Shark Diving in Oahu Hawaii – Embarking on the Ultimate Vacation Rush

Ryan, Senior Traveler
08 June 2017

A Look Into This Thrilling Adventure. From What You Should Expect to How To Book.

Sharks are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Yet for 99% of us, the closest we’ll ever get is jaw-dropping YouTube videos, terrifying news stories, or captivating images.

And for 99% of us that is good enough. However, if you’ve got a little daredevil inside you. If you’re a risk taker. If you love stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing the thrill of adventure. Then a shark diving tour in Oahu is just what the doctor ordered.

Coming face to face with one of the most dangerous creatures known to man is something very few people in this world can say. You are feet, if not inches away from the sharks at any given moment. Luckily, sharks get a bad rap and pose no real threat as they glide effortlessly through the ocean water.

So, before we dive in, here’s six reasons why you should embark on a cage diving adventure:

So, now that you’ve decided to embark on this once in a lifetime cage diving adventure. What can you expect?

What to Expect on Your Oahu Shark Diving Adventure


There are plenty of different shark tours to choose from, but we recommend two, based on customer reviews, pricing, and the likelihood of seeing the most sharks as possible. In fact, the best thing about both of these tours is that you’re guaranteed to see sharks! If you don’t, you get a full 100% refund. So, there’s no risk on your end.


This tour takes you three miles off the North Shore of Oahu for some wild North Shore shark adventures. On your way out to sea, don’t be surprised if you encounter sea turtles, dolphins, and occasionally the Humpback whale. Once you’re out there, the experienced and knowledgeable crew will educate you on Hawaiis sharks and safety precautions.


After all safety instructions have been given, the real fun begins. You get into the shark cage off Oahu’s north shore with up to 8 other people (perfect for large groups or families). This is where the rubber meets the road and your adrenaline hits levels you didn’t even know were possible.

Equipped with your mask and snorkel, you’re able to peer out into the clear blue sea and finally see the sharks up close and personal like never before. Expect to see Galapagos, Sandbar and Tiger sharks. This activity is truly breathtaking and a once in a lifetime experience.

The great thing about this tour is it’s not rushed. It’s 2-hours of north shore shark adventures, so you’ll have plenty of time to marvel at not only the sharks, but other sea life as well such as whales (whale watching is seasonal) and barracudas.

If you’re feeling nervous, that’s perfectly normal. After all, we’re still talking about sharks here! However, the crew is great at making you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the trip.

review of swimming with the sharks
One thing to note though is that many people experience motion sickness on the three mile boat ride out to the destination. The water can be quite choppy at times, so we definitely recommend taking some Dramamine to avoid getting sick. But, even if you do get sick, you’ll still have an amazing time as one reviewer noted.

shark tour review
To really make the trip last a lifetime, we suggest bringing your own underwater camera for your Hawaii shark encounters, or getting the addon and having the tour company film a video for you. This way you can enjoy the experience as you swim with sharks and relive the moment over and over again.

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 What to Bring With You

Make sure to bring a change of clothes, towels, hat, swimwear, sunglasses or any other equipment you find necessary. A snorkel, mask and drinking water are provided by the host, but be sure you bring some suntan lotion and snacks.

Final Verdict

Overall, this tour is top notch from start to finish. At only $120 per person via online booking, this is an absolute must-do if you’re a thrill seeker or want a memorable Hawaii adventure.


To recap, here are the pros and cons of this tour:


– Your safety is the #1 priority of the crew

– Real underwater adventure

– Group activity (even for those not wanting to get in the cage and just want to do a little shark watching)

– A full refund in the case you don’t see any sharks

– A full refund in the case of cancellation for any reason

– Organized transportation and hotel pickup from select Waikiki locations

– Free education on sharks

– 1080p video documenting your adventure


– Not allowed for children under 5

– Not recommended for elder people

– There’s a small possibility of not seeing sharks

– Possibility of sea sickness

This is an amazing shark diving tour from top to bottom and ranks among the best of all the Oahu tours. You get an experienced crew and the guarantee of seeing sharks. You get an experience most reviewers say was the highlight of their trip. So, what are you waiting for? To book online with a low price guarantee, click below.

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The Shark Encounter tour is virtually identical to the Shark Adventures tour. Same duration of 2 hours. You travel 3 miles off of North Shore Oahu. Amazing crew and educational info are given. And of course, you’ll see sharks up close and personal!

The main difference is that with this tour, there are poly glass windows instead of a shark cage protecting you. With the cage, you’re able to reach out and touch the sharks (although not recommended!). With the poly glass you’re still inches away, but there’s an added layer of safety as they can’t get to you, and you can’t get to them. This is great if you want to see the shark swimming along with other marine life, but don’t want the added fear that shark cage tours presents.

So, if you want an adventure but with a little bit more safety added on, this is the tour for you. This tour is only $115.50 vs. $120, but we doubt $5 is going to sway you either way. Just depends on if you want to experience the sharks in a cage or through poly glass. Everything else is virtually identical.

This tour also has received outstanding reviews. To book the Shark Encounter tour, go here.

“Amazing boat ride with a great, friendly, and knowledgeable crew.  Gopro footage was amazing and well worth the $$$” – Review of the Shark Encounter

To quickly recap, here are the pros and cons of the Shark Encounter tour:


– Added level of safety with poly glass instead of cage

– Real underwater adventure

– Group activity (even for those not wanting to get in the cage)

– A full refund in the case you don’t see any sharks

– A full refund in case of cancellation for any reason

– Free education on sharks such as galapagos sharks

– 1080p video documenting your adventure

– Option to take part in an ongoing shark conservation research project


– Not allowed for children under 5

– Not recommended for elder people

– There’s a small possibility of not seeing sharks

– Possibility of motion sickness

– Poly glass instead of a cage (could be a pro depending on what you want)

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Why Shark Cage Diving Should Be a Must for Your Vacation

You only get one life. Many people coast through life without pushing the limits or overcoming their fears. Do you want to look back on your vacation 20 years from now and say what if? Or, do you want to take part in something that takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you an experience most people only dream of. These are ranked among the top tours on Oahu for a reason.

Drinking pina colada’s on the beach is great. Going out to dinner with your friends and family is a blast. But diving with sharks? That’s something you can sit around the table and relive for years to come. Telling everyone about that one time you decided to let the daredevil inside of you out. If you do. You won’t regret it.

Shark Tour Comparison
  • Children - Age Requirement
  • Ride Along Only (No Entering Cage)
  • Duration of Tour
  • Duration in Cage
  • Transportation
  • Additional Notes

Shark Adventures - Cage Tours

  • 3-13 at $60
  • Adult $70; Child $50
  • 2 Hours
  • 20 Minutes
  • Pickup at select Waikiki hotels at $55.00 per person
  • Sharks Sight Guarantee

Shark Encounter

  • 5-12 at $82.5
  • $93,5
  • 2 Hours
  • 30 Minutes
  • Harbor Fees $3.47
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