Hawaii Tours – Your Guide to the Best Tours Hawaii has to Offer

Ryan, Senior Travelers
05 August ’17
Home to pristine beaches, jungle paradises and Polynesian culture, Hawaii is a magical place like no other. Every year people flock to the majestic islands to experience the unparalleled beauty and laidback lifestyle that’s so unique to this exquisite corner of the Pacific.

The very same beauty and lifestyle means there’s no shortage of excursions and experiences for visitors to be a part of when visiting Hawaii and it’s one of the main reason people keep coming back. There’s never been more ways to experience every single type of Hawaiian adventure imaginable and Hawaii tours are the perfect way to make memories that last a lifetime.

We love absolutely everything about what there is to do on the islands – the Hawaiian luau’s, the turtle tours, a romantic Hawaiian dinner cruise, and everything in between.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer who wants to take helicopter flights between waterfalls and mountains or you’re a history buff looking to soak in the fascinating Polynesian culture – going on one of the many Hawaiian tours available is guaranteed to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

We’ve spent years personally researching the top Hawaiian tours across the four main islands, Oahu, Big Island (Hawaii), Maui and Kauai.

Part of our philosophy is doing our very best to share these experiences with people who want to experience real Hawaii, by going on real tours and take you on real journeys that’ll make you feel a little closer to the beautiful islands and their people.

Check out the very best of the best Hawaii tours below and start your adventure today!

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The Top Hawaiian Tours in Oahu

Oahu is the island for everyone. Oahu tours make the most of the fact that there’s something that all visitors will enjoy. Its home to not only a city that has excellent transport links, renowned global cuisine and cultural ancestry – but also rolling jungle, impressive mountains and impeccable beaches. Oahu is an enjoyable, convenient option for many visitors as its home to Honolulu International Airport meaning you don’t have to hop islands to get to a certain kind of tour and it has everything you could possibly want to have a true Hawaiian experience.

From luaus to dolphin encounters, Oahu is a favorite among people who want a varied taste of Hawaii and with so much to choose from it’s impossible to be disappointed with what’s on offer. We did a complete breakdown of the best tours in Oahu that can’t be missed, which you can check out here.

Best Hawaiian Luau – Chief’s Luau

When it comes to a luau in Hawaii, no one does it better than Chief Sielu Avea, the original world champion fire dancer. It’s no surprise that it’s rated as the best luau in the state of Hawaii and when you’re enjoying the award-winning entertainment accompanied by a mouth-watering, world class Polynesian menu in Oahu’s beautiful Sea Life Park grounds – it’s easy to see why. No other luau delivers the level of service and entertainment as Chief’s Luau and all for unbeatable prices.

“Hawaii is such a beautiful place and with so many tours to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one!”

Top Cultural Hawaiian Tour – Polynesian Cultural Center

A Hawaii Tour for people who want to experience the proud heritage and magical culture of Oahu’s ancestry and beyond. Nowhere else on the islands will you find such an immersive and enriching cultural tour that’s guaranteed to have you feeling closer to Polynesian culture than ever before. The Polynesian Cultural Center is a full-day experience that gives you access to island villages, local people and an abundance of knowledge about Hawaii’s history. With activities throughout the day and different package options, this tour feels like a theme park filled with Polynesian hospitality, grace and laidback way of life.

Best Dolphin Tour in Hawaii – Premium Dolphin Swim

If you want to swim with dolphins in Hawaii then look no further. Dolphin experiences are one of the most popular tours in all of Hawaii and for good reason – its one of the classic magical encounters Hawaii is famous for and Premium Dolphin Swim delivers on all fronts. With a much bigger boat than most other tours, not to mention a bigger bus, you’re able to enjoy the tour with more like-minded visitors and make some friends along the way.

Spend the day swimming and interacting with wild dolphins and even get the chance to see giant sea turtles and whales if you visit in winter. This premium, fully inclusive tour is nothing short of spellbinding and you’re even guaranteed a free reschedule if you don’t spot any dolphins on the day of your tour!

Real review from Chief’s Luau.
Photograph courtesy of Trip Advisor
Unmissable Hawaiian Driving Tours

Arguably one of the best ways to see the islands, a Hawaii driving tour will take you on a spectacularly immersive journey through the unimaginable majesty to be found throughout the state. If your stay is relatively short and you want to cover a lot of ground before you leave or you simply just want to witness Hawaii’s raw natural beauty on the road, then the following tours are your best bet. Prepare to find yourself both driving and walking through open grasslands and lush jungle and past towering mountains and cascading falls.

Road to Hana Private Tour

Maui is home to some of the most beautiful sights in Hawaii so it’s no surprise that the Road to Hana Private Tour made it onto our Top Hawaii Tours list. Experience the island’s beauty close up with a customizable route that’ll take you to the spots you want to see for as long or as little as you want to see them. Exploring mostly Maui’s scenic northern and western coasts, the Road to Hana Tour is family owned and operated and as a result has unbeatable service. It’s so popular in fact, that spaces fill up faster than any other Hawaii driving tour – so make sure you book quickly!

Haleakala Sunrise Tour

When it comes to the sunrise of a lifetime, this Hawaii tour is undoubtedly the best of them all. While perched above the clouds on top of Haleakala Crater, the tallest peak in Maui – you’ll get to watch the sun come up over the islands of Lanai, Molokai and Hawaii. As if it wasn’t rare enough to find an experience so breathtaking, the Haleakala Sunrise Tour also includes a delicious breakfast, free pickups, local grown coffee and a spectacular drive through Maui’s beautiful agricultural hub. You’ll enjoy all this and what’s more, the tour is the cheapest of the sunrise tours available in Maui.

Mt Kilauea and this Hawaii tour lets you experience it in all its fiery glory. You’ll be close enough to see the earth itself smoldering and smell the sulfur! Ideal for families and individuals, the Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close to one of our planets fiercest and most impressive naturally occurring phenomena. Not only do you get to visit various craters and slopes around the Hawaii Volcano National Park, but you’ll be taken to Hilo Waterfalls, Big Island Black Sand Beach and the Jaggar Museum. A full day activity in one of the most impressive places on earth, this is one Hawaii tour not to be missed.

Best Hawaii Helicopter Tour

Kauai is undoubtedly home to some of the most breathtakingly spectacular terrain in the world, let alone just Hawaii. Its natural beauty is made up from rugged terrain, towering waterfalls and thick jungle, so much so that around 70% of the island’s land is inaccessible by land. So, what better way to see it than soaring over it in a thrilling helicopter ride that offers views like nothing you’ve seen before. When it comes to Hawaii helicopter tours, the undisputed leader in the business and fully deserving of the title is the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour operator and their Helicopter Eco Adventure is the perfect way to soak in the sights of “The Garden Isle”, making it a favorite among Kauai tours. At 55 minutes long and for less than $250, you won’t find another airborne adventure that’ll take you to such impressive locations for this kind of value.

The Best Water Tours in Hawaii

You can’t go to Hawaii and not take part in a tour that gets you in or on the water. With so many great tours to choose from such as shark cage diving, it’s hard to choose just one.  If you’re looking to be on the water, but not necessarily in the water, a jet ski rental or parasailing might be the way to go.  However, the islands are renowned for their aquamarine oceans and abundance of incredibly diverse marine life and underwater landscapes, so we suggest booking at least one tour that gets you in the beautiful waters of Hawaii. From dolphins to manta rays, the island waters are bursting with color and wonder that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the world. As far as Hawaii tours go, on land experiences are fun, but the underwater adventures here are truly unforgettable. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice in the water, there’s an experience for everyone below the waves and we’ve picked out the very best ones for you to choose from.

Top Hawaii Turtle Tour – Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel

Maui is renowned for its paradise beaches and world class surf, but below the waves you’ll find another paradise filled with turtles, dolphins and all manner of tropical sea life that’ll leave you spellbound. None is more famous than the Hawaiian turtle and there’s no shortage of magical encounters you can choose from. Our top pick of Hawaii turtle tours is the Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel located in Maui and we can guarantee that you won’t leave disappointed. Traveling to two premium snorkel sites under the supervision of Certified Marine Naturalists, you’ll get the chance to get to know the friendly turtles and their coral-carpeted home. Popular among families due to the level of service and accessibility, this Maui tours adventure is the perfect way to experience Maui under the sea.

Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona

We decided to pick a more local experience as one of our top tours based on the simple fact of how incredible this encounter is. Come face to face with a true ocean giant, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Illuminated by the moonlight, expect to swim with enormous but harmless manta rays, one of Hawaii’s most celebrated ocean wonders. Departing from Keauhou Bay off the Kona Coast on Big Island, you’ll be paddled out to sea in eco friendly canoes, you’ll skip the crowds and you’ll enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Afternoon Napali Adventurer ADV I&II

Kauai isn’t only just towering mountains and waterfalls, it’s also home to a stunning Jurassic-era coastline that houses an extensive network of beautiful sea caves and lava tubes. Departing from Hanalei Bay on Kauai’s North Shore, you’ll be taken on a journey along the spectacular Napali Coast and regaled with stories about the Hawaiian explorers that settled there. Dependent on weather and sea conditions you’ll also get the opportunity to snorkel in the surrounding ocean. For the thrill seekers amongst you, you can also book a ride on the Adventurer II Rafts; fibreglass vessels that are designed for high speed to give a sense of adventure like no other as you cut through the waves under the towering cliffs.


We pride ourselves on choosing Hawaii tours that will leave you with a sense of childish wonder and they really are the best way to get to know the islands if you’ve never been or are simply looking for something new to do. We also prioritize the quality of service we know these tour operators provide and there’s an endless range of other options for visitors who are looking for something specific, in a different price range, or simply just something more accessible to them.  If you have any questions, or need help booking a tour, don’t hesitate to reach out to us either by phone or email!

Chief's Luau Oahu

$90starting at
  • Best rated Luau in the state
  • Award winning firedancers
  • Hawaiian Crafts & Hula Lessons
  • Delicious Buffet Dinner & Drinks (Special Menu Available)
  • Different Packages Available
  • Roundtrip from Waikiki at $16
  • Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday

Polynesian Cultural Center

$114.95Ali'i Luau Service
  • Best all around package
  • Ha: Breath of Life Evening Show
  • Learn about Hawaiian history, culture, music, and dance
  • Delicious Buffet Dinner & Drinks
  • Different package options
  • No Transportation
  • Available Daily

Premium Dolphin Swim Tour Oahu

  • Great Tour with Morning Wake-up Call
  • Wild Dolphins Guarantee
  • Whales (during the season) & Turtles
  • Cheeseburger/Veggieburger on the boat
  • Entertainment on Board
  • Free Transportation
  • Free rescheduling in case of a bad weather

Road to Hana Private Tour Maui

  • Only Private Tours
  • 4-10 Passengers
  • Sea Caves, Lava Flow, Waterfalls & Black Sand Beach
  • Fresh Banana Bread & Bottled Water
  • Local Guide
  • Free Airport Pick ups and Hotel Drop offs
  • Flexible with Timing and Stops

Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel Maui

  • 5 Hour Snorkeling & Swimming Adventure
  • Premium Snorkel Gear Included
  • Floatation devices & Snorkel Instructions
  • Continental Breakfast; Lunch Grilled Onboard; Refreshment
  • Enjoy Mysterious Marine Water Life (Dolphins & Whales Included)
  • Cruising Along Maui Coastline
  • Additional Fees: Fuel Surcharge $4.50

Haleakala Sunrise Tour Maui

  • World's Most Beautiful Sunrise Spot
  • 8 Hour Guided Tour
  • Learn about Maui's Cowboy Roots
  • Light Snack & Delicious Breakfast
  • All Breakfast Plates served with Orange Juice, Tea, and Coffee
  • Free Transportation
  • Reservation Cutoff Time: 4pm day prior to tour

Kauai Helicopter Eco Adventure

  • 50-55 Minute Flight Time
  • Tour Narration by Certified Guides
  • Optional: a DVD/Blue-Ray/USB stick recording of the tour
  • No purses, bags, bandanas, or hats allowed in the plane
  • Super-comfortable seats with an expansive glass for outstanding view
  • Free Transportation
  • Additional Fees: Fuel Surcharge - $49.31

Afternoon Napali Adventure ADV I&II Kauai

  • 3 Hour Tour on the Napali Coast
  • Explore ancient lava tubes
  • Venture into sea caves
  • 37-49 Passengers Max.
  • Kauai Kookies, Chips & Soft Drinks; Island Juices; Water
  • Additional Activities: Snorkeling, Swimming, Rafting
  • Dry Bags Included

Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona

  • 1.5 Hour Manta Ray Adventure
  • Dive and snorkel at your own pace
  • Small Groups
  • Snorkel Gear Included
  • Snacks & Water Included
  • Additional Activity: 10 Minute Paddling to Manta Ray Night Snorkel Site
  • Bring towels and sun screen (recommended)

Big Island Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure

  • Get the closest view on active lava
  • Hiking over rough surface included
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Lava Sighting Not Guaranteed
  • Lunch & Dinner (Not Included)
  • Hilo Hotel Pick Ups
  • Depart: 10:30 am | Return: 7:30 pm
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