We Show You The 3 Best Maui Dinner Cruises on the Island

Ryan, Senior Traveler
29 August 2017

A trip to Hawaii can be made all the more memorable when it’s punctuated by one or two truly unforgettable experiences.

Whether your moment is the incredible view after a hike, or discovering an underwater paradise on a snorkeling tour, it’s hard to find a destination with as much magic and wonder as the Hawaiian Islands.

The same is true of Maui, the beautifully picturesque beach lover’s paradise, home to gorgeous stretches of coast and a laid-back lifestyle. Many a Hawaiian sunset has been enjoyed here by visitors and a favorite way to do so is aboard one of various premium vessels that are chartered to take passengers on a Maui dinner cruise.

Dine in unparalleled luxury as you watch the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean on a cruiser where world-renowned crews will tend to your every need and be serenaded by island music as you soak up your experience.

Hugely popular with families and singletons alike, these cruises are the perfect luxury highlight to any visit to Maui. Although all involve breathtaking views and spectacular service, there is still variation between the different voyage operators and choosing your perfect experience can be a pain if you don’t know what to expect from each cruise.

So, in true Live Your Aloha fashion we’ve selected the top three sunset cruises that have proven to be the most luxurious, catering and pleasurable experiences of their kind – all so that you can choose your perfect sunset journey and before long, find your memorable moment off the coast of Maui.

Maui Sunset Premium Dinner Cruise (Lahaina)

Departing with the setting sun at 5pm, the Maui Sunset Premium Dinner Cruise is an evening to remember and without a shadow of a doubt, one of the top-rated cruises in both Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands.

At this Maui dinner cruise, there’s an unmistakable emphasis on premium service and it’s noticeable from the moment you set foot on board. Expect to hear live and authentic Hawaiian music while being regaled with the stories of Polynesian settles that islanders generously share with visitors.

As if the entertainment weren’t enough, the menu served is of the utmost quality, prepared freshly on board by professional chefs and featuring a delectable spread of Hawaiian and international cuisine. This is also the only cruise to even guarantee a seat outdoors to better enjoy the stunning sunset if you select the premium option when booking.

It also accommodates for visitors staying in both Lahaina and Maalaea, with a cruise leaving from each of their harbors.  Priced at $112.95 for adults, it is the most expensive of the three cruises, but if you want a premium experience, this is the cruise for you.

“A Maui Dinner Cruise is the best tour if you’re looking for fun, great food, and breathtaking views!”

Maui Sunset Dinner and Cocktail Cruise

Step aboard the Pride of Maui and prepare to unwind with the Hawaiian sunset as you’re taken on a gastronomic and musical journey with this Maui dinner cruise that also happens to be the only one with an open bar on offer.

The experience, widely accredited for its fun and laid-back atmosphere, takes place on the largest maxi-power catamaran on Maui, with sprawling spacious decks and a 2500m2 observation platform to take in the breathtaking view.

The freshly prepared food caters to both seafood aficionados and vegetarians alike, with plenty in between and is served in an Island Buffet style, giving you the freedom to move around, visit the bar and socialize. The all-inclusive drinks offering, added to the fact that it’s the lowest price cruise makes it an unbeatable option when it comes to value for money combined with unparalleled quality.  If you’re looking for one of the more less expensive Maui tours, this is a great option.

As for the entertainment, the Sunset Dinner and Cocktail Cruise’s music is presided over by one of Maui’s finest musicians, Joe Cano. The accomplished virtuoso performs a range of genres from acoustic to Latino and on weekends is accompanied by his well-known trio band to deliver an evening of unbridled enjoyment. To find out more and reserve your spot on this Maui dinner cruise, please head over to this link here.

Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise

If its tableside service and a spacious luxury yacht you’re after, then this is the Maui dinner cruise for you. The experience takes place aboard the Maui Princess, the pride of the West Maui coastline and the largest most stable 120ft yacht on the island.

This beautiful stretch of coastline allows you to soak in the panoramic views of the stunning West Maui Mountains in all their glory and on some days you can even see rainbows forming around their peaks. The space on the yacht makes it feel like a floating restaurant with the service to match – you’ll be waited on by an astoundingly attentive staff who will serve you mouth-watering food from a delicious menu including prime-rib that’s carved on board on each voyage.

Aside from this you’ll be treated to free non-alcoholic beverages and you’ll have three alcoholic drinks included in the price of your ticket – making this cruise perfect for both families with young children and lone travelers alike. As for entertainment, as well as the truly mesmerizing sunset descending beyond the mountains and the twinkling lights of Maui and the other islands, the Maui Princess has different musicians performing nightly.

Whether it’s restaurant quality table-side service and world-class food, or a night of dancing with a fully stocked bar, this cruise is without a doubt one of the most memorable ways to spend an evening enjoying the Maui sunset. To reserve your spot on this Maui dinner cruise, click here.


So there you have it, three more reasons to visit what many people consider Hawaii’s most beautiful island and enjoy a sunset you’re likely to never forget off the coast of it. Your Maui dinner cruise may be centered on a menu of your choice or even the type of vessel – but one thing you can be sure of is that the experience will be a memorable one and the gorgeous views of the setting Hawaiian sun are hard to replicate anywhere else in the world.

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