About Us

About Us

We started as a personal blog, sharing our experiences visiting and then living in Hawaii. We wrote about Oahu activities, things we did on Maui and more, plus our adventures finding work and dealing with all things related to island living.
Over time, we noticed that a lot of readers were asking us about Hawaiian activities- the best snorkeling spots on the North Shore, historic Honolulu tours and even what activities newlyweds could enjoy together while honeymooning in Hawaii.

We were providing tons of free activity information before it occurred to us that we could make money doing what we love. We reached out to a few tour operators, like the folks running Pearl Harbor tours, the guys running the shark cage experiences, our fave luau owners and more and we discovered that they would pay us to send them customers.

And, it wouldn’t cost our customers anything!!

It makes sense, when you think about it. If you own or operate a tour or activity, like a photographic tour of Oahu, coffee plantation tour or even the Dole Plantation, would you rather pay someone who actually brings you a customer or pay for ads in the magazine sitting in a hotel room that might never be read?

As we grew, lots of tour owners came to us, asking if we would promote their Hawaiian tours and activities. But, as we discussed the future, we decided that we would only promote tours that were awesome. If we wouldn’t take a visiting family member on a tour, because it wasn’t that great or was overpriced, we wouldn’t promote it.

And, the readers and customers keep coming. If someone wants cheap tours, they aren’t our perfect customer.

Now, we’ve gotten so large that we separated the blog (liveyouraloha.com) from the activity engine (funlocity.com). We have a team of writers, designers and more, all committed to bringing you even more Aloha.

We still “secret shopper” tours, every week. We only want the best, no exceptions.

And, the best Hawaiian bloggers (other than us) use our engine to help their readers to book their Hawaiian fun.

But, even with our crazy amazing growth, it is as it has been since we started and the mission stays simple – the best tours at the best prices for the best customers.