10 Best Portable Air Conditioners: Stay Cool in Any Room

For those of us who have been feeling uncomfortably hot all year or during the summer, getting a portable air conditioner (AC) might be one of your best decisions. Designed for smaller spaces or single rooms, portable air conditioning units are a game-changer! They’re easy to move around, simple to program and aesthetically pleasing enough for a modern home setup.

Again, if you feel that central air conditioning is quite a long shot in terms of investment, there are various portable air conditioners in the market that are quite affordable, amazingly effective and incredibly convenient. The best part of having a portable AC is obvious; its maneuverability. Whether you need it in your dinner room with your guests around or to make your baby comfortable in his/her room, all you’ve got to do is roll it and you’ll keep things as cool as a cucumber or as you feel comfy.

Best Portable Air Conditioners for 2019 – Comparison Chart

How We Chose the Best Portable Air Conditioners

There are obviously more than a hundred portable ACs in the market. This makes it quite hectic to choose the best. But with the help of our air conditioner experts, we used these features to select the best portable air conditioners.

The best way to discover any performance issues with an electronic unit is to use it and monitor it on a daily basis. We not only looked at some of the biggest brands but also gauged the reliability of their products and those of other smaller brands
The main basis of a portable air conditioner is that you can easily move it around. So in choosing the best portable ACs, we looked at the units’ wheels, smooth handle, huge boons and slim profiles. In essence, a great portable AC should be very easy to move around.
Remote and Programming
There’s no doubt that adjusting fan speed and temperature should be very simple and should be done from the bed or the couch. In addition to having physical control panels, portable ACs should have remote controls and programmable timers that are easy to understand and use.
Even though it is not a very important feature, the fact that portable air conditioners are in-home appliances calls for them to be appealing, compact, sleek and elegant.
Additional Features
While not necessarily important, having unique additional features will be an added plus to these units.

From cell phones and home theaters to portable AC units, there’s no doubt that LG is one of the best electronic makers in the world. You’ll fall in love with the LG- LP1215GXR portable AC unit for a couple of very good reasons.

The prowess of this sleek, modern and elegant-looking air conditioner will exceed your expectations. This dehumidifier is engineered to cool rooms that have not more than 300 square feet. It’s perfect for modern houses, apartments and modern living. With voltage power of 115V, this AC can address high humidity levels at a rate of 1.2 pints per hour and is ideal for cooling and dehumidification role, as well as for family members with respiratory problems or any other health issues that might be worsened by high humidity.

The LP1215GXR has an oscillating air vent mechanism that efficiently circulates cold air throughout the room. This feature is also important to help eliminate hot spots and ensure optimum cooling comfort. Controlling this AC is also very easy thanks to the integration of a programmable timer that can automatically shut off the unit. In fact, it will not limit you to the conventional 8 or 16-hour timer that’s available in traditional air conditioning systems.

Even though the LP1215GXR has a BTU rating of 12,000, it’s important to note that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) specifically sets modifications for portable ACs at a standard 7,000 BTU (British Thermal Units). These numbers may be confusing to some but the LP1215GXR is powerful enough to cover the above-stated area. Again, some consumers have reported issues with reliability, especially when setting up the hose.

Key Features

  • Oscillating air vent technology
  • 24-hour programmable on/off system
  • Full dehumidifying function
  • 12,000 BTU as per ASHRAE-128 standard
  • 7,000 BTU as per DOE standard
  • Elegant-looking, free-standing and portable

What We Like (Pros)
  • Lightweight construction
  • User-friendly interface with a LCD remote control
  • Durability
  • Dehumidifies up to 1.2 pints per hour
  • Removes hot spots
  • Elegant and made with a stylish black design
  • Flexible cooling and fan speed settings
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Cannot cool a room larger than 300 square feet
  • Its portability is limited by the location of the electrical outlet
  • It has a short power cord

Overall Verdict

The LP1215GXR Portable Air Conditioner is built to provide cooling comfort for rooms that are not bigger than 300 square feet. It’s an outstanding unit if you have such type of a room and if any member of your family has any respiratory or health problem that may be worsened by high humidity. Remember to buy it from reputable sellers just to avoid any reliability issue.

When looking for a superbly efficient portable AC with a high cooling capacity suited for extremely hot conditions and a mixture of other impressive features, you can look in the direction of the Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner. This is not just a very efficient air conditioner but also a very eco-friendly unit that is built with auto drain technology and dual hose that is highly effective in pulling moisture from air before perfectly cooling it down.

Built to work in larger rooms the Whynter ARC-14S is a powerful unit that can cool down a 500-square feet room and provide cool fresh air and utmost comfort from every angle. And because many people are now conscious of global warming and do not want to contribute to it, the Whynter ARC-14S can be the perfect portable AC as it’s customized for minimal energy consumption thanks to its ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant, ROHS-compliant and lead-free features. Furthermore, auto drain technology plays a critical role in making this unit energy efficient as it helps in pulling the moisture out of the air, thus turning it around to make the much needed cool and comfy air.

While many ACs only use one hose, the Whynter ARC-14S has two! This helps in ensuring that moisture is pulled in and out the unit in a more efficient and effective manner. That’s not all; this unit comes with a 24-hour programmable timer and a full thermostatic control that won’t need you to get out of bed just to make temperature adjustments. In other words, it’s built for utmost comfort and to help you conserve your energy use automatically.

Despite its great features, don’t get it twisted; the Whynter ARC-14S is pretty loud, particularly if you’re trying to catch some sleep. It’s also quite pricey, perhaps because of its amazing and unique additional features.

Key Features   

  • Built-in dehumidifier with a capability of up to 4.1 pints per hour
  • 24-hour programmable on/off system
  • Dual hose system
  • Ozone-safe R-410A Refrigerant
  • Auto drain technology
  • ROHS-Compliant
  • Lead-free

What We Like (Pros)
  • Energy-efficient
  • Has a very effective dehumidifier
  • Has two filters for cleaning the air
  • Easy-to-use accessories
  • User-friendly interface
  • Utterly portable
  • Minor installation procedure required
  • High speed cooling
  • 3-in-1 design (Air conditioner, Dehumidifier and Fan)
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Quite noisy
  • Very expensive
  • Quite heavy at 95 pounds
  • Not suitable for smaller spaces

Overall Verdict

If you want to save on your electric bill and help lower global warming, the Whynter ARC-14SH might just be a great choice for you. It’s not only an eco-friendly AC but also an effective one with some great and unique features such as dual hose-system, two filters and auto drain technology.

There’s a reason why LG is becoming a staple in many American homes: it’s one of the best electronic providers and will never let you down. Whether you need a stove, fridge or an air conditioner, LG will always provide you with seriously effective in-home appliances. Even though it isn’t powerful and big enough to cool your entire home, the LP0817WSR is quite perfect for your bedroom, baby nursery, kitchen, laundry room, small living room, home office and other small single rooms within your home.

Weighing around 59 pounds, this is a fairly compact AC with perfect wheels and handles on either side to allow for easier lifting and maneuverability. Despite its small size, this unit can perfectly serve an area of about 200 square feet with a dehumidification capability of 1.8 pints per hour. With two fans and two cooling speeds, this unit is designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about hot spots within the room. This is a solid product that has a fully programmable 24-hour on/off timer, an LED display panel and a fully functional LCD remote control to make it very easy to use. This unit also comes with a washable air filter that’s crucial in ensuring that your family can breathe properly without worrying about allergies.

A major drawback for this impeccable AC is that it is a bit noisy and can affect your peaceful sleep, despite being one of the quickest portable ACs in the market. It also has a short hose and power cord, which will force you to use it only when it’s close to a power source.

Key Features

  • Has an auto oscillating air vent
  • A 24-hour on/off programmable timer
  • Built-in dehumidifier with a capability of 1.8 pints per hour
  • Has a R410A refrigerant to ensure safety
  • LED display panel and LCD remote control

What We Like (Pros)
  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to move around
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight, stylish and well-designed
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Noisy
  • Short hose and power cord
  • Possible problem when setting up the window vent

Overall Verdict

Although some may struggle with setting up the window vent part of it, the LG – LP0817WSR is a conveniently small, compact and easily portable AC that works perfectly in smaller rooms. This is definitely one of those AC units that would come in handy if you’re looking for a portable air conditioner that would fit in a cabin or in smaller areas. Oh! It can also be perfect if you’re living in a rented apartment and the landlord charges some extra fees for installing a window or wall air conditioner.

While it’s quite clear that Honeywell doesn’t put much emphasis on style and compactness, you’ll be impressed by the straightforwardness of its products. They’re easy to use, sturdy and very clear in their responsibilities and the MN10CESWW in no different. Designed to cool a 400 square feet space, the MN10CESWW is an impressive portable air conditioner that features a dehumidifier capable of removing air moisture in your room at a rate of 3.3 pints per hour!

Powered by 10,000 BTUs and integrated with an electrostatic filter and compressor, the MN10CESWW has adjustable digital controls and thermostat that enable you to set your ideal room temperature. Its digital display is fully functional and will clearly show your settings so that you can quickly make adjustments with the included remote control. This unit has the unique auto drainage option that won’t require you to drain the excess water in the unit manually but rather in an automatic and continuous fashion. This feature is quite important as it will prevent any condensate accumulations in the unit, which may otherwise make it less functional.

You’ll undoubtedly be impressed with the effort that Honeywell puts in ensuring that this unit is ultimately user-friendly. That’s because it comes with a 24-hour programmable timer, multiple fan speeds, washable air filter that catches unwanted particles, a 120V plug and an R-410A refrigerant that makes it absolutely ideal for home use. In addition to these impressive features, the MN10CESWW is easy to move around, easy to set up and easy to take care of, thus the best low-maintenance portable AC currently available in the market.

On the downside though, this unit can be really disruptive as it’s pretty loud, despite Honeywell’s claims that it’s quiet. You can however, reduce the noise by keeping the fan settings low, and may be by putting a soft mat underneath so as to lessen the effects of vibration.

Key Features

  • Auto evaporation system
  • Digital electronic controls
  • 3-in-1 technology (it can cool dehumidify and filter air)
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Adjustable thermostat and airflow

What We Like (Pros)
  • Highly efficient
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Easy installation
  • Effective dehumidifier
  • Eco-friendly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Auto drainage system
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Quite loud

Overall Verdict

The Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable Air Conditioner is unquestionably one of the hassle-free units currently available in the market. From setting it up, moving it around to maintaining it, you’ll be impressed with just how efficient this AC is. Its loud operation may be a downside, but it’s definitely a far much better AC if you’re looking for something that’s easy to maintain, efficient and ultimately environment-friendly.

Designed for rooms measuring up to 550 square feet, the Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Portable AC stays true to its name as it’s one of the most technologically advanced ACs currently available in the market. With its cylindrical look that measures 12.6 inches wide and standing over 3 feet tall, it’s quite easy to see that the Frigidaire Cool Connect isn’t your typical portable air conditioner.

Its most innovative feature is obviously the Wi-Fi. This is a Wi-Fi ready connected portable AC that can send you notifications through the Frigidaire Smart App, and can work with Amazon Alexa voice controls, Google Assistant or pretty much any other smart home system. This is perfect as it enables you to control the unit as you feel fit. For instance, you can change the temperature, turn it on or off, create custom schedules and even control fan speed all from your Smartphone. Do not forget that the Frigidaire Smart App will keep you informed through its specialized alerts.

Being this innovative doesn’t mean that this unit has no manual features. It’s integrated with a lot of inspiring manual features that can all be controlled through a magnetic remote. There’s the unique 360-degree airflow that ensures that air flows to every corner of the space, the Eco mode feature that can help you set your ideal temperature and the programmable settings such as the auto cool function and sleep mode that are great if you want to save on your energy costs. That’s not all; this unit has an internal, electronic air purifier that removes pollen and other impurities from the air to ensure that the air you breathe is all clean.

Make no mistakes; having all these technological advancements on a portable AC wasn’t going to come cheap, which is obviously true in this case. This means that you’ll spend a little more than the average market price to get the Frigidaire Cool Connect and get to enjoy the amazing features that it brings to the AC game.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Multiple LED indicators
  • 360-Degree air discharge pattern
  • A unit front LCD control panel
  • Programmable system

What We Like (Pros)
  • Fast cooling
  • It has an efficient working built-in dehumidifier
  • Lots of scheduling and setting options
  • Can connect to the Wi-Fi or any other technological devices
  • Easy to setup and install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Built-in wheels for easy portability
  • Can be controlled from a distance through iOS and Android devices
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Quite expensive
  • Inconsistently loud
  • Quite heavy
  • Wi-Fi issues

Overall Verdict

There’s no doubt that you’ll pay twice as much for the Frigidaire Cool Connect Portable Air Conditioner as you will for any other typical portable AC. Nevertheless, you’ll come to the realization that it’s certainly worth it, especially if you’re one of those tech-savvy folks looking for smart home devices and appliances. While its Wi-Fi connection might have some minute issues, this unit remains effective in doing its main role: air circulation and cooling, and will never disappoint you on both fronts.

With a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU and a sleek and ultra-compact design, there are no qualms that the NewAir AC 10100E is an ultimately portable and perfect solution for cooling a room of up to 325 square feet.

Investing on this unit will give you’re the best value for your money as it comes with numerous features that are easy to operate and designed to make you safe, healthy and as cool as you deem fit. Weighing 50 pounds, this unit is undoubtedly one of the most portable air conditioners in the market. It is ideal for smaller spaces and you can easily move it around from room to room. One of its impressive features is the self-evaporative technology that will automatically eliminate condensation collection with a dehumidification capability of up to 2.11 pints per hour.

The NewAir AC 10100E also has an efficient air purification system that makes use of the activated carbon filter to ensure that dust or any other unwanted particle is filtered from the air. Unlike other devices on this list that are equipped with a 24-hour programmable time, the NewAir AC 10100E is equipped with a 12-hour timer, which is nonetheless efficient for its size. It’s also intelligently equipped with two speed settings that can be adjusted either through the remote control or the push-button controls. Its adjustable louvers will give you multiple cooling options, but they are quite defective, thus making the unit’s longevity and functionality questionable.

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 design (cools, ventilates and dehumidifies)
  • Environmentally-friendly R-410A coolant
  • Custom cooling options
  • Self-evaporative technology
  • 12-hour programmable timer

What We Like (Pros)
  • Offers a perfect ankle support
  •  It’s comfortable, lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Eco-friendly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Has a state-of-the-art self-evaporative condensate system
  • Absolutely portable
  • Quiet
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Its longevity is questionable

Overall Verdict

The NewAir AC 10100E is an ultra-compact portable air conditioner that put other 10,000 BTU air conditioners to shame with its quietness. This is an efficient portable AC that goes about its duties with little or no fuss and is exactly what you want for that luxury space back at home or in the office.

Designed with some amazing features, the Frigidaire FFPA1222U1 can be an absolute monster, especially if you live in a hot and highly humid area. This is because it has the best dehumidifier mode in the market.

This unit has an effortless temperature control that helps it maintain the preset room temperature so that your room remains comfortable at all times. The availability of a 24-hour programmable timer that you can turn on/off will enable you to set the temperature to your liking. It also has nicely designed wheels and highly set handles to allow you to easily move the AC from room to room so that you can have a cool air when and where you need.

To help you save on energy and cut on your energy bills, this unit comes with a sleep mode to allow you save on energy when the unit is not in use. The antibacterial filter is also of great importance in ensuring that air that you breathe is devoid of bacteria, room odors and airborne particles, thus making the air you breathe healthier and even more comfortable.

While the Frigidaire FFPA1222U1 does a great job in reducing noise, its price is a major downturn given that there are a lot of other very efficient portable air conditioners at lesser prices.

Key Features

  • SpaceWise portable design
  • Effortless clean filter
  • Programmable 24-hour timer
  • A great sleep mode feature
  • Effortless temperature control

What We Like (Pros)
  • Offers a perfect ankle support
  • It’s comfortable, lightweight and durable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to install and use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very Quiet
  • Sleek Design
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Quite Expensive

Overall Verdict

The Frigidaire FFPA1222U1 is known for its dehumidifier capabilities, and will never disappoint you if you live in a humid area or during the summer heat waves. Its sleek design makes it quite impressive for the modern home setting.

Ideal for rooms measuring up to 550 square feet, the Whynter ARC-12S is a good-looking portable air conditioner that’s capable of moving 188 cubic feet of air per minute. Its dehumidify mode is great in pulling excess moisture out of air at a rate of 3.8 pints per hour.

This unit also has a 24-hour programmable timer to enable you set specific times for it to turn on or off throughout the day. Weighing 62 pounds, this unit is a little heavier but moving it from room to room won’t be a problem thanks to its perfect wheels. This AC also comes with a vent hose and a window kit that are important in moving hot air exhaust out of the house.

One of the most noticeable downside of this amazing portable AC is that it doesn’t have a sleep mode, which makes it to gradually raise the temperature at night, thus becoming inefficient in conserving energy.

Key Features

  • 6-feet cord length
  • Power supply of 115V
  • Auto restart after power outage
  • Full thermostat control
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Activated Carbon Air Filter
  • Single vent hose configuration

What We Like (Pros)
  • It’s very eco-friendly
  • Auto drain technology
  • Has two filters for better air cleaning
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compact and powerful
  • Strong cooling system
  • Easy to move around
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Lacks sleep mode feature
  • Not very energy efficient

Overall Verdict

Even though the Whynter ARC-12S is not as strong or powerful as the 14,000 BTU units in the market, it remains a top-of-the-line air conditioner that has a very efficient cooling capability. Its energy efficiency might be questionable but it has convenient features and an array of third-party certifications to show its reliability.

The limited LG LP1218GXR was manufactured as a better version of its older siblings; the LP1215GXR and the LP1217GXR. While it hasn’t reached the capability of its older siblings, the LP1218GXR is another testimony that LG puts a lot of effort in making some of the best portable air conditioners in the market. This unit is not only quiet and powerful but it’s also portable, energy efficient and quite affordable.

Less expensive than most units on this list, the LP1218GXR is undoubtedly the best single hose portable AC in the market. While such feature can actually make your room hotter during the heat wave, this unit does the contrary. It works quietly and with no fuss to ensure that your room is always cool and comfortable as you like. Again, this is one of the best-looking portable ACs in the market as it’s designed in a sleek and elegant manner.

Its dehumidifier mode is quite impressive and can cool air at a rate of up to 1.2 pints per hour. With an estimated cooling area of 400 square feet, this unit comes with an LED display panel, an efficient thermostat control, an auto restart feature, a 3 fan speed setting, an energy saver functionality and many other modern features that makes it an impressive option if you’re looking for something to make you cool and comfortable in a good and eco-friendly way.

Despite its amazing features and functionality, this unit has a questionable drainage system and may not stop leaking after being used for a few months or years, thereby pushing its maintenance costs much higher.

Key Features

  • 3-fan speed
  • Energy saver functionality
  • Auto restart
  • LED Display Panel
  • Thermostat control
  • Washable air filter

What We Like (Pros)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to install and use
  • Extremely Quiet
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • Questionable drainage system

Overall Verdict

The LG LP1218GXR may not be as popular as its predecessors, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a solid unit. It may not be as powerful as the 14,000 BTU units, but it’s the best single hose portable air conditioner currently available in the market. Its drainage issues may be a thorn in the flesh in the long run. Other than that, this is a pretty much solid portable air conditioner.

Don’t get it twisted, this unit isn’t cheap. It will set you back hundreds of dollars more than many other units on this list.  So, the question is, is it worth it?  While the sleek design and ability to cool large areas are impressive, let’s take a look and see if shelling out the extra money is truly necessary.

With a dehumidifier mode that can pull moisture at a rate of 3.75 pints per hour, this unit can eliminate any form of dampness in your room. It lives up to its name thanks to its edgy design and works effectively but in a quiet way. The fact that it is easy to move around, easy to set up and powerful enough to cool a space of 425 square feet,  makes it an appropriate option for dealing with heat and humidity.

The true benefit of this unit is its ability to handle damp areas.  So, if you live in a city with lots of humidity, this is a great option and well worth the money.  Because it is so effective at keeping you dry, even in large areas, it’s perfect for places like Florida, where when you walk outside in the summer, you’re immediately drenched in sweat due to the overwhelming humidity.  However, for most other parts of the world, forking over the extra cash doesn’t really seem worth it.

Key Features

  • Auto drain system
  • Washable carbon filter
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Adjustable digital thermostat

What We Like (Pros)
  • Can dry and make your home healthier
  • Has an easy to install window and venting kit
  • Fully controllable via the remote
  • User-friendly interface
  • More portable than other models
What We Don’t Like (Cons)
  • The touch controls are sticky and feathery
  • Quite Expensive

Overall Verdict

The Edgestar AP12000S Extreme Cool Portable Air Conditioner will have you digging deep into your pocket compared to many other units on this list. However, if you can afford it, you’ll never regret the decision. This is a compact and solid portable AC unit that will make every damp area of your home dry and healthier.

Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide

What exactly is a Portable Air Conditioner?

Instead of installing a large and bulky air conditioner that looks utterly awful from the outside, you can find yourself an air conditioner that you can move freely in various parts of your home. Even though it has to be plugged to a power source, getting a portable air conditioner won’t limit you to a single room like window or wall air conditioners. In other words, portable air conditioners give you superior power and freedom that’ll never be matched by the window or wall units.

Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners over Wall or Window ACs

Less Power on the same BTUs
Many portable air conditioners are running on less power as a way of playing within the legal rules and limits set out by industry standards and authorities. However, these portable air conditioners are designed to perfectly save more energy than conventional window and wall units.
Easy to Install
Unlike wall and window units that may need a pro to install, portable ACs are quite easy to install and comes with DIY guidelines to make the process much easier.
No Need to Worry about Rain or Weather Effects
Unlike window and wall units that will have you worried about getting damaged by rain or sun, portable ACs are in-home appliances and will discard all the worries related to external damages. In other words, you won’t need to incur additional costs to weatherproof your portable AC.

How Portable Air Conditioners Work

As with any electronic device, portable ACs have electric motors that work to, ironically, generate heat that is then used to run the coolant, which is the central and most important part of the AC. This process will depend on the BTU of your AC in the sense that the higher the BTU the higher the heat generated, which in turn provides a more cooling effect. There is also the vent unit that will channel the collected heat and moisture to a safe area outside or to a storage point.

Draining your Portable Air Conditioner

Many modern portable air conditioners have the auto evaporation feature that is important in automatically draining the units. However, you’ll be required to drain the unit by yourself if this feature is non-existent in the portable AC of your choice. It’s therefore, important to look for this feature when looking for a portable AC.

To this end, it is obvious that portable air conditioners are far much better than fixed window and wall ACs, especially in today’s modern home setup. You’ll also discard the installation costs that are a requirement in fixed air conditioners.

Here are some things to consider when buying a portable Air Conditioner

Where to Place it
You should keep in mind that a portable AC must be placed near a window so that the heat that’s pulled from the air can be vented outside.
Noise should influence your decision
You should obviously go for a portable AC that is efficient but also quiet. You wouldn’t want to go for a unit that’s noisy and irritating, especially at night or when you have guests around. It’s therefore important to go for a unit that’s roughly 50-75 decibels.
Single vs. Dual Hose
Single hose units are obviously a better option for small spaces, even though they can be inefficient in the proper circulation of air. This happens because the single suction has to work interchangeable in sucking in hot air and emitting cool air. On the other hand, the dual hose unit might be the best option as it has two different hoses working concurrently with one sucking in hot air while the other one lets out cool comfortable air. The only downside of dual hose units is that they are often big and heavy and may not be perfect for small spaces.
British Thermal Units are basically the amount of thermal energy that has to be generated for the unit to function effectively. In that regard, an air conditioner will be powerful and effective depending on its BTU. Therefore, a unit with a higher BTU will be more efficient. However, you’ll never find portable ACs that exceeds 14,000 BTU given that they have to abide by the standard energy rules. Again, something over 15,000 is going industrial and cannot be fit for in-home appliances. You should however, keep in mind that a higher BTU will mean higher electric bill at the end of the month.


There are obviously a lot of factors to consider before making the decision to buy a portable air conditioner. While it’s not our wish to make this decision for you, we really hope that this information and guide will help you choose the best portable air conditioner for your situation.