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The Best Maui Luau’s On The Island – Get Ready To Party

Maui has the remarkable characteristic of being able to immediately conjure up a vibrant array of imagery and memories for people who have both visited and those who haven’t had the chance yet. We instantly picture white sands, palm trees and turtles, can almost hear the soft ukulele notes and can almost see the postcard sunsets. Something that we associate (and rightly so!) with the beautiful islands are the widely celebrated Maui luaus. The proud depictions of Hawaiian and wider Polynesian culture enjoyed by tourists and locals at the luaus have given us some of our most treasured memories of times spent in Hawaii.

Here’s a brief overview of how each Maui Luau compares to each other, but keep on reading for a more detailed review of each Luau.


  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Highlight: Outstanding Menu
  • Price: $$
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  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Highlight: Private Table / Traditional Dishes
  • Price: $$
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  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Highlight: Unique and Guest Friendly Table Assignment
  • Price: $$
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  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Highlight: Authentic Dances and Music
  • Price: $$
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  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Highlight: Qwe-Inspiring Samoan Fire Knife Dance/span>
  • Price: $$
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  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Highlight: Relaxed & Laid back Atmosphere
  • Price: $$
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At its simplest, luaus in Maui are a feast. People of all ages get together to eat and be merry – something particularly enjoyed thanks to the jaw-droppingly beautiful beaches Hawaii has to offer, back-dropped by gorgeous colorful sunsets. At its most meaningful, a Maui luau is an almost 200 year old celebration of Hawaiian culture, captivating guests with the myths of Maui luau, and held to signifying great endeavors and the unity of people. What’s really noticeable is that in all the luaus in Maui we’ve attended – the emphasis is on getting that important message across to visitors. Though they’re now widespread and commonly enjoyed, the celebration of culture and unity is always beautifully apparent, making it consistently one of the top tours in Maui for vacationers.

Now on to the matter at hand – we’ve established that to miss a Maui luau when in Hawaii is essentially criminal but we’ve also established that they’re wildly popular, widespread and varying. The common tradeoff between luaus is whether they are suitable for families or those that are less crowded and intimate. Neither will disappoint when it comes to enjoyment but it’s nothing out of the ordinary to have a preference when it comes to atmosphere – and with so many to choose from, you can afford to pick what works for you!

Maui is well-known for hosting some of the most memorable luaus in the whole of Hawaii. The abundance of pristine coastline provides some truly beautiful settings to host celebrations and for that reason, some of the best are held here. We’ve pulled together a comprehensive, honest guide to what are undoubtedly the best luau’s on the island of Maui. Each of the best luaus in Maui are as enjoyable as the next and varying for personal preference, read on to find out where your next Maui luau experience will take place.


1. Old Lahaina Luau

Old Lahaina Luau

Adult (13+) – $114.58

Child (3 – 12) – $78.12

(Children ages 2 and under and infants not occupying a seat, no charge)

Widely recognized as being one of the best Maui luaus when it comes to Maui luaus know for food, dance, and knife dancing, The Old Lahaina Luau takes place on the oceanfront of Lahaina, West Maui, not too far from Kaanapali Beach. Instantly recognizable in the distance are the beautiful islands of Lanai and Molokai, the sun slowly setting, the location could not be more perfect and that’s before the luau feast has even started. This traditional luau show features everything from traditional to contemporary authentic Hawaiian hula, tantalizes onlookers with passionate song and dance and holds lei ceremonies to represent the individual’s devotion to one another.

In the spirit of taking part, guests are also invited to take hula lessons and artists are also present to demonstrate a variety of native crafts. What makes the Old Lahaina Luau show stand out from other Maui luaus is the sheer quality of food, drink and entertainment, rivalling even the best dinner cruises Maui has to offer. Bolstered by award-winning restaurants such as Leoda’s Kitchen, the menu is outstanding to say the least, boasting signature Kalua pig, pulehu steak, conch shell, Molokai sweet potatoes and nothing but the freshest seafood and salads (like Lomi salmon). Perfect for large parties and families, this best Maui luau feast is truly a spectacle, making it a firm and justified leader in the industry. Be sure to book your Old Lahaina Luau experience in advance even though the 400 plus venue is open every day, places run out extraordinarily quickly! To book The Old Lahaina Luau, go here.


3 hour experience from start to finish

Guests are greeted with a fresh flower lei, tropical drink, and a personalized souvenir program

Traditional Hawaiian cuisine like Lomi salmon and Kalua pig

Hula dancing and performances

Children ages 2 and under and infants not occupying a seat, no charge)

Located on ocean front in Lahaina, West Maui, south of Kaanapali Beach

Offered Daily

Hawaiian music presented by Na Leo Ho’oulu

Premium open bar included throughout the evening

Professional photographers are available to capture your luau memories (no obligation to purchase)


Start time depends on seasonal schedule

“Maui luau’s are the BEST way to kick back and let loose in Maui!”

2. Feast at Lele

Adult (13+) – $130.21

Child (3 – 12) – $98.96

Children ages 2 and under and infants not occupying a seat, no charge

Ask any local regular of Maui, Hawaii luaus and they’ll tell you the Feast at Lele is also one of the best Maui luaus around. With the same spectacular sunset views that are to be expected on the west coast of the island, the Feast at Lele sets itself apart as it’s the only traditional luau that seats you at private tables. Rather than family style seating and buffet lines, you’re treated to award-winning food served directly to the table. Hailed by some as “the most fabulous cooking on Maui”, each course is accompanied by a dance hailing from a different Polynesian culture.

Expect some of the traditional Hawaiian dishes like fafa (steamed chicken and taro leaf in coconut milk), and Kalua pig, to be paired with Samoan performances and eiota (raw fish) to be complemented by New Zealand dances. A truly unique and immersive experience, this Pacific luau is worth every penny of the slightly higher price. To top it all off, you’re treated to a death defying fire dancing at the end of the evening. The night itself we might add also runs for around an hour longer than the usual 3 hours. If you’re after something a little different for incredible value for money then don’t miss the Feast at Lele, which you can book here.


3 hour experience from start to finish

Located along the beach next to historic Lahaina Town’s Front Street

Infants age 2 & under are no charge as long as they are able to sit in someone’s lap or in a highchair throughout the evening.

Non smoking facility

Fresh flower lei and Mai Tai greeting

A sit down five course dinner featuring cuisine of Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti, Samoa, and Dessert

Open bar included throughout the evening

Open daily


For parties of ten (10) or more a 16% service charge is added

Start time depends on seasonal schedule

3. The Grand Luau at Honua’ula

Standard Rate Adults (13+) – $116.67

Child (6-12) – $62.50

Infant (0-5) – $20.83 (QTY = 3rd or more. First 2 enter free)

With an undeniable focus on the divine beings celebrated in the myths of Maui luau and the adventures of the original Polynesian settlers, The Grand Luau takes place on the picturesque seafront at Honua’ula. This is one of the most authentic Maui luaus you will experience. If a mix of traditional and unique appeals to you then this might be your perfect evening. You’re treated to traditional hula dances and spectacular fire shows alongside a cirque-du-solei inspired performance and a parachute hula. Served alongside yet again truly excellent food, this luau effortlessly merges its unique blend of teaching and celebration with a genuine family atmosphere.

Noticeable in the split in pricing, it’s an overtly child friendly event – though you’ll be glad to hear this doesn’t in any way detract from the experience. Take the first two young children free and pay only a fraction of the price for any after them. It’s worth noting that The Grand Luau only runs on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – with the weekend days usually being the busiest. To snag your reservation to this awesome Maui luau, go here.


4 hour experience from start to finish

Lei Greeting

Full Imu Ceremony

Photos With Cast Members In Full Costume

Buffet style dinner

Accommodations for allergies and or vegetarian preference provided

Open Bar

First two children ages 0 – 5 are free

Can accommodate large groups

Parking is available and FREE valet offered


Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays

No transportation provided

4. Drums of the Pacific Luau

fire dancers at the luau

Adult (13+) – $119

Child (6 – 12) – $70

Infant (5 and under) – Free

The clue is well and truly in the name when it comes to this Maui Luau. Similar to the Feast at Lele, the emphasis with this experience is on the stunning variety of music and dances from Polynesian culture. Even the seating is laid out in a concert hall style, with higher priced tickets getting you a seat in the rows nearer the action. The location itself deserves a mention also! It’s just south of the Maui Nui Luau at the Sheraton Maui off Black Rock Beach (where you can snorkel and jump off lava rock cliffs).

The Drums of the Pacific take place in the beautiful grounds of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, on their famed Sunset Terrace overlooking Ka’anapali Beach, one of the most gorgeous sunset vistas we came across on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The hotel setting is perfect if you’re with children or even just a guest at The Hyatt.

The range of entertainment really is apparent, with everything from Polynesian fashion shows to faithful representations of authentic dances from Tonga, Tahiti, old Hawaii and many more. You can really capture the essence of the myths of Maui. Accompanied by a delicious buffet, the Drums of the Pacific is without a doubt among one of the best Maui luaus we attended. If you’re looking for a fun time with a beautiful sunset view, you can book this Hyatt Maui luau by going here. If for whatever reason this luau isn’t appealing to you, but you love the location, you can check out the nearby Maui Nui Luau.


General, Preferred, and VIP seating available

Located on Ka’anapali Beach (south of Black Rock Beach and the Maui Nui Luau)

Lei Greeting and fresh mai tais or fruit punch for each guest upon entering

A delightful performance of Hula and Hawaiian music

Feature authentic Hula, fire dancing, and music of the old Hawaii, Tahiti, the Tuamotus, Rarotonga, New Zealand, Tonga, and a thrilling 3-man Samoan fire-knife finale in the hottest

Lu’au Show in the Islands.

Traditional arts and crafts demonstrations

Impressive torch lighting ceremony

Authentic imu ceremony

Polynesian fashion show featuring the islands most exotic pareaus (sarong) worn in creative styles.

A chance to come on stage and learn the Hula

The lavish all-you-can-eat Polynesian buffet feast

Open bar features beer, wine, mixed cocktails, mai tais, and fruit punch

Children ages 5 and under are FREE

Open daily


No transportation provided

June through August seasonal rates apply

5. Royal Lahaina Luau

Adult (13+) – $98

Child (6 – 12) – $40

Infant (5 and under) – Free per each paying adult

Situated on the same beach (Ka’napali), the Royal Lahaina Luau resort is the longest running luau in all of Maui, and one of the oldest in the Hawaiian islands. It’s withstood the test of time and it’s no surprise that this is the case. At an extremely reasonable price of $90 per adult, making it one of the cheapest Maui luaus on our list, you’ll enjoy a superbly dynamic show with a similar array of performances from differing cultures. A favorite amongst attendees and one we can fully attest to is the finale, which takes form of an amazing Samoan fire-knife dance.

Running for an extra half hour than the normal 3 hour duration, the value of the Royal Lahaina Resort is really unsurpassed. The attention to detail in every aspect even extends to a special menu for Keiki (Hawaiian for children) and vegan and gluten free options. The height of hospitality at an astounding price, expect another well-rounded, idyllic resort luau. In line with seasonal swells of visitors, you can experience the Royal Lahaina Luau daily from June until August and every day except Saturdays from September until May.


2.5 hour experience from start to finish

General and VIP seating available

Shell Lei Aloha greeting

Amazing Oceanfront setting – experience the beautiful West Maui sunset

Delicious buffet feast with traditional Hawaiian dishes like sweet potatoes and Kalua pork

Island’s only keiki (kids) buffet

Complimentary cocktails, beer, wine, and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages

Live Hawaiian music

Enchanting and exciting stage production featuring dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa & New Zealand

Awe inspiring full cast fire dancing finale

Free photo opportunities with the dancers after the show

Children ages 5 and under are FREE

Open daily


No transportation provided

Only 1 free child allowed per paying adult

Free child promotion not available in VIP section

There is a $5.00 fee per car for parking paid at the gate

6. Te Au Moana – “The Ocean Tide” Luau Experience

Adult (13+) – $119

Child (6 – 12) – $75

Infant (5 and under) – Free

Hailing from the iconic Wailea Resort and Spa, near the famous Grand Wailea luau, the Te Au Moana is as close to the ocean as you can possibly get. This Wailele Polynesian luau is situated at the edge of the water with the moon twinkling over them after a beautiful Maui sunset, the “Ocean Tide” Te Au Moana luau in Maui really does justice to its name. With a greater emphasis on integrating the audience with the artists, you’ll be delighted to find you can take part in various flower crafting workshops, Kapa, bookmark making and other Polynesian crafts.

This actually proved to be the perfect way to create a relaxed, laid-back island atmosphere, something the more performance focused luau’s may have lacked. As the priciest event, we can fully attest to the quality of the experience, indeed, the name “Luau Experience” is fully deserved as you really feel like you’re part of the evening instead of just watching it. As is to be expected, the food is restaurant quality. You can expect traditional Hawaiian dishes like sweet potato and Kalua pork. The entertainment can be enjoyed on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For more info and to make reservations to this Te Au Moana Wailele Polynesian luau, click here.


3 hour experience from start to finish

Standard and Preferred seating available

Located at the Wailea Beach Resort off the Northwest coast of Maui

Receive a fresh orchid lei or carved wooden fish hook necklace

Witness the Hawaiian underground oven (Imu) ceremony

Pre-show activities like Hula and fire-knife dancing

Polynesian Crafters

Available Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Toddlers are FREE in Standard seating


Not available Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday

Fee for toddlers in Preferred seating

No transportation available

Choose The Luau That’s Right For You

As you can imagine, it’s a near impossible feat to attend one of these Maui luaus and not have a good time. But in the interest of giving you as much of a head start as we can, we hope you’ll be able to narrow down your luau Maui options using our list of best luaus in the Hawaiian islands. First timers may want a more well-rounded experience, foodies will inevitably opt for an award-winning luau feast and culture enthusiasts have got their corners well and truly covered too. Who doesn’t want to see traditional Hawaiian fire dancers in action? One thing is for sure, nothing compares to the pleasure of experiencing a luau Maui sunset. All we can hope for is that in your efforts to find your perfect Maui Luau, you have as much fun as we did. So get ready to put on a fresh orchid lei, eat great food, and dance your heart out under the Maui sunset at one of these luaus!


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