

Lastly, to make this shampoo a must-have for people with itchy scalp and dandruff, its manufacturer has equipped it with chamomile and watercress. Both these substances are famous for their anti-dandruff properties, so you have one extra reason to use this product.


Has anti-dandruff properties

Soothing and alleviating

Removes chlorine and chlorine odor



4. Zealios Swim & Sport Shampoo

In case you were put off by the flimsy packaging of the previous shampoo, the rugged, jumbo-sized bottle of the Zealios Swim and Sport Shampoo should give you many reasons for complaining. Though it goes without saying that it’s what’s inside the bottle that is more important to us.


So what is it that lies inside the bottle of this shampoo? For starters, this shampoo contains Vitamin B that nourishes your hair and strengthen their roots. It is also known for its ability to resuscitating worn out and damaged hair back to life. And you can also count on it to repair split ends.

Is there something that Vitamin B cannot do? Not much, especially once you take a look at its chlorine removal properties. This shampoo contains moisturizing properties that empower Vitamin B to keep your hair hydrated for a long time, thereby keeping chlorine build-up at bay.

But what about people whose hair has already suffered chlorine damage? Does this shampoo has something to merit its selection for them? As it turns out, this product has jojoba oil which is known would moisturize already tangled hair and restore them to their pre-chlorinated condition.

Lastly, as it doesn’t contain any sulfates, those of you with brittle hair don’t need to think twice before using it. Also, the fact that it is available in a 32oz. bottle means that one bottle will last you a long time, even if you swim multiple times per week.


Doesn’t contain sulfate

Boasts gentle formula

Has Vitamin B


Thick consistency

5. Fairy Tales Sun & Swim Shampoo

One of the most impressive traits of this swim shampoo is its budget-friendly price. Though the fact that it won’t cost you an arm-and-a-leg doesn’t mean that corners have been cut to keep the asking price of this shampoo low.


Here’s a tip for you: check out the ingredients of any shampoo before you check its brands’ name. That’s what we did with this product, and the results were better than expected. Had we gone for its brands’ name, which to be fair isn’t famous, we might have skipped it altogether.

This chlorine shampoo boasts orange flower natural extract which isn’t an ingredient you normally see in swim shampoos. Though it’s the loss of other swimmers shampoos which aren’t using it as this substance has gentle cleansing properties which make it a very good choice for those of you with chlorine-damaged hair.

Next on the list of surprising ingredients that this shampoo for swimmers possesses are lemon and grapefruit extract. While the orange flower extract repairs damaged hair, both these substances complement it by restoring the original shine of your hair. Together, the trio returns your hair to their original condition.

On top of everything else, this swim shampoo has minerals and vitamins to detangle your post-swimming hair and restore its softness. You won’t have to worry about it damaging your hair as it is free of parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals.


Free of harmful substances

Contains orange flower natural extract

Budget-friendly price


Not for oily hair

6. Paul Mitchell Shampoo

When it comes to taking care of problems swimmers encounter, the Paul Mitchell Shampoo is incredibly effective. This chlorine shampoo boasts a gentle formula that is easy on the scalp but still fights built-in chlorine to prevent your hair from getting damaged.


As long as you don’t have colored hair, nothing in its list of ingredients would pose a problem. Its gentle formula removes embedded chlorine by breaking it down into smaller particles so that a minor rinse could take it away to the drainage.

Once it is done with removing chlorine, the Paul Mitchell shampoo will then moisturize your hair by hydrating its roots. This way it makes sure that the damage that your hair might have suffered during the period that chlorine was there could be reversed.

Those of you who have oily hair need not worry while using this shampoo. Such hair have the tendency to get extremely dry when they’re washed with an ordinary shampoo. However, with its hydrating properties, the Paul Mitchell shampoowouldn’t make them brittle.

On top of everything else, its thick concentration means you won’t have to fill your palm with a handful. Just a coin size will do. Even for those of you who have thick or curly hair, the same size would easily spread throughout their scalp.


Removes orange streaks

Paraben-free bottle

Thick texture means one bottle will last long


Might leave thin hair feeling dry

7. Solpri Swimmers Chlorine Swim Shampoo

What if we were to tell you that this shampoo offers three products at the price of one? Apart from offering a shampoo, its package also contains a body wash and conditioner. And the best thing about all this is that that Solpri Swim Shampoo doesn’t ask you to pay extra.


This shampoo has two types of ingredients when it comes to its action against chlorine removal. The first are those which would prevent the build-up of chlorine. The second, meanwhile, are those which would fight out the chlorine deep embedded in your hair.

Vitamin C falls in the list of the first type of ingredients. It is a well-known moisturizing substance whose ability to retain moisture gets its huge praise from people with oily skin. Here in this shampoo, it would add moisture to your hair to leave little space for chlorine to attack.

As for the chlorine-removing substances, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and MSM fall in this category. All of them have moisture-loving properties. This means that once you’d rinse them with water, they’d bind moisture to your hair, thereby reducing the damage caused by chlorine.

Then comes the conditioner whose 12 Amino Acids allows it to add luster to your hair. Some of these acids would strengthen your hair and remove their brittleness. Its manufacturer claims that you can use the shampoo as a body wash as well.


Has Vitamin C

Has shampoo and conditioner

Best for dry hair


Doesn’t have a scent of its own

8. Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo

Have you ever used a shampoo that contained botanicals as its ingredients? Then you might know what to expect from the Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo. To know what those benefits are, let’s delve into the features of this product.


What benefits does this shampoo accrue from the presence of botanicals in its formula? For starters, these are ultra-mild substances. This means that whether you have extremely brittle or oily hair, you won’t have to worry about this shampoo damaging your scalp.

Among the various botanicals in this shampoo’s list of ingredients, our favorite is undoubtedly chamomile. It is a calming substance whose ability to fight off free radicals helps it to soothe your hair. At the same time, experts credit chamomile-containing-shampoos for their sheen-inducing properties.

Hence the reason why, once you have used this shampoo, your hair won’t give the same look which is the hallmark of post-swimming hair. You might think it of an exaggeration but having used this shampoo and consulted its users, we can vouch for this product’s utility.

That this shampoo has a smell of its own is beneficial for you on two counts. First, its smell isn’t overpowering, so you can easily sport it without it disturbing your nostrils. Second, it would neutralize chlorine smell from your hair to let nobody know that you’ve just returned from a dip in the pool.


Has a nice smell

Neutralizes chlorine odor

Restores original hair color


The bottle has a flimsy design

9. Reflect Sports H2O Swim Shampoo

The Reflect Sports H20 is an herb-based swimmer shampoo that goes to the lengths its traditional counterparts won’t. That’s why if you have used any other swimmers shampoo before, and weren’t satisfied with the results, you should turn to this one.


Why are we so confident that this shampoo would succeed where others normally fail? Because we know that its formula contains three types of amino acids – all of whom work together to remove chlorine from your hair, neutralize its smell and restore your hair to their original condition.

Provided you want us to be more specific, this product contains a) wheat amino acids b) keratin amino acids and c) silk amino acids. The first two perform the jobs of removal of chlorine and they also neutralize its smell. Silk amino acids, meanwhile, are rejuvenating your hair.

Reflect Sports takes great pride in the fact that this shampoo has a UV absorber. This way it would make sure that for hours after a bath, your braid would remain protected from the sun’s harmful rays, which are known to cause the premature graying of hair.

Since its cleansing system contains no sulfates, it would also remove salt which makes its way in some pools due to whatever reason. It would also encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss by strengthening hair follicles, though you shouldn’t expect it to be anti-balding.


Has a UV protector

Strengthens hair follicles

Helps in hair growth

Doesn’t contain chemicals


Relatively expensive

10. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo

Whether it is removing existing chlorine from your hair, preventing the build-up of the same or repair damaged in the aftermath, the Color Security Shampoo does it all. There are very few, if any, things that this shampoo won’t do.


Ever wondered what happens when Aloe Vera is one of the active ingredients in your shampoo? As this product shows us, you could feel soothing and alleviating effects. This plant-based ingredient also has natural moisturizing properties which merit its inclusion in this swimmers shampoo.

Other than that, this shampoo has Vitamin A and Pro-Vitamin B5. The former is a special substance because it doesn’t do anything on its own. That’s right; all Vitamin A does is help your scalp secrete healthy sebum which, in turn, strengthen your hair and prevent their breakage.

Vitamin B is more proactive in its approach. It will bind your hair follicles and build a thin layer of moisture against their top and bottom. This arrangement would add shine to the surface of your hair, while also giving them the softness and pliability which otherwise stems from added/natural oils.

Its gentle formula makes sure that the product can easily be washed off without an aggressive rinsing session. The application of a coin-size amount will be enough to spread this thick and concentrated shampoo throughout your hair. That’s why one product of this bottle will last long.


Has natural ingredients

Contribute to hair growth

Restore shine to your hair


Not for oily hair


In the good bad days of swimming, swimmers were as much worried about the health of their hair as they were about their swimming technique. While the best swimmers shampoos have taken care of the former problem, you might want to hire a swimming coach if you want to get rid of the latter.

Live Your Aloha Swimmers Shampoo Review

Swimmers Shampoo


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It’s quite surprising to know that the Chlorine doesn’t lead to hair loss. I came to find the best Swimmers shampoo here but found answer to a number of questions I had in my mind.


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