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Our goal is to provide you with any information you need when looking to book a tour on any major island.  Whether you want to go snorkeling in Maui, enjoy a romantic dinner cruise on the Big Island, or get an adrenaline rush with a helicopter ride in Oahu, we have the tours and information you need!

Can You Kayak the Napali Coast?

The Na Pali coast is truly a sight to behold. It stretches 16 miles from Haena State Park on Kauai’s north shore (where the extraordinary Kalalau Trail begins tracing the coast southwest towards Honopu Beach) and continues defining the sharp edges of ancient valley...

Frequently Asked Questions About Ziplining?

Ziplining isn’t a normal outdoor activity—except in Hawaii—where natural landscapes offer a sense of adventure with amazing views. Not a lot of people get the opportunity to go ziplining, so it helps to understand the rules that govern this unique fun ride....

Is Ziplining Safe for People To Do?

Ziplining is an adventurous thrill ride that was originally designed for logistics and biological research and has developed into the main tourist attraction in exotic locales such as Hawaii. This exciting recreational activity is best experienced in remote,...

What Sharks Can You Swim With in Hawaii (Great Whites)?

The Hawaiian Islands is known for its incredible biodiversity surrounding all of its magnificent beaches. The waters off Oahu, Maui, or the Big Island contain precious ecosystems that harbor some of the most amazing sea creatures.   Endemic reef fish, manta rays,...

What are Hydrofoils Used For?

What is a hydrofoil? A hydrofoil refers to a foil that operates in water as well as the type of watercraft that deploy hydrofoil technology. A foil is the cross-sectional shape of a solid, winglike structure whose movement through a gas, such as water or air,...

Do You Land in Water When Parasailing?

You may be thinking about going parasailing at some point in the near future but aren’t quite sure how it works or whether it’s considered a safe activity. This guide will shed some light on this very popular, recreational kiting activity so that you know exactly what...

What are the Top Ways To See the Napali Coast? (Do you need permits?)

The scenic Na Pali coast, settled by Polynesian navigators in 1200 AD, is an incredibly breathtaking 16-mile stretch of rugged cliffs, rainforest, and river valleys along the northwest side of Kaua’i island from Ke’e Beach to Polihale State Park. The high cliffs...

What Do You Wear on a Hawaiian Dinner Cruise?

Dinner cruises are some of the most relaxing tours in the world. Especially if it’s a Hawaiian dinner cruise that offers a majestic panorama of Hawaii’s coastline during “golden hour,” when guests stroll around breezy observation decks while sipping on premium...

How Safe is Cage Diving With Sharks?

Rest assured⁠—shark diving is very safe. Actually, it’s one of the most popular extreme water activities in recent years. Adrenaline junkies from all over the world flaunt their experience swimming with sharks as a badge of honor.  Like bungee jumping or skydiving,...

What is the Ideal Month to Dinner Cruise in Hawaii?

There are several things to consider if you’re planning on scheduling the right month to go on a Hawaiian dinner cruise. The time of year to plan a Hawaiian dinner cruise not only determines availability and travel cost but may even affect what you decide to wear due...

LiveYourAloha Tourism Info Location: Honolulu

Live Your Aloha Tourism – Honolulu, HI Taking a trip to Hawaii, or maybe considering it?  Check out our extensive guides to visiting the Big Island.  Live Your Aloha is passionate about catering to tourists vising the magical island of Hawaii from countries all...

The Essential Guide To Scuba Diving In Oahu

Oahu (also known as ‘The Gathering Place’) is the third-largest landmass in the Hawaiian Islands. Once the sacred domain of the ancient Kingdom of Oahu, it is now home to about one million people. Honolulu, located along Oahu’s Southeast Shore, is...

The Essential Guide To Scuba Diving In Waikiki

Most vacationers traveling to Waikiki (Honolulu, Hawaii) are there to enjoy some of the most world-class beaches on the entire planet. As close as you’ll get to paradise on Earth, the vibrant and laidback neighborhood of Waikiki is known for it’s surfside...

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours – A Complete Review

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours is one of the premier helicopter tour companies in Hawaii offering private sightseeing tours over Kauai since 2006. One of the very best private helicopter tours in the Hawaiian Islands to offer a full Kaua’i experience, the Mauna Loa...

The Essential Guide To Scuba Diving In Hawaii

Scuba diving is one of the most exotic, thrilling, and memorable activities a person can do on our beautiful planet. It is a relatively accessible endeavor to pursue that provides a truly extraordinary experience for anyone fortunate enough to give it a try. Unless a...

The Best Polarized Sunglasses For The Great Outdoors

The right pair of shades complement your outfit well. And it even gives you a red carpet-worthy appearance. However, to me, the shades should not only look great on me but also protecting the eye while providing a clear image. List of Best Polarized Sunglasses Ray-Ban...

Best Toddler Water Shoes For The Kids

Looking for ways to make your kid fall in love with water sports? Planning a family trip to the beach in the coming months? Hoping to take your boys and girls to the beautiful lake you once visited as a bachelor? List of Best Toddler Water Shoes KEEN Unisex Kid...

Smallest Portable Air Conditioners To Keep You Cool

Come summer time and in many places the heat becomes unbearable. While many would say that installing air conditioning provides the best solution, sometimes it is not. There are instances where it is impractical to fit an AC unit in every room. Thankfully, there are...

Best Waterproof Watches For Any Kind Of Budget

  Most people don’t realize that waterproof watches aren’t only made for swimmers. It’s usually in everyone’s best interest to invest in a timepiece that could keep water at bay. Accidents happen, and if you don’t live in a desert, your wristwatch will eventually...

Best Open Water Goggles For The Adventurer in You

After practicing so hard, the last thing you would want to happen in a triathlon is ending up with fogged or water-filled goggles. Trust me. There’s nothing more devastating than it, and I know through personal experience. And what’s more irritating is...


I tried everything, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding and saw a lot of wonderful fishes in every color one can imagine. Very nice people, friendly staff and cold beverages.

Valencia Mindy

Tour, Catamaran and Snorkeling Tour with Dolphins

The 7 zipline tour was excellent. Our guides Crystal and Wendt were wonderful. They made the entire experience very fun. We were all a bit nervous since it was our first time ziplining but they made us feel safe and secure. I would highly recommend this a exciting, family activity.


Tour, Jurassic Valley Zipline Tour


I’m so glad we went doors off! It’s a little bit scary at first. And I wouldn’t recommend the tour for people who are afraid of heights. But even if you are a little bit, just give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Roger Thermin

Tour, Magnum PI Doors Off Helicopter Tour


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