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Do shark repellents work? The answer to this question will decide whether you end up becoming a victim to the beast deep in the ocean’s belly, or paralyze the mighty animal’s senses as it comes close to you, before returning safely to your loved ones who might be waiting for you on the shore.

Thankfully, as the rising sales of these devices show, the best shark repellents do ensure your well-being. By interfering with the different senses that the shark utilizes to detect its prey, they form an invisible protecting shield around you to reduce the risk of shark attacks.

Best Shark-Repellents – Comparison Table

New Sharkbanz Repellent for Great White Sharks
  • Material: Soft Silicon
  • Offers: Comfort & Flexibility
  • Price: $$
Check Price
  • Material: Titanium & Steel
  • Great for: Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Spearfishing
  • Price: $
Check Price
  • Material: Natural Leather & Wood Beads
  • Great For: Kids & Adults
  • Price: $$
Check Price
Effective Sharkbanz Shark Repellent
  • Offers: Peace of Mind
  • Great For: Swimming, Surfing, and Snorkeling
  • Price: $$
Check Price
Effective Sharkbanz Shark Deterrent for people
  • Comes with: Anti-Rust Swivels
  • Offers: Better Style and Quality
  • Price: $$
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Consequently, if you are planning to scour the depths of the ocean in the near future, you might want these shark repelling devices to accompany you. Provided you do that, you’ll be taking a much-needed precaution for your safety.

1. SHARKBANZ 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent

Effective Sharkbanz Products for People

One of the most effective and famous shark repellents on the market, the SharkBanz 2 is available in three colors and makes sure you remain comfortable in the sea while also does enough to drive the sharks away. If you’re looking for a product that you could depend on under layers of water, you won’t go wrong with it.


How does SharkBanz2 work? In case you had this question in mind, this product uses patented magnetic technology to overpower the electrical senses of the shark. And since the giant species relies on those very senses to attack you, their disruption would keep it away.

One of the most notable benefits of magnetic technology is that it doesn’t rely on a battery. Most electrical shark repellents you see on the market require recurrent recharging sessions. Not this one. It boasts an unlimited runtime to keep you protected for as long as you’re under the water.

Furthermore, since this repellent has a rubber band, it is comfortable to wear. You can also count on its stainless steel lock to make this model durable. Also, the fact that it has a universal fit means anyone above the age of 5 can achieve a perfect fit.

While its depth rating of 330ft isn’t huge, it would still be more than enough for most swimmers, divers, and snorkelers. And despite having a working magnet, this product has the distinction of being TSA-approved. That means that it is cleared for airline travel.

On top of everything else, you might want to upgrade to the SharkBanz2, even if you already have the original SharkBanz. Apart from having a more comfortable band, the newer version has a sleeker profile, and still costs less.

Doesn’t require batteries

330ft depth rating

Has a universal fit


Not for scuba divers

2. BOffer Scuba Diving Knife

As you might have guessed by now, this model isn’t exactly an active shark repellent that would drive sharks away at its own. Instead, it’s a passive protector that would rely on your will (as you’d have to swing the knife) to protect you in the face of a shark attack.


Its stainless steel construction equips this diving knife with two benefits. While stainless steel cannot rival titanium in strength, it dwarfs its colleague when it comes to ease-of-sharpness and durability. So if you look after this shark deterrent, there’s no reason why it won’t last for ages.

As for its design, it has two types of edges to do the maximum damage to the shark. The one at its fore-front is a dual-cutting edge, and it is supported by the serrated edge at the back. Add to the equation its 3Cr13 blade, and what you’ve is a potent weapon.

You only have to look at its package list to know that this shark shield comes with two straps. The first option, which is preferred by the majority, allows you to strap it to your legs. However, if you’re a pro, you can use the second strap to attach this shark deterrent to your arm.

Most diving knives rust when you don’t store them in an adequate place. This one won’t suffer from this problem as its package contains a nylon sheath to put it away safely. You can easily clip the sheath to your belt because this knife includes a belt clip in its packaging.

On top of everything else, the fact that it doesn’t has a folding blade does have its own benefits. Foldable blades increase your reaction time – as you’ve to press the quick-release button in the event of an attack. With a fixed blade, the time that you’d take to react to an attack will be much lower.



Incredibly strong

Comes with a nylon sheath


Quality of the holster is suspect

3. Shark Off Shark Repellent Bracelet

Whether you’re running low on a budget or simply don’t want to spend more on a shark repellent, the budget-friendly Shark Repellent Bracelet is worth a shot. This product manages to keep its asking price low without cutting any corners. As a result, it’s a must-have for budget-minded users.


Wondering what is so special about this product? For starters, it doesn’t look like a repellent at all. People who have never seen a shark repellent before would never be able to guess that this tiny piece of equipment can keep that multi-thousand-pound beast away.

Apart from its attention-hating design, this product has other notable features. It has an easy-to-adjust design that people of all ages would find useful. Like the SharkBanz 2 we saw above, you don’t need to install any batteries to keep this shark deterrent up and running.

Did we tell you that this band isn’t made of rubber? Sorry for raising this point a bit late, but we think that you may like to know that this product contains leather all around. Hence the reason why the knots in its construction feel sturdier to the wearer.

The reason why it would keep working on its own lies in its technology. The magnets sitting in the center of this band, like any other you might have come across in your life, don’t need electricity to inundate their surroundings with the magnetic force.

Consequently, as long as you don’t drop it off several feet or crush it in a collision, this product will keep on working for an unlimited time. Also, its gender-neutral design and the presence of wooden beads means that everyone can own it without raising eyebrows.


Made of leather

Has durable construction

Requires no electricity


Will set-off metal detectors at airports

4. Sharkbanz Shark Deterrent

New Sharkbanz Products for fish species

Since its launch in Australia at the start of 2015, Sharkbanz has been the market leader in shark repellent products. Its fame has been so strong that the release of its next version as well as the entry of a slew of other devices into the market has done nothing to impact its sale negatively.


In contrast to what some people believe, deterrents like this one don’t harm the shark to ensure the safety of humans. Instead, as we explain in detail in our buying guide, its electromagnetic signals cause just enough discomfort to the shark to force it to swim away.

You can wear this waterproof band around your wrist or strap it around your ankle. The working range of its magnet would be enough to scare away the predator from a safe distance. Also, just like its successor reviewed above, this shark shield has an adjustable silicone band.

What’s more, its stylish design will ensure that this shark shield doesn’t look out of place as long as the place you’re wearing has water nearby. You don’t have to drop it at home before air-travel as its TSA-approved tag will convince airport agents to let it past.

Sharkbanz, the manufacturer of this device, cautions that it might not be that effective against great white sharks. It further advises that if you are underwater with these animals, you might want to wear two of these devices to get extra protection.

The thinking behind this suggestion, we guess, is self-evident. When you wear two bands where previously you’ve worn only one, the level of protection will also increase. That, at least in theory, should afford you the level of security you desire. Though the safest thing you could do is not test your luck and don’t go merry-making with the great white sharks.


Proven working mechanism

Has patented magnetic tech

Durable and sturdy construction


Won’t protect in the face of great white sharks’ attacks

5. Sharkbanz Modom Shark Leash Featuring Technology

New Sharkbanz products for different fish species

According to data maintained by researchers at ISAF (International Shark Attack File), more than 400 people lost their lives to shark attacks between the last four decades. Provided you don’t want to be reduced to a statistic, you can ensure your safety by wearing the Modom Shark Leash.


Similar to the other Sharkbanz devices we have seen in this review, it also relies on a magnetic field to overpower the beast by dulling its senses. The powerful magnet inside this device emits signals a thousand times stronger than those emitted by the usual prey of the shark.

Like its colleagues, this one too can be worn both around your ankle or the wrist. Unlike them, however, it comes with a detachable connector – one which you could detach and connect to other cords. Though that isn’t the unique selling point of this product.

Instead, the reason why this product has found a place in our review is its leash. Six feet in length, it lets you attach its stray end to whatever gear you might be using. That would ensure that you’d never forget this protective equipment on the beach.

Finally, the fact that it doesn’t rely on electricity (as it has no batteries) means you would never have to recharge this device along with your smartphone and other electrical devices. No doubt it’s pricey, but the peace of mind that this device provides is undoubtedly immense.

Can be attached to the gear

Boasts a detachable connector

Anti-rust material of construction



Best Shark Repellents In 2020 – Buying Guide

Finding the best shark repellents can become a mighty ordeal if you don’t know what you’re looking for. In this section, we’re going to list down all the questions asking which you’d be able to convince anyone that you’re a knowledgeable buyer.

This way, no manufacturer or shopper could take advantage of your lack of knowledge about this product and sell you a faulty device.

Types of Shark Repellents

Following are the commonly available types of shark repellents:

Electrical Shark Repellents

Electrical shark repellents work by emitting signals that interfere with the sensory organs that the beast uses to detect its prey. Known as the ampullae of Lorenzini, these organs are present in the shark’s snout and perceive the presence of living things by detecting electrical currents given off by them.

Sounds technical? Let us give you an example. Humans’ heartbeat creates an electromagnetic field that the shark uses to detect their presence. What the electric shark repellents do is overstimulate the signals of this field, thereby overpowering the shark’s sensory organ and forcing the brute to turn away.

Pros: Continuous protection against the attack; known to be effective- Cons: Pricey

Magnetic Shark Repellents

Magnetic shark repellents turn away the beast in much the same manner as their electric counterparts. This means that they also interfere with the frequency of the signals coming out of the human body to overstimulate shark’s ampullae of Lorenzini.

These devices are mainly available in the form of ankle or wrist bands that have a magnet fitted in the middle. Also, while both have the same working principle, magnetic shark repellents tend to be less costly than the electrical ones. So you might want to choose them if you’re low on a budget.

Pros: More competitively priced than electric repellents- Cons: Have to be worn at all times

Acoustic Shark Repellents

Since you’re planning to go deep into the ocean, you might be aware of the fear which killer whales induce in sharks, as they are one of the few animals who like (and can manage) to ea bull sharks. This propensity of theirs means that whenever sharks notice that killer whales are nearby, they change course.

Acoustic shark repellents try to exploit the same fear. Available in the form of small plastic bands that you can wear around your leg, they emit signals similar to those emitted by killer whales. These signals, the thinking goes, would be enough to shoo away the bull sharks.

Pros: Easy-to-wear- Cons: Not much scientific evidence in support/against their claims

Spray Shark Repellents

After decades of research, scientists have been able to collect evidence which indicates that sharks don’t like to stay in the presence of their dead brethren. Without going into technicalities as to what it exactly is, there’s something in the odor of the dead beast which turns off those who are still breathing.

Humans have exploited this sad feeling of sharks to their advantage. Spray shark repellents, which come in an aerosol can, contain extracts of dead shark tissues that you can release into the air when a shark is nearby. Their ease of use makes these repellents suitable for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Pros: Don’t have to wear them at all; can be carried in a pocket or dive bag- Cons: Low reaction time in the event of a shark attack

How to Avoid Shark Attacks?

Even when you have the shark repellents on you, the best step that you could take to ensure your safety is to avoid the attacks of the beast in the first place. Keeping this simple yet crucial fact in mind, we’re going to give you some tips using which you can sidestep shark attacks.

Don’t dive alone

There’s much evidence that tells us that sharks like to attack people who are on their own. These beasts avoid targeting groups for the simple reason that it makes them fearful. So make sure to have company whenever you go diving.

Keep an eye on your whereabouts

Sharks no doubt have an advantage when they go face to face with you, but if you could see them from a distance, you’d give yourself a better chance to avoid becoming their victim. Avoid swimming when it is dark in there; otherwise, you might get too close to the beast without noticing.

Don’t give sharks scent of blood

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to tell that sharks love blood – a mere glance at any Hollywood movie on these mighty brutes should make you aware of the same. If you have a wound, clean it up and get out of the water and on the shore as early as possible.

Take off shiny wearable’s while you’re still ashore

None of us want to be a target point for sharks. However, if you’re wearing shiny objects like gold chains or anything that reflects light, it would give shark within the nearby radius clue of your presence. Therefore, take them off when you are still on the shore.

Notice the movement of the fish

Even if they aren’t nimble enough to move out of the way of an overpowering shark, fish aren’t stupid. They know whenever a shark is coming their way and try to run away. If you see a stock of fish certainly changing its direction, there’s an excellent chance that something is amiss.

Wear camouflage pattern wetsuits

One of the many ways shark notice the presence of their victim is by going after contrast – one which results from an amalgam of colors. Avoid wearing colorful wetsuits or those which are pitch-black. While the former will increase your contrast, the latter will make you look like a seal. And sharks love eating seals.

Avoid swimming in dirty or turbid waters

Waters in which you can’t see what is in front might make it difficult for you to see an approaching shark. That’s why the Australian Shark Attack File clearly states that you need to avoid swimming or diving in dirty or turbid waters.

Shark Repellents FAQs

Q: What is a shark repellent?

A: As their name implies, shark repellents are devices that repel sharks. There are different types of shark deterrents, including electrical, magnetic, acoustic and scent-based. All of them rely on different methods to repel sharks.

Q: Do shark deterrents guarantee to keep you safe at all times?

A: Provided you came here looking for a shark repellent that could give you a 100% guarantee that it would keep you safe in the event of an attack, your search won’t prove to be fruitful. We have yet to come across a shark repellent that makes this claim.

One of the better ways to understand the level of protection afforded by these devices is to think of them as a seat belt. While seat belts reduce the risk of death in the case of an accident, they don’t reduce the risk of fatality to zero. Similar is the case with shark deterrents.

Q: Where are the world’s most shark-infested waters?

A: In the descending order, Volusia (Florida), New South Wales (Australia), Eastern Cape (South Africa), Maui (Hawaii), and Pernambuco (Brazil) are the homes to five of the most shark-infested waters in the world.


At the cost of sounding biased, we can say with confidence that these shark deterrents are the best money can buy. Apart from raising your guard against the incoming beast, they are comfortable to wear and are trusted by hundreds. While some of these are no doubt pricey, the peace of mind they afford you is priceless.

Live Your Aloha Shark Repellents Review

Shark Repellents


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