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Jet Ski Hawaii – Pick Your Speed in Paradise

Jet Ski Hawaii
South East Shore
  • Length: 30 Min.
  • Highlight: Ride along Maunalua Bay
  • Price: $$
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jet ski Oahu Hawaii

South Shore
  • Length: 30 Min.
  • Highlight: Ride along Sand Island
  • Price: $$
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The waters of Hawaii are the brightest shade of blue with astounding backdrops like mountains, volcanoes, and the orange glow of the setting sun. The horizon is simply begging to be explored by jet ski.

Jet skiing is one of the easiest open water adventures and sports Hawaii has to offer. Way better than a banana boat or bumper tube, this is a water sport that requires no training, no heavy gear, just you and your personal watercraft heading out into the endless tapestry of blue. Hello freedom!

Whether you want to explore the shoreline of the Big Island, beautiful Maunalua Bay, or opt for an Oahu jet ski rental to see the wonders of Hanauma Bay, Waikiki and Honolulu – jet ski rentals are the ultimate way to go if you’re into water activities even a little bit.

jet ski Oahu Hawaii

What is a Jet Ski Hawaii?

A jetski is actually the trademark name for a personal watercraft created long ago by Kawasaki. Although now, when we throw around the term jet ski we aren’t tied to the one company, but talking about a hybrid machine that seems to blend the lines between waterski, speedboat, and motorbike. One of the most popular ones today is the Yamaha VX 110, which is more like a jet ski launch, than a ride. Sounds like something Bruce Wayne dreamt up right.

(For those non-comic book nerds out there, we mean batman).

The stylish watercraft invites you to straddle the saddle, to use your hands to twist the throttle and control the speed (much like a motorbike), and to use your fearless prowess to ride across the rippled roads of the open sea.

Around Maunalua Bay, Waikiki and Honolulu, as well as over on the Big Island – jet skis are used for sightseeing. A lot of times, people will set up an afternoon full of ocean adventures by booking jet ski and parasail rides the same day.

The parasail jet ski combo is the perfect combo for a perfect afternoon on the Hawaiian waters. Nothing better then feeling the sea breeze against your skin, traversing the beautiful waters, exploring hidden coves, and even running into the chance of seeing marine life out in the ocean. Although you can be sure that creeping up on whales and dolphins with jet-skis on Oahu is pretty much impossible.


Aloha Jet Ski Rentals – Goodbye Boring Trip: Why Go Jet Skiing in Hawaii?

You can’t imagine the sense of freedom you will feel taking a jet ski ride out across Maunalua Bay, Honolulu, Waikiki or any of the other beaches around the North Shore of Oahu or the Big Island. Jet Skis are a fun, fast, water sports adventure and a fabulous way of covering mileage out on open water.

When you opt for an Oahu jet ski rental you have the freedom to explore the coastline just like on a boat, to check out hidden gem spots, seek secret slips of sand, and simply soak up the impeccable views of the islands. Turn around and admire the white sands and rising green mountains of Waikiki and Honolulu. Feel like James Bond out on a secret mission or hear David Attenborough’s voice as you gaze down into the gin colored waters looking for drifting sea turtles and blooming coral reefs.

Jet Ski rental around Maunalua Bay, the Big Island, Oahu and the North Shore doesn’t have to be a single rider mission. These personal watercrafts often have room for two with riding time of 30 minutes.

Take the one you love out on the ultimate adventure ride, pick an awesome friend and hit the waves together on your own super speed boat, or even let your child hop on and go and discover the ocean together.

You can even encourage your friends to opt for Oahu jetski rental at the same time so you can explore together, each on your own personal watercraft. Jet skiing truly is a versatile watersport.


What If I Have Never Been on a Jet Ski Before?

Oahu jetski rental couldn’t be easier and isn’t on the same level as skydiving or swimming with sharks. Everyday complete newbies hop on a jet-ski and with a turn of the throttle ride off into the sunset. Like with any water sport, there are some safety rules to remember when it comes to the world of jet-skiing.

You may think you can swim like an Olympic champion, but you still need to don a lifejacket before heading out into open waters. Yes, we know it doesn’t exactly fit with your James Bond dream persona, but trust us – if you end up doggy paddling out in the blue – you will be more than grateful to have something that helps you float.

Falling off a jet ski is rare, but if you do, the jet ski should have a shut off clip attached to you and the personal watercraft. Basically, if you take a tumble into the water the last thing you want is the jet ski going wild on its own solo mission, essentially leaving a trail of carnage across the islands. The shut off clip will essentially close down the power of the jet ski, giving you chance to swim over and hop back on your ride.

Take a little time to get used to the feel of the jet ski and like when using any boat type craft, keep your speeds low when close to shore. Designated areas are provided for jet ski fun so that you won’t have to worry about the swimmers, divers, and snorkelers that can be tricky to see when on a jet ski

People under 16 years of age are not usually permitted to drive a jet ski, however children can accompany an adult on the jet ski as a passenger.

What to Expect when Renting a Jet Ski

Jet Ski rental both on the Big Island and Oahu is one of the most cost efficient water sports you can choose. A favorite Hawaii tour of sorts, Jet ski rentals can also be flexible meaning that you can choose jet ski rental for 30 Minutes, an hour or even longer. Although, most of the time – companies lease their jet skis in Oahu for an hour max.

Jet-ski rental is not only about picking up speed on the open ocean but also about exploration. Ask the guides and jet ski instructors where the best spots are around the coasts of Oahu and they will most likely steer you to Maunalua Bay, North Shore, or Waikiki.

Once you get comfortable with the jet ski you can start practicing turns and then picking up speed. On average jet skis can go from 40-50mph, although now they have started to make jet skis that can reach a staggering 75mph.



30 Minute Ride Time

Can upgrade with Parasail (500 feet, 700 feet, 850 feet, 1000 feet)

Solo or Tandem options

Minimum age of 16 for solo

Minimum age of 18 for tandem

Free round trip transportation from select Waikiki hotels

Available daily

Observer available at additional cost


Passengers must be minimum of 7 to ride with driver aged 18 or older

Pregnant women cannot ride on jet skis.


Renting a jet ski can be a great way of ramping up a standard afternoon at the beach. Better than a boat charter or bumper tube rides, jet ski’s are a safe, fun, and fabulous way of exploring the coastline – you are sure to be hooked on revving the handles and jumping over waves. When you book online, you can get free transportation from select Waikiki hotels and have the option of either 30 or 60 minute rentals.

As it’s a family friendly water sport to boot, you don’t need to worry about leaving the kids on the beach as you hightail it and ride for the horizon. Although, we won’t blame you if that’s how you prefer to play it. For those who want to take their jet ski passion a step further and give a jet pack a go, be sure to check out the latest craze of jetpacking

Verified Customer Reviews:

First time ever on a jet ski – I loved it. It was just four of us and was amazing. We were all first timers and none of us fell off (although I almost did). It was so much fun. The staff were super friendly and the whole experience was unforgettable. We even got some great pictures of my sister and I on the water and on the jet skis before heading out. Thanks for such a memorable experience.


The tour was great. I loved it! Great service people. Funlocity team was great – awesome staff. I would recommend this activity to friends.

Sally Donger

This was my first jet skiing experience and it was awesome! Funlocity staff were helpful in choosing a great tour and the staff and captain were helpful and knowledgeable. Would book again!

Suzanne H.
First time on a jet ski and it was a blast! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to try something new or who enjoys a rewarding ocean experience. Staff were super friendly and engaging throughout the experience.



Advanced Booking Satisfaction
Call Us: (808) 797-3675


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