Soar over the mountains, plunge into the valleys, and experience Maui at its fullest with a Maui Helicopter Tour

Nick A, Senior Travelers, US
18 July 2017
Do you want to see Maui in a totally unique way?

Are you a thrill seeker looking for a new adventure?

Want to make your friends jealous?

Then a Helicopter Tour of Maui is exactly what you are looking for.

Helicopter tours of Maui will take your visit of the island to a whole new level of awesomenes. You’ll have the opportunity to see the famous sites and beautiful natural formations from a rare perspective. They are the best way to see Maui, giving you a unique and exciting look at the remarkable natural landscape.


Maui is a popular tourist destination – and for good reason.

People flock from around the world to explore the 30 miles of red, white and black sand beaches, spot whales in the clear blue ocean, and explore the lush rainforest interior.

From gorgeous beaches to soaring mountains, there really is an endless number of things to do and see on this 727 square mile island in the middle of the Pacific.

With so many things to do though, the options become overwhelming. How can you even begin to see everything that Maui has to offer in one vacation?

The answer is a helicopter tour.

Enjoy the view as you soar over active volcanoes


If you have a busy schedule or are only visiting Maui for a short period of time, this 30-minute tour is perfect for you!

The West Maui Mountain Helicopter Tour is the cheapest and shortest tour on this list. That doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on the famous sights though!

Your tour starts out with a short trip above the popular shoreline where you can wave to your friends who chose to stay on the ground! You’ll see the famous beach-side hotels of Maui as well as the popular spots for tourists to hang out, all from an exhilarating and exclusive birds eye view!

After waving goodbye to the beachgoers, you will rise over the water and glimpse the grandeur of Maui. As you hover over the blue waters, you might even see some whales just below the surface!

The whales are only the start of your journey. After leaving the beaches you will move into the lush green interior of the island to explore the jagged mountains, some only seen on postcards.

Explore the Waihee Valley from above, a well-known strenuous hike that leads you into the clouds.

View Kahili Golf Course from above and you won’t be disappointed on this trip!

Make your way through the famous valleys and over the towering peaks in one of two aircrafts with the West Maui Mountains tour.

The A-Star or the Eco-Star helicopter. Pricing is varied based on which aircraft you choose.

The A-Star, the industry standard in Hawaii, is the cheaper option on all flights. It features 180 degree views and a spacious interior with bench seating. Flights in this craft usually run at $168.

The other option is the state-of-the-art Eco-Star, which has 23% more cabin space than the A-Star and over 65 feet of glass for unobstructed views. The Eco-Star also offers individual seats, an added bonus for personal space. As one reviewer noted, there really is a difference between the two aircrafts. The upgrade will cost you an extra $30.

“First flight in a helicopter, so was not sure what to expect but it was worth every penny!” – Nigel, United Kingdom
With pilots who are certified tour guides and who also undergo extensive training before flying, your tour will be both safe and informative. The West Maui Mountain tour has even implemented a Safety Systems Management Program to ensure all aircraft are fit to fly.

Even if you are nervous about flying in a helicopter, their experienced staff will be sure to guide you safely through your tour.

This tour is a great option if you are limited on time or have a smaller budget. Even though 30 minutes might be on the shorter side of the tours we mention, you will still have plenty of time to see the amazing sights in the West Maui Mountains!

For a quick review, here are the highlights for the West Maui Mountain helicopter tour:

  • Approximately 30-35 minutes flight time
  • Two different aircrafts to choose from: Smaller A-Star or the more spacious Eco-Star
  • Price ranges from $168 to $198, depending on aircraft type.
  • Explores beaches and mountains of West Maui
  • Highly trained pilots who are all certified tour guides by the State of Hawaii

To get more information and reserve online visit the West Maui Mountain helicopter tour here.




If you have a little more time to spare and want to see more of the amazing island of Maui, this is a great choice and explores the Hana/Haleakala regions of the island.

After all the safety protocols, you’ll embark on a wild adventure of some of the most popular tourist sights on Maui. You will see Haleakala National Park, the Haleakala Crater, Manawainui, Oheo Gulch, Hana Town and the Hana Rainforest Preserve, all in approximately 50 minutes!

These major tourist destinations can get crowded with people visiting, but you will have the opportunity to see them from a completely different perspective.

Watch the cascading waterfalls in Oheo Gulch’s Seven Pools in their full majesty. Observe the massive Haleakala Crater, spreading over seven miles across, in its entirety. Forge your way into the Manawainui Canyon and float effortlessly in the air above pools of water.

The focus of this tour is on the Eastern region of Maui, so you will explore some of the most popular tourist sites of the island in the comfort of a private aircraft. If you are looking for an in-depth tour of Eastern Maui, this is definitely the tour for you!

This tour is also priced depending on which aircraft you plan on taking. The A-Star costs $223 per person and the Eco-Star is slightly more expensive, running at $255 per person.

To review, here are the highlights of the Hana/Haleakala helicopter tour:

  • Approximately 50-55 minutes flight time
  • Two different aircrafts to choose from: Smaller A-Star or the more spacious Eco-Star
  • Price ranges from $223 to $255, depending on aircraft type
  • Excellent views of famous tourist attractions in East Maui including the Haleakala Crater, Oheo Gulch, Manawainui Canyon and Hana Town
  • Highly trained pilots who are all certified tour guides by the State of Hawaii

If you want to live your life on the road less traveled, and avoid masses of tourists at popular destinations at the same time, this tour might be the right option for you. For more information, click here.



The Maui Spectacular is the most comprehensive tour offered in Maui. At 90 minutes and covering the entire island, it allows you to see all of Maui in its glory!

With the Spectacular tour, you don’t have to pick and choose which amazing sites you want to see. This tour combines the West Maui Mountain tour with the Hana/Haleakala tour, so you’ll see all of the amazing places that Maui has to offer in half a day!

After exploring western Maui, you will make a brief stop at a exclusive landing site at the scenic Ulupalakua Ranch, located on the rolling slopes of the dormant Haleakala volcano. During this stop you will have about twenty minutes to take in the breathtaking views and enjoy some refreshments.

One of the highlights of this tour is the Wall of Tears, an awe-inspiring cliff-face with as many as 17 waterfalls crashing over it from heights of up to 1600 feet. This attraction is only accessible by helicopter and is truly stunning.

This 90-minute trip is the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon taking in all the sights that you possibly can. Rather than simply a tour, this flight is more of an event that includes champagne and beautiful views. You won’t feel rushed while trying to take in the views!

This tour is priced at $319.20 per person for the A-Star and the upgrade to the Eco-Star will set you back $367.20 per person.

Here’s a review of the major highlights of the Maui Spectacular tour:

  • Approximately 70-75 minutes flight time
  • Stop halfway for refreshments and champagne on the beautiful Ulupalakua Ranch
  • Two different aircrafts to choose from: Smaller A-Star or the more spacious Eco-Star
  • Prices range from $319.20 to $367.20, depending on aircraft type
  • In-depth exploration of BOTH West Maui and East Maui
  • Highly trained pilots who are all certified tour guides by the State of Hawaii

The views you will see and the memories you make mean that this tour is truly priceless! To learn more about the Maui Spectacular Tour, click here.


All four tours are carried out by highly trained and reputable staff, that are guaranteed to offer an amazing experience. With over 2,000 highly positive reviews on Tripadvisor, strict safety protocols, and comparable pricing for the experiences, there’s no wonder why these 3 made the list.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want from a tour rather than which company is better.

Whether you want something that is more family-friendly or thrill seeking, shorter or longer, even more exploratory or leisurely, there is an option out there for you!

So what are you waiting for? Book a Maui Helicopter tour today!

West Maui Mountains

  • West Maui Mountains Sites, Waterfalls & Rainforests
  • 30-35 Minute Flight Tour
  • No Landing
  • Max. 6 People
  • Cheapest Flight Price

Maui Spectacular Helicopter Tour

  • West Maui & Hana/Haleakala Tours Combo
  • 90-95 Minute Flight Tour
  • Landing at Ulupalakua Ranch
  • Max. 6 People
  • Longest Tour


  • Eastern part of Maui Tour
  • 50-55 Minute Flight Tour
  • No Landing
  • Max. 6 People
  • Middle Range Tour
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