16 Best Beach Bags For Your Trip To The Beach!

Whether you’re just going for a swim, lay out to catch some sun, or a picnic at the beach, beach bags are always going to come in handy.

After thorough research, we have selected the best beach bags you can own in 2019. So without further ado, we present to you the best beach bags in 2019.

Comparison Table – Best Beach Bags

  • Measurement: 18″L – 15″H – 5.5″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 16.5″L – 15″H – 8.5″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 16″L – 14″H – 7″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 16″L – 14.5″H – 8.5″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 14.6″W – 15.4″H – 4.7″D
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 24″L – 18″H – 8.7″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 17″L – 14.6″H – 7.3″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 22″L – 12.5″H – 10″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 15.1″L – 9.9″H – 3.7″W
  • Price: $$
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  • Measurement: 20″L – 12″H – 6.5″W
  • Price: $$
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1. Malirona Large Beach Tote Bag

Perfect Beach Bag for New Customer

Quality and durability is a guarantee when it comes to this beautifully striped canvas bag that comes in 4 different colors: black, pink, green and blue.

In addition to its durability, it has a 14” shoulder drop that is made of hemp rope. The bag is equipped with adequate space consisting of 18” in length, 15” in height and 5.5” in width for storing your necessities be it for a day at the beach, by the pool, picnics, family barbecues or a just an average day of fun outings.
To allow easy access to your possessions, they have included 2 side pockets on the outside that could be used to store your water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen or any other item that you would need to quickly access while on the go. After you open the zipper closure in the middle of the top of the bag, you find 2 open pouch inside that you could use for your phone, wallet or keys.

There are also extra zippered pockets that could be handy should you need to hide your valuables. According to our analysis, this backpack is designed to provide the best experience to the customers.

Despite the manufacturer’s best effort to ensure quality and durability, I found that the metal rings through which the hemp goes tend to rust after a while. However, I doubt that should discourage you from owning this bag as most of its qualities are far more superior than this minor setback considering it would be fairly easy to replace the metal rings.

To prolong the life of the metal rings, you could try taking extra precaution measures such as preventing the metal rings from contact with water or any other fluids that may result in rusting.



100% risk free purchase (Offer 30 day money back guarantee)


Metal rings tend to rust after a while

Material made of high quality canvas

2. Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

Best Summer Beach BagYou should consider getting the Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag if you’re in the search of a large and simple bag that can carry all of your necessities.

Your days at the beach are about to get more easier and carefree with this stylish bag. No longer are you going to have to worry about carrying your important gear such as beach towels, water bottles, swimsuit, sunglasses, kids’ toys, sunscreen or your valuables such as wallet, keys and phones.

Equipped with a generous space consisting of 16.5” in length, 15” in height and 8.5” in width to cater to all of your beach needs. Additionally, it comes with 8 outer pockets that could be used to carry all important accessories like water bottle, sunglasses, flip flops and other essentials such as quick snacks.
It also has a zippered interior pocket for your valuables. And to ensure comfort when carrying it, the bag has comfortable straps and webbing around its top edges to protect you from getting scratched or poked.

The Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag is water resistant due to its durable yet lightweight mesh that allows for easy exit of water, dirt and sand should they make their way in creating a cleaner and breathable interior environment.

You’re not going to have to sacrifice your style on your beach day with this bag because it comes in several different colors to choose from to match your beach outfit. This bag can be the perfect option for trying several ideas when you’re on the beach.

Although the bag was made using a durable and lightweight mesh, some users have complained of a terrible smell after use. I’d advise you to wash the bag after use to avoid this. Washing it is going to be an effortless process and you will love that the bag’s material is fast drying.


They offer 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Ample Space


May have an unpleasant smell after use

Several outer pockets

3. Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag Waterproof Canvas Tote

Best summer beach bag we loveLooking for a multipurpose bag? The Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag is worth looking into.

When you think of heavy duty, water resistance, sufficient space and style, the Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag needs to be taken into account. This colorful Bohemian styled bag is suitable for various occasions such as a day at the beach, shopping, road trips, festivals, a vacation or even your average daily outings.

You get a spacious bag that comes with a storage capacity of 16.5” in length, 7” in width, and a generous 14” in height therefore, carrying your beach towels, clothes and several more items such as books, iPads or tablets, etc is going to be a non issue. And of course, for easy access to your water bottles, sunglasses or sunblock, you get 2 large external pockets along with an interior zippered pocket for your valuables.

You’ll be at peace no matter the weight you choose to carry due to the bag’s re-enforced stitching throughout. This not only protects from wear and tear but also provides a rip resistance quality to it. With its waterproof interior material, rest assured you can easily put your wet towels or clothes without having to worry about water seeping through.

In addition to all of the features above, comfort is guaranteed with its extra thick and soft rope handles that come with a 10 inch shoulder drop in this Odyseaco bag.

In as much as the manufacturer tried to ensure durability for secure storage, the main opening of the back does not have a zipper which may be discouraging for some people who would otherwise like to own such a bag.


High quality

Stylish design



Main opening lacks zipper

Based on customer review, color shade may slightly differ from pictures used

4. Mesh Beach Bags and Totes for Women (best overall)

Best Bag for Luggage and Important AccessoriesFor women who are looking for beach bags that can carry a hefty amount of weight without sacrificing their style and overall look, this magical Bag is here to cater to your exact needs.

The female beach goers’ dream bag exists with this magical Mesh Beach Bag/Tote. No more worrying about storage room because this beast of a bag comes equipped with a 35L/150lbs maximum capacity. You best believe you can now effortlessly carry all of your towels, water bottles, sandals, glasses, toys, flip flops and much more all in this 16*14.5*8.5 inch large bag.

Made with a tear and water proof 3mm by 3mm mesh design that creates adequate ventilation to allow for quick drying as well free falling of sand. To keep your items separated accordingly, this bag comes with 8 pockets as well as a waterproof zippered pocket to store you valuable items such phones, keys and wallets. It also comes with a key ring holder that allows for easy and quick access to your keys.

Additionally, the strap is removable for convenient cleaning of the bag. As if that’s not enough, it also comes with a shoulder padding for maximum comfort as you stroll on the beach protecting you from red marks or bruises that could occur when carrying a bag filled to its capacity. The best thing about this bag is that it can cover all your needs at very reasonable price.

Some people who bought this bag complained of a chemical/toxic smell on its arrival. The smell was probably produced during its manufacturing process and can be quickly rectified by a quick wash thanks to its quick drying technology.

High weight capacity


Easy to clean and quick drying


May arrive with horrendous smell (based on customer review)

5. Original Floral Water Resistant Large Tote Bag (best beach tote)

Featuring a stylish floral design that comes in 25 prints of different vibrant patterns in various colors, this bag suits the ladies are looking to make a fashion statement.

It comes with a guaranteed durability and water resistance feature due to its thick and durable unique Polyester material that also contributes to its lightweight and crease-resistant features. It offers a large storage space with 14.6 x 15.4 x 4.7 inches in dimensions (W x H x D) respectively. With this capacity, you can effortlessly carry beach towels, a Notebook, or a MacBooks, or even surface laptops among other necessities.

Equipped with 2 zippers- one at the main opening on the top and the other one at the back of the bag offering secure storage for your possessions. For more storage, you get 2 outer pockets made of mesh on each side of the bag where you can store items that require quick accessibility, an interior zippered pocket for your valuables, as well as 2 other interior open pockets.

Due to the versatile nature of this bag, it can be worn to a set of events such as travel, gym, hiking, yoga, swimming, shopping, school, going to the beach and much more.

Aside from the several benefits that come with this bag, it is important to note that it may arrive with some inaccurate measurement errors that range between 0.39-1.18 inches. In addition to that, there might be slight color deviation.


Lots of design options to choose from

Good quality

Several pockets to separate contents


Slight measurement and color deviation is possible

6. Extra Large Beach Bags and Totes (best large beach bag)

Best Straw Beach Bag

Suitable for large families of up to 5, this 30″ XXL Mesh Tote Bag has an interior size of  24 X 8.7 X 18 inches. It comes ready with large external pockets for your family’s goggles, sunblocks and even flip flops along with 1 internal zippered waterproof pocket for your cell phones.

It is made of durable and lightweight high quality mesh material with comfortable straps that are long and well wrapped for extra padding. You don’t have to worry about putting the bag on wet sand because it has a waterproof base layer.


Large and affordable


Heavy duty


Zipper may break off after some time

7. Large Canvas Shoulder Bag – Beach Tote

Best Straw Tote Bag

This elegant and chic shoulder beach tote is what you need if you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated look while at the beach.

Featuring a 14.6″ x 17″x 7.3″ size, 2 pockets on the outside and 3 pockets on the inside, one of which is zippered, you can be the real classy lady you are with everything neatly stored with the top of the bag featuring a secure zip that ensures all your belonging and safe and in place.

Comfort while strolling around with this bag is a given due to its soft cotton rope handles.

The material’s print is vertically stripped with 2 different colors. You get 3 color combinations to choose from- beige/white, pink/white or blue/white.


Comes with added pom-pom for a playful touch

Neat and classy look


Rope handle may be too short for some people

8. QOGiR Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag Tote

Review of Best Straw Beach Bag

With an impressive size of 22”L x 12.5”H x 10”W inch (Inner pocket 14″L x 9”H), this lovely foldable bag can be quite the helper for travel fanatics who enjoy spending their time at the beach or families who prefer carrying all of their belongings in one bag.

Due to its versatile and fashionable features that you allow you to fold the bag to 3 different styles, this bag suits whoever is looking for a multipurpose bag which could be especially useful when traveling. You no longer need to carry different bags for different events while traveling.

It is made from neoprene material that makes it is easy to wash and dry. It also comes with a detachable base board as well as a detachable shoulder pad.



Multipurpose function



Strap handles may break after some use

9. Beach Bag By Pier 17

Perfect Straw Beach Bag for multiple accessories

If you’re looking for a functional beach bag with a weight capacity of up to 30 pounds yet at the same time fashionable,  you should look no further than this beautifully stripped beach bag by Pier 17 that comes with a variety of color options to choose from.

The manufacturer added extra attention to its quality and durability by including double re-enforced metal rivets with which comfortable cotton handles run through along with anti-rip dual linings around it to protect the contents of the bag from sand and water.

With sufficient storage room, it comes with 15.1 x 9.9 x 3.7 inches in size allowing for easy storage of up to 4 large towels. The top comes with a single zipper.


Stylish design


Large weight capacity


Comes with only 1 zipper

Lack of pockets for extra separated storage

10. Large Canvas Striped Beach Bag

Perfect bag for your luggage

This beach themed canvas beach bag/beach tote is the best beach bag for family beach days, travelling or regular summer shopping. Its roomy size of 20” x 12” x 6.5” makes it perfect enough to accommodate the entire family’s necessities such as towels, sunglasses, sunscreens and even children’s toys.

It is convenient for over the shoulder carrying due to its 11 inch long cotton rope handles. The main opening comes with one zipper. Inside, there are 2 waterproof zippered pockets to store your valuables such phones, keys and wallets.



Top quality canvas tote


There might be a slight deviation in the shade of the color

11. Ricdecor Beach Bag

If you’re a looking for a fun and colorful beach bag to accommodate your family’s items while at the beach, you you’ll definitely fall in love with the extra large Ricdecor Beach Bag.

Available in a variety of different cheerful prints, this bag can carry more than 40 pounds of weight. It comes with 7 outer pockets to help you store your items according to their functions, a waterproof zippered inner pocket for valuables and to top it all off, an outer zipper to keep all inner contents secure.

Made from high quality materials using fast-dry technology, this bag is not only durable but also lightweight and machine washable. Measuring at 28” x 15” x 7”, it is easily foldable and can be packed neatly into a suitcase should you need to travel with it. Its straps come with a shoulder pad to for maximum comfort while carrying the bag around.


Extra large

Machine washable



Zipper may break after some use

12. Odyseaco Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag

Suitable for family days at the beach, pool or picnics, this stylish Odyseaco Aruba bag comes with an insulated cooler compartment to keep your drinks and snacks cool and fresh as you enjoy your day under the sun.

Available is black and turquoise, this lightweight half mesh-half canvas beach tote bag comes with 20″x16″x6″ in size making it not too big neither too small. You can easily fit 4 towels in it and still have plenty of room for other necessities.

Padded and re-enforced handles for comfort and a 9″ shoulder drop, this innovative bag comes with 2 external pockets one of which is zippered for storage of items such as sunglasses.

It is easily collapsible and can fit effortlessly in a suitcase should you choose to travel with it. The bag now comes with a free waterproof cell phone case to keep your phones, money and credit cards protected at all times.


Insulated cooler compartment


Free waterproof cell phones case


Accessing cooler compartment may be a challenge because you have to remove items from the top section of the bag

13. Beach Bag With Inner Zipper Pocket

This stylish and durable beach bag is the go to for single ladies looking for a simple and cute beach bag to carry their essentials while going to the beach or pool. You cannot ignore this bag’s beauty.

The bag is a bit small with 16 inches in length but is roomy enough to accommodate a single lady’s essentials such as beach towels, sunglasses, water bottle, keys, makeup and wallet. It comes with a free detachable dry bag for your phone and wallet.

It suits ladies looking for unique and fashionable beach bags. It comes in blue and white corn shell printed design, white and red stripes and pink and white strips. The seller offers 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase.



Free dry bag for phone


Might be too small for ladies looking to pack more items

14. OdyseaCo – Oahu Mesh Beach Bag

Best Beach Bag on Amazon

This OdyseaCo large mesh beach bag is suitable for families or groups of friends going out to the beach or pool. Its design is simple yet practical and can be carried by anyone regardless of gender.

With 7 external pockets, and a zippered internal pocket for valuables such as phones, wallets, money and credit cards, you can rest assured this bag has the capacity to accommodate all of your belongings. It also comes with a fixed caribiner hook for easy access.

It is made with extra duty heavy mesh with a waterproof base to protect your items from getting wet when putting the bag down. The handles are padded with a tough 2 inch webbing allowing for comfort during use.


Simple design yet practical

Very large


Not suitable for those looking for stylish bags

15. SHYLERO Beach Bag XXL

This durable, machine washable beach bag sized at L 22″ x H 15″ x W 6″ is suitable for families for different occasions such as fun days by the beach or pool, shopping, traveling, etc.

This beautifully stripped bag is sturdy and soft with comfortable 13.5 inches long shoulder straps, 3 roomy interior pockets, and 1 outer pocket to store your water bottle. It also comes with an attached key holder and bottle opener along with a bonus PVC case to protect your phones, money, jewelry, credit cards and wallets from sand, dust and water.

Available in 3 different colored stripes of navy blue, bright blue and turquoise green with white, families with a classic fashion sense would enjoy their days at the beach.

Good quality zipper at the top opening

30 days for Money-Back and 60 days for a replacement if not pleased with the product


Lack of a hard bottom makes it challenging to make the bag stand up

16. Breezy Convenient Mesh Beach Tote Bag

If you’re a family of 2 to 3 people looking to share functional beach bag, this Breezy Convenient Mesh Beach bag is the right choice for you.

Suitable for spending the summer at the beach, cruise trips or picnics, this bag comes with a cooler compartment at the bottom along with a detachable 5 ft by 6 ft lightweight beach mat.

The bag is 17.6 x 5.6 x 3.7 inches in size and comes with double shoulder straps all while delivering several utilities such as the cooling component and the beach mat.
It has a front zippered pocket along with top zipper closure to ensure your items don’t fall out should you need to open the bottom cooler compartment.

Detachable beach mat

Cooler compartment

Easily washable


Not suitable for more than 3 people

Now that you’ve gone through our best beach bag reviews, it’s time to take a look at the detailed information about how to choose the best beach bag. So, let’s get started.

How to Choose a Beach Bag

There are several factors you should consider when you’re on your quest to buy a beach bag in order to get the best value possible for your investment. Below are the most important ones:

Best Beach Bags

I.           Material: The material of the bag should be carefully chosen depending on the activities you’re planning to take part in. If you have plans of carrying wet clothes or will be much closer to the water, then you should pick a bag with a fast dry material that promotes a healthy environment for your items. If you’re planning to carry heavy items or are just looking for a bag that will last long, material that is sturdy and durable would be suitable for you.
II.            Size/Capacity: The size of your family or friend group that you’ll be sharing a bag with and the things you’re planning to carry with you, heavily impacts the size of the bag to be purchased. Is the bag large enough to for your family or friend group? Is it going to handle the weight of the total items you’re planning on bringing?
III.           Compartments: How many compartments do you need to separate all of your belongings accordingly? Do you need a cooler compartment? Do you need a waterproof compartment to store your phones and tablets? What size of compartments do you need? Do you need zippered compartment?
 IV.           Extras: You should consider any other extra feature that you may need. Would you need an insulated cooler that comes built into your bag? Would a bag that comes with extra features such as an attached bottle opener or key holder be a determining factor for you to acquire it? What kind of styled bag would you need? Is the color or print design of the bag important for you?

V.           Straps: Depending on the weight and length of time you will be carrying the bag, the type of straps on the bag should also be looked at. Do you need long straps so that you can easily wear the bag across your body? Would you need a thick padded strap to prevent the straps from digging into your shoulder? What kind of material should the straps be made of?


1) What are the beach bags made of?

Most of the bags are made of materials like nylon, canvas or polyester and are treated with coating that is waterproof such as polyurethane or PVC. The material on the bag you’re choosing should depend on your beach needs. For a quick drying bag, you should opt for one that consists of mainly mesh material.

2) What should I put in my beach bag?

Most beach bags can accommodate the usual items people carry to the beach such as towels, mats, sunglasses, water bottles, sunscreen, flip flops, wallets, keys, snacks and phones. If you’re planning on carrying drinks that you need to be cool or fruits that need to stay fresh, you should consider getting a beach bag that comes with an insulated cooling compartment.

3) Can you wash a beach bag?

Whether you can wash your beach bag or not depends entirely on its material and print design. If the beach bag is a canvas tote, there is a chance that you could end up with a smelly bag if you fail to dry it properly, therefore, canvas bags would need extra care when washing.

Bags made with mostly mesh are easy to wash and dry. Some bags with print designs tend to color bleed when washed. To be on the safe side, you should check the seller’s instructions on washing and review from customers who bought and washed the bag.

4) Can saltwater or chlorine damage my beach bag?

Saltwater and chlorine have a tendency to ruin a lot of things. The material of your bag and the duration to which it would be exposed to saltwater and chlorine determines whether your bag will be damaged or the extent of the damage. If your bag is waterproof then chances are it’s likely not going to get damaged at all and if it is, then the damage would be minimal.

Canvas bags are the ones that are most likely to get damaged by saltwater and chlorine so you should always be careful with them. If the colors of the fabric tend to bleed when in contact with water, you should definitely avoid exposing your bag to saltwater and chlorine.

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