Perhaps it would be easier, if there was a Harry Potter-style sorting hat that would send you swanning off to join the right island. You could sit at the airport with it perched on your head and, after some deliberation, it would waggle and yell out ‘BIG ISLAND’ for those with flamboyant shirts, or ‘MAUI’ for those honeymooners with stars in their eyes.

Unfortunately, the sorting hat is a piece of fantasy and, as adults, we have to make our own decisions. Gone are the days when we can eat cereal for dinner or wear converse trainers to weddings. Now, we need to do things like file tax returns, cook pasta and pick our Hawaii vacation packages.

Hawaii may call to those seeking blissful beaches, sizzling luau parties and azure cocktails in the sun – but the island is a many-faced god. Sure, you have that laid back beachy vibe, but you also have ancient culture, exotic jungles, raging nightlife, adrenaline fueled activities and a cool culinary scene.

One man’s Maui is another man’s Kauai.

To help you break it down to the right decision; check out our glorious guide to picking the perfect Hawaii island tours to suit your style.

PS Speaking of style; Fedoras are not welcome…anywhere. They are the worst hat in the world, and make everyone look like they belong to a bad blues brothers remake, or like you are on a Pete Doherty inspired drug binge. Just don’t do it ever. K, thanks, bye.

The Big Island…for those who want to see the world go up in smoke

Waipio Valley, Big Island

Bold, beautiful and brimming with fiery volcanoes that smoke and hiss through the night, The Big Island is pretty much what it says on the brochure…a BIG island.

Bigger sometimes means better.  And, what is wonderful about this place is how much room there is to explore. Whether you dream of driving the carved coast to seek black sand beaches, swooping low with volcano helicopter tour, horseback riding across Kona coffee plantations or even skiing, in the winter, on the dusty slopes of Mauna Kea.

Those who want to see the world go up in smoke will love Volcanoes National Park – walk though lava tubes and watch the red and orange fire spill into the sea. The Big Island is also the place to snorkel with Manta Rays at night. Take full advantage of a whirlwind of activities, eateries and accommodation choices right on your doorstep.

Kauai…for those who want to play at being Indiana Jones

The Garden Island is beautiful, but it normally costs more to get here.  There’s a reason why.

Lush, green and less inhabited than the other islands – this is the spot for those wanting to escape the tourist crowds and bury their head in the bosom of Mother Nature.

Kauai seems to turn rustic comfort into something rather luxurious; there is a certain charm in her slower pace of life, her roadside Taro trucks and her wilderness hikes that actually deliver, when it comes to walking on the wild side.

There are a ton of tumbling waterfalls, soft lit lagoons and endless damp and deliciously scented hikes into the hills.

For those who want to paddleboard in glassy waters, have the surf to themselves, drop down into Waimea Canyon, eat seafood fresh from the fishermen’s nets and play at being Indiana Jones, deep in the jungle – then Kauai vacation packages are the perfect choice.

Speaking of Indiana Jones- did anyone notice that, after The Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant, our Indy is still totally dismissive of myths and legends? Even after seeing a thousand and one weird things, he’s all like ‘Nah, that couldn’t be real, are you mad? That would NEVER happen in a zillion years.’ Perhaps Harrison Ford’s memory loss is kicking in there; can’t wait for Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Missing Remote. Take a look at what we mean here;

Maui…for those who want to wear tie dye and talk about mana

Black sand beach in Maui, Hawaii.

For all those travelers that like to go barefoot and talk about mana (AKA the spiritual life force), then Maui is sure to keep on calling you.

For those who are skeptical about, you know- karma and ley lines and that stuff, then perhaps the surfing goats will be enough to draw you there. Yep, that’s right, we said surfing goats. Actual goats on actual surfboards. Nah, it’s not as cheesy as that. When you follow the link you’ll understand…

Maui feels like it has an awesome creative vibe.  You have the art town of Paia, with the laid back surf chic vibe.  And, you have all that fiery, bright and exotic Polynesian culture.

Magical Maui is also considered to be one of the best spots for feasting at a Luau and buying up a storm with fabulous shopping ops.

For those who adore resort life; where all you need to do is flop on a chair and await a silver platter of cocktails – then, once again, Maui tours score big. The newlyweds forever flock to Maui; toasting melting Solero sunsets and lip locking beneath pale billowing white gazebos, perched on the water’s edge.

Some more info on those surfing goats; we know you wanted to ask…

Oahu…for those who want to use the term gnarly and get away with it

History buffs, big wave surfers and those who want to listen to the classic sounds of Honolulu – Oahu is where it’s at.

For those intrepid travelers who love to fight off death with a big stick, we have two words for you- Waimea Bay.

And, the North Shore is the stuff of legends for surfers, the birth place of big wave surfing and the home to a ton of the world’s gnarliest surfing competitions. We said gnarly, don’t judge us!

If big wave surfing leaves you less than impressed, then you can always skip the waves in favor of Pearl Harbor. This is what earmarks Oahu as one of the standout islands; it fuses modern day living with tradition and lashings of history.

Honolulu is crowded, modern and vibrant. But, a short drive away, you have the Hawaii you always imaged- the beaches, golden green trails and macadamia plantations.

Plus, the food on Oahu is nothing short of a miracle – farm to table grub, Michelin star magic and home cooked food trucks.


It seems there is an island for every mood. If you are still feeling as frustrated as a child in a candy store with 2 minutes to choose one sweet treat, then you can also choose to island hop. Airplanes charter from one island to the other, all the time.

In the wise old words of adulthood – why make a decision when you don’t have to?